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Cardcaptors: Clow Reed's Mistake-Prologue


After centuries of sleep, the forgotten have begun to stir. They could feel

the seals breaking, the spells dissolving, after so many years of
imprisonment. They can now anticipate where the weakest point in their cage

of rock is, where they will gather their strength and escape. They would
have their revenge! They would hunt down the man who had imprisoned them,
who had sent them to damnation so many years ago. Yes....they would find
him.....and when they did, Clow Reed would be no more.


Late at night, a university student sat at her desk in front of her laptop
writing her term paper. All of a sudden her head shot up. Something inside
her shifted uneasily. Something was wrong.....


Yes! The seals are extremely fragile. The forgotten gathered their strength

and lashed out. The seal cracked.


The student doubled over in pain. It felt like something was being ripped
out of her from the inside. She fell out of her chair with a whimper as
another barrage of pain assailed her, this one stronger than the last.


Another tear. Ahh....they could practically taste their freedom! And their
power. They would soon gain back all the power that had been denied use in
this cursed place. They lashed out in wild abandon. Strike after strike,
after strike, until....


The woman opened her mouth in a silent scream as her world seemed to go
black. One thing rooted itself firmly in her mind,



Freedom! The deprived have accomplished what centuries before they could
not. They rushed out of their prison in gleeful abandon. Some stopped to
savour the moment.

They were again able to smell fresh air. They savoured the feeling of just
being alive. Abruptly, however, their moods shifted.

Never again. Never again would they ever be imprisoned. They would see to
that. Clow Reed would not get another chance to send them to hell again.
They would kill, or be killed, first.


Her world came back into focus slowly and the pain receded. She sat up
from her position on the floor gingerly and brushed the hair out of her
eyes. What had just happened? Sometime during the middle of her pain filled

haze, she thought she sensed something. She could have sworn it felt

But no, it couldn't be.

Could it?

She stood up on shaky legs and weakly made her way over to her bed. She sat

down and reached over to open her night table's drawer. Reaching in, she
gently shook what could have been mistaken as a stuffed teddy bear. "Kero?"

she whispered.

No response.

A little louder, "Kero?" nothing. She drew in a deep breath and yelled,

The little guardian beast of the seal woke with a start and jumped three
feet into the air. "Where's the fire!?"

The woman just sighed and bit her lip worriedly, thinking about what had
happened not five minutes before.

Kero Beros flew back to the night table. After determining that there was
no fire, and no one had died, he was about to demand what it was his friend

thought she was doing, when he got a good look at her face.

"Sakura? You look awful! What's up?"

Sakura looked at Kero with a pained expression. Trying to keep the tremor
out of her voice, she spoke. "Kero? Something happened a minute ago.
Something horrible. You didn't feel anything?" she asked nervously.

Kero looked her over curiously. "No, nothing. What happened?"

Sakura drew in a deep breath, willing herself to talk about it. "I was
sitting at my laptop, working on my paper, when I got an uneasy feeling in
the pit of my stomach. I didn't even have time to think about why before I
was engulfed by pain.," Sakura trailed off.

Kero, now looking concerned, said encouragingly, "Go on."

Sakura's breath came out with a whoosh. "As if that wasn't bad enough, the
pain intensified. It felt like my body was being consumed by fire, it felt
like every part of me was burning. Like a part of me was being destroyed."
Sakura looked Kero full in the eyes. "It felt like my soul was being ripped


Kero looked concerned for Sakura, but he also looked worried. It seemed
likehis mind was gnawing on something he dared not speak of. Yet. Not until

suspicions were confirmed.

"But do you know what was the oddest thing out of all this?" Sakura
continued. "During the entire time this was going on, I could have sworn I
felt a......Clow card."

No, Kero thought, please no. But he had knew no matter how much wishing and

hoping he did, what he feared most was not going to go away.

"But that's impossible." Sakura's eyes narrowed when she saw the look on
Kero's face. "Well, isn't it? I've captured all the Clow cards." when Kero
didn't respond, Sakura became alarmed. "Kero? What aren't you telling me?"

Kero pushed back the panic rising within him. He must remain calm. For her.

If he was going to be of any help he must....... remain.....calm. Besides,
now that he was sure, she had to know....if she hoped to have any chance of


"Sakura, there is something I haven't told you. Clow Reed and myself were
the only actual people who knew about this for the longest time. I didn't
tell you before because I thought there was no danger of this ever
happening again."

Alarmed, and a little hurt that Kero had kept something from her, Sakura
asked, "What's going on?"

Accepting the inevitable, Kero sat down to explain. "A long time ago, when
Clow Reed was still alive, he created the Clow cards as you know. But those

weren't the only Clow cards he attempted to create. Clow Reed was a very
powerful sorcerer, but even I admit that in this, he was way over his

"After the original Clow cards were completed, Clow Reed attempted to go
farther than he had before. He had a sort of...upgrade, I guess you could
say, in mind for the Clow cards. He wanted to make stronger, smarter, more
powerful cards. He worked night and day, dabbling in dark magic, almost to
the point of obsession sometimes, until he had created thirteen new Clow

"At first, the cards' superior magic was noted by all, and they were
admired. Clow Reed himself was extremely proud, more so than I had ever
seen him. But before long, things began to change."

Kero paused in his tale, thinking, "As I said, those cards were smart,
smarter than Clow cards should have been-had any right to be-and they
picked up on things fast. They could feel things. Sure, your Clow cards may

be able to have flashes of emotion sometimes-like the mirror card with
Tory-but when that does happen, it's so brief and inconsequential, that it
doesn't really count. These cards were different. They felt things like
happiness, anger, grief, and sadness."

"And greed. Oh yes, that was something they picked up on quite

"The cards soon realized that they were far more powerful than any other
magic in existence. The realization, the power of it all, went straight to
their heads. Soon, they began ignoring Clow Reed's orders and doing
whatever they wished. Clow Reed did nothing at first since the cards hadn't

really done anything wrong." Kero's eyes grew distant as he remembered some

long buried memory.

"That is, until they caused the deaths of five hundred eighty people."

Sakura covered her mouth with her hands as her eyes widened in horror.

"That was when he realized he had created something horribly wrong. He
didn't act right away though, on no, he knew he'd have to be extremely
cautious if he hoped to defeat them. The lesser sorcerers, however, weren't

so patient. They were devastated by the loss of human life. They were
afraid, and that made them foolish. As they say, 'Fools rush in where
angels fear to tread,' so goes the case with them. They wanted this
stopped! They wouldn't listen to reason; wouldn't heed Clow Reed's advice.
They tried to take care of the situation themselves."

"They were all dead by morning."

Sakura's eyes filled with tears.

"Clow Reed felt it when they died, but he could not allow himself to become

irrational lest he become foolish. He had to think. The cards' biggest
weakness was their confidence in their own abilities. He would use that
against them. He knew they were smart, so he would have to be clever; find
a way to trick them."

"Using the Illusion card, Clow Reed created a copy of himself and used his
magic to mask the card's aura so that it wouldn't be detected by the

"He issued a challenge to the new cards. He challenged their superiority
and implied that they were not nearly as powerful or clever as they

"The ruse worked just as expected."

"Setting the Illusion card into motion now, he sent it to his underground
laboratory where he first created the Clow cards. Once all thirteen of the
cards had arrived, the copy acted as if it would make a stand. Then, the
copy of Clow Reed suddenly looked afraid and made to flee into the lab. The

cards laughed, thinking that Clow Reed had realized he had had no chance
and was now trying to run and hide. They couldn't allow that."

"They followed the copy into the underground cave. Once all were inside,
Clow Reed called Illusion back and furiously began a spell he ahd been
working on. By the time the cards realized they had been was

too late. Clow Reed had finished the chant and had sealed them inside the
cave, trapping them for all eternity, never able to harm anyone ever
again." Kero finished.

"Well that's good!" Sakura exclaimed. They deserved it. But, if he trapped
them.....then what's the problem?"

Kero said the four most difficult words he'd ever had to say. "The cards
have escaped."

"What!?" Sakura exclaimed. "But how? Why? I thought they were gone for
good. You said so yourself."

"I know, I know. That's what I thought, too. Not to mention the fact that
Clow Reed also thought so. But....I don't know......the spells should have
held." Kero eyes widened as an idea hit him. "After Clow Reed died, the
spells, overtime, without his presence to keep them strong, the seals must
have began to weaken. If that's the case, and I'm sure it is, then I'm
surprised the seals lasted this long." Kero shrugged. "But, then, that
proves just how powerful of a sorcerer Clow Reed was."

Sakura was silent, thinking about everything Kero had just said. "What do
we do now?"

"I know it'll be hard, but try to concentrate. Try to tell where the cards
are now. If you were able to sense them breaking free from so far away,
then you should be able to tell where they went."

Sakura nodded and tried to concentrate. Flashes of images of what the cards

must have done ran through her mind. She tried to banish them but they just

wouldn't go. In fact, the harder she tried to concentrate, the stronger the

images got. Finally, frustrated, Sakura focused on the pictures. They came
more strongly now, and they came faster and faster until she thought her
brain would surely explode. Then, as suddenly as the images had appeared,
they vanished.

And she knew where the Clow cards were.

Sakura's eyes snapped open. "They're still in Japan." the, quietly, "It
felt like they were searching for something."

"Searching for something, huh?" Kero thought out loud.

"Kero, what are we going to do about this?" Sakura asked again.

Kero snapped out of his thoughts. "The only thing we can do. What we have
to do......" Kero paused. "We're going back to Japan."

The End

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