Author's Note: Okay here's the deal. I'm not stopping my Love in War fic so don't worry. I've just decided to do this fic because.....I don't know I just am. I'll be working on this fic during the weekends while doing Love in War during the weekdays. I can't help it, I love to write.


"Green was always my favorite color," said Gizmo, one of his metal claws snatching a sack full of money before putting it in his pack.

Yep, it was one of those days again. Villain would make evil plans, villain would do evil plan, and then the heroes would come and kick the villain's ass. The villain today is none other then Gizmo, his evil plan being to rob a bank. And it was only a matter of time before the heroes, the Teen Titans, would come and defeat Gizmo like they always do.

But whoever said an average day couldn't bring surprises?

Gizmo was high in the air, thanks to his robotic spider legs. He was out of the vault, passing through various innocent people that were either hiding under desks, in the process of running away, or just fainted. Gizmo laughed to himself, exiting out of the bank and making his way to wherever his secret hideout was. Just when he was thinking he was actually going to get away with the thousands of dollars in his metal pack, a certain voice reached the midget's ears.
"Not so fast Gizmo!"

Gizmo stopped and turned to face the ones he knew he was about to face. Hovering in the air were the two female Titans, Raven and Starfire. And on the ground were the three male Titans, Robin, Beastboy, and Cyborg. Five heroes against one villain.

"Try to get me snot munchers!" cried Gizmo, before taking off, the large strides with his robotic spider legs allowing him to put a lot of distance between him and the Titans quickly.

"Titans, go!" commanded Robin. (You know what? They should start making him say something else.)

Raven and Starfire were quick to fly after the retreating villain. Beastboy transformed into a green jaguar before running after Gizmo, Robin and Cyborg following suit. Starbolts appeared in Starfire's hands before throwing them towards Gizmo. The green starbolts soared through the air, heading straight at Gizmo. But to Starfire's surprise, the starbolts suddenly bounced off an invisible shield that surrounded Gizmo before the starbolts were sent flying back towards Starfire. The Tamaranian "eeped", before quickly dodging her own starbolts.

"I made some new inventions," cackled Gizmo, the cocky smile on his face.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven suddenly chanted, black auras forming around her hands before the same auras surrounded a few nearby lamp posts. The lamp posts were torn out of the ground before they went towards Gizmo. Lights blinked on Gizmo's pack, having been activated because of Raven's powers. Two laser cannons appeared on his pack, tracking the flying lamp posts. Lasers were fired from the cannons and destroyed the lamp posts when they impacted.

It was Cyborg's turn to attack the villain. His right arm transformed into his powerful sonic cannon before aiming at Gizmo and firing. The high-decibel blast launched from the cannon and now it sailed towards the midget with the spider legs. Gizmo's shield intercepted the blast. But Cyborg's blast was too powerful and the shield ended up collapsing, leaving Gizmo open for Beastboy.

The green jaguar leaped into the air and landed on Gizmo's pack. Transforming again, Beastboy turned into an alligator. Opening his jaws, Beastboy bit down hard onto the pack, trying to wrench it open to get to the money inside.

"Hey!" cried out Gizmo. "Get off me!" The lights on his pack blinked again, and the two laser cannons reappeared before turning to Beastboy. The changeling's eyes widened before the laser cannons opened fired and blasted Beastboy off of Gizmo. The green member of the Titans flew in the air, transforming back into his normal form and landing on the cement road.

"I'm going to feel that in the morning," groaned Beastboy, with the little swirls in his eyes. Despite the dizziness and the aches he now had, Beastboy was able to transform into a Pterodactyl and continue the chase with his teammates.

Finally it was Robin, leader of the Titans, to have his shot at the super genius. His birdarangs appeared in his hands before quickly throwing them at the still retreating Gizmo. Instead of lasers, slots in Gizmo's pack suddenly opened and razor disks flew from his pack. They collided with Robin's birdarangs, deflecting them and causing the birdarangs to shoot away from Gizmo. The Boy Wonder had to duck since one of his birdarangs had been deflected right back at him.

Beastboy had already lifted Cyborg off the ground during that time, hoping to attack Gizmo with an aerial attack as Cyborg fired blasts from his sonic cannon. Gizmo moved this way and that, the blasts exploding on the ground around him. The midget reached an abandoned warehouse, kicking the door open with his robotic spider legs before retreating into it.

The Teen Titans stopped at the open door of the warehouse, not planning to rush in if Gizmo was waiting for them. Beastboy transformed back into his human form again and was soon a bat, using his newly acquired bat senses to see if Gizmo was hiding anywhere in the dark interior of the warehouse, waiting to jump at the Titans if they decided to go in.

"Anything BB?" asked Cyborg.

"Nothing," replied Beastboy, once he turned human again.

"Alright team," said Robin. "Let's split up and see if we can search for him. If anyone finds him, make sure you let the rest of us know and we'll be there soon."

A collective nod went through the group. Beastboy once again transformed into a bat and went into the warehouse. With starbolts gathered in her hands to light the warehouse, Starfire soon went in. Knowing that darkness was her specialty, Raven was soon to go in, followed by Cyborg who can see in the darkness thanks to his built in night vision. And Robin, thanks to his training with the legendary Batman, would have no problem blending into the shadows and use them to his advantage, went in.


"Snot munchers," Gizmo cursed silently, walking on the wall thanks to his spider legs. "They can never leave me alone and let me get away. Who would miss a few thousands of dollars anyway?" The midget super genius continued to curse, night vision goggles over his eyes to help him see in the darkness. He continued to grumble to himself as he tried to find another exit that wouldn't involve him smashing a hole in the warehouse and alerting the Teen Titans of his presence.

A movement in the corner of his eye caused Gizmo to slightly turn his head. With his night vision goggles, he was able to see Robin standing on the floor of the warehouse. The leader of the Titans looked up at the Gizmo, and as far as the midget could tell, Robin didn't know that he had spotted him. And he wanted to keep it that way, so he could catch Robin off guard. Walking around the ceiling of the warehouse to make it look like he hadn't spotted the Boy Wonder, Gizmo pulled out a laser gun and brought it up to his face.

What to use to take out the Titan.

The red button would allow the laser to scatter Robin's atoms, and it would take about a week for them to get together again, though there was no guarantee that Robin wouldn't have an arm where his leg used to be. The yellow button would teleport the leader to the middle of a desert. The blue one would freeze him and Gizmo would be able to make his escape.

So many choices and so little time.

But Gizmo's eyes landed on the pink button on his laser. He raised an eyebrow in confusion. He didn't know what that button would do, he wasn't even sure if he even had that button installed in the laser before. Jinx must've been messing around with his laser again. Shrugging his shoulders, he pressed the pink button. No harm in finding out what it would do.

No harm to Gizmo, that is, not Robin.


Starfire flew into another room of the warehouse, the starbolt in her hand lighting the darkness so she was able to see everything in the warehouse. She flew around slowly, her emerald eyes scanning every inch of the room, trying to find any signs of Gizmo. But she found no signs of the HIVE member.

It was that moment that her communicator suddenly rang. Digging into her pocket with her free hand, Starfire pulled out her communicator. The screen winked on and Robin's face appeared.

"I've found Gizmo," informed Robin. "He's in the west side of the warehouse. I see him, but I don't think he sees me."

"I will be there soon," assured Stafire, having already started flying to where Robin told her to go.

"I've already told the others, they're already coming. Make sure you hurry, I don't know how long before Gizmo sees-AH!"

Starfire's eyes widened as what looked like a pink laser suddenly engulfed her friend. The screen of the communicator went out and she now only stared at a black screen.


Now she was flying as fast as she would go. With the fear of Robin hurt, Starfire just blasted holes in the wall, giving her a quicker route to where Robin was. Just when she was about to blast another hole in a wall, she suddenly stopped.

She looked down at the ground and found that Robin's costume was on the floor. There was still no Robin. Starfire quickly looked around the room, trying to see if Gizmo was still around. Seeing that he wasn't, Starfire landed on the ground and kneeled down at the pile of Robin's costume. Belt, cape, and even his mask were there with no owner.

Worry seized Starfire, wondering what happened to Robin. Just as she was about to search for Robin (Or Gizmo to find out what he did to Robin), something suddenly started to move under Robin's costume. Starfire blinked, cocking her head to one side. She moved the costume to see what was hiding under there.

And only to gasp and have her eyes widen at what she found.


"Did any of you find Robin?" asked Cyborg, spotting Raven and Beastboy.

"No," Raven replied simply.

"I couldn't find Gizmo either," put in Beastboy. "He's gone."

"And so is Robin," said Cyborg.

"Um.....I found him," a soft voice suddenly spoke up.

All three of the Titans' heads turned to find Starfire standing before them, holding what looked like Robin's costume.

"Where is he?" Cyborg asked, walking up to him with Beastboy and Raven following him.

"He's right here," said Starfire, holding up the costume to them.

"Star I don't understand-oh my god."

A small head poked out of the bundle and green and red. Black hair matted the baby's head and blue eyes stared at everyone, with a mix of curiosity and innocence.

"He's a.....he's a....."

"Baby," Raven finished Cyborg's sentence, for once her eyes growing as large as dinner plates as she stared at the baby Robin.

Robin only giggled, picking up his mask and holding up to his face.

"I'm not changing his diapers," informed Beastboy.


Author's Note: Yep, surprising ain't it? Robin's now a baby. I'm hoping that I get plenty of reviews for this crazy idea.