Author's Note: With the start of Nightmare Moon (Which you will read unless you want a flesh eating virus to be brought to your household!), I figured that I should at least complete one of my fics while Pix is working on her chapter. Anyway, yes, I know it took a lllooonnnggg while, but blame school! Damn school. Anyway, here's the final chapter for Baby Robin! Enjoy!


It had already been two days since the little adventure in Raven's mind. And the day that Robin was going to turn back to normal didn't seem like it was going to be anytime soon.

"Hey, he has our remote!" cried Cyborg.


Robin only sat on the couch, staring at Cyborg...while he chewed on the remote the hybrid was looking for.

"Dude!" came in Beastboy. Running over, he took the remote from Robin and made a face as he shook the remote, trying to get the drool off of it. "Aw, he probably ruined it."

"Ah don't worry," replied Cyborg. "We got eight other remotes."

"Except for when Robin threw one out the window."

"Oh yeah."

But Beastboy wasn't done. Holding up his fingers, he started ticking stuff off. "Flushed another down the toilet, found the other in my tofu, you somehow managed to bite into the other one when he hid it in your ribs-"

"Hey!" interrupted Cyborg. "How was I supposed to know?"

Beastboy only ignored him. "Put another in his diaper...didn't have a fun time getting that one back. And another one he thought of as a rubber ducky."

"We need to buy some more remotes."

"We're going to have trouble finding the other two that are left." Beastboy shook his head, sad at their loss.

"Probably wouldn't last long even if we found them, as long as Robin is still a baby."

Beastboy collapsed on the couch, putting his hands over his face. "This is so uncool! At this rate, Robin is never going to turn back to normal!"

"Then why don't we go looking for the ones who turned him into a baby?" a voice cut in.

Beastboy removed his hands from his face and looked to see Raven entering a room, Starfire at her back. Spotting the Tamaranean girl, Robin smiled and laughed, stretching out his arms to her. Starfire giggled before floating over to the miniature Boy Wonder and picking him up before cradling him in her arms.

"How are we supposed to know where Gizmo is?" questioned Beastboy, looking at Raven.

"He wouldn't exactly want to be found either," put in Cyborg.

Raven rolled her eyes. "While you two have been slacking off, Starfire and I had been doing some digging."

Beastboy blinked and immediately sat up. "Hm?"

"It seems that a restaurant called Jump Illusions (Ah, need a better name) has some special guests today."

Now it was Cyborg to join Beastboy in looking at Raven. "Who?"

Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes, wondering how the two couldn't guess who the guests were. "Gizmo and Jinx."

That got things going as Cyborg and Beastboy were suddenly up on their feet. "When!?" they both asked.

Raven glanced at the clock where the number 7:49 was easily seen. "In about eleven minutes."

"What are we waiting for!?" Beastboy practically exploded.

"Yeah let's get going!" agreed Cyborg.

Raven cried out in surprise as both team members grabbed an arm and started dragging her with them at full speed.

Starfire watched the departure, head tilted to one side. A smile soon blossomed on her face as she looked down at the soon to be grown up Robin. "Let us bring you back to normal!"


Though only having been opened two months ago, Jump Illusions had a fair share of customers come by to eat. Satisfied costumers would leave tips, tell their friends and they would tell their friends and so on.

Whether it was because someone told them about I, or that they randomly picked it, two certain HIVE students decided to have a nice dinner there.

Gizmo couldn't help but fidget in his seat, looking down at the clothing he was forced to wear. Though Jinx had gotten him to wear the red t-shirt and khaki shorts, he had kept his prized goggles that adorned his head.

Jinx had her own attire as well for this night. Her hair was no longer tied and it fell past her shoulders. She wore some simple blue shorts, a pink tank top, and a purple jacket that was now hanging from the back of her chair.

Though Gizmo wasn't happy about being forced into these clothes, he couldn't complain about the food. Taking a bite of chicken, he couldn't help but feel glad that he was actually some real food. Being a criminal hiding out, he didn't really have a large variety of food to eat. Jinx was enjoying some shrimp that she had ordered.

"This is a much better change then what we usually eat," said Jinx, swallowing another piece of shrimp.

Gizmo only nodded, using his knife to cut off another piece of chicken and using his fork to put the piece in his mouth, which he then chewed and swallowed. He had to admit, this was better. But he couldn't help but have this strange feeling that this day was about to go sour...

"Hey, there they are!"

Both Jinx and Gizmo froze at the familiar voice. Slowly they turned around.

And suddenly jumped out of their chairs, just before a blast from a sonic cannon blew apart the table that they had been sitting at.

Both Gizmo and Jinx stared with wide eyes at the smoke and debris that had been where they were a second a go. And as the smoke cleared, they saw a somewhat angry looking Cyborg glaring at them with a sonic cannon pointed at them.

In fact, Beastboy and Raven were glaring as well. Though to be more specific, they were glaring at Gizmo.

Jinx seemed to notice the target of all this anger as she turned to look at Gizmo. "What did you do?"

Gizmo didn't speak, causing Jinx to tilt her head and look at him with a questioning look. The midget genius suddenly pointed forward. Raising an eyebrow, Jinx looked at where her friend was looking.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened as she stared at Starfire. In the alien girl's arms was a baby, of all things. But the sorceress quickly noticed that instead of baby clothes, the small child had a very familiar costume on, except it was very large for his size. At first, she sat there, dumbfounded. However, the pieces soon came together when she also added the mat of black hair on the baby's head.

The sorceress's mind whirled. It only took her half a second to remember a certain button on Gizmo's laser, the story about Robin having disappeared...leaving his clothes behind.

Gizmo seemed to notice too, as Jinx turned to look at him to find him staring at her with the same bewildered look on his face.

"This is your fault by the way," said Gizmo, standing up while strapping on his pack. Obviously, his experience with Jinx's shopping spree caused him to bring it this time.

"Well think of it this way," put in Jinx, also standing up and dusting herself off. "If your little laser can turn Robin into a child, what do you think it'll do to the others?"

In an instant, Gizmo's puzzled look turned into a grin.


During the beginning of the day, Jump Illusion had been going off to a good start. With Monday being a busy day for some, they would stop by and get something to eat. Usually that was a profitable day.

Until now.

A blast of a sonic cannon obliterated a wall of the restaurant. People, customers and employees alike, exited the restaurant and ran off screaming. Inside, the sounds of battle broke through the screaming.

Starfire kept Robin clutched in one arm, using the other to throw starbolts at Jinx. The sorceress would use her powers to cause pieces of the roof to collapse, mostly over Starfire, so that she could kill two birds with, literally, one stone. But Raven would be there to protect Starfire and Robin, surrounding the falling pieces with darkness before tossing them aside, or throwing them at Jinx.

At the battle with Gizmo, Beastboy and Cyborg were using a lot more caution then Starfire and Raven. Then again, a good reason would be because Gizmo had out his laser and was trying to bring the two Titans to the same fate as what happened to Robin. Cyborg stood back, hoping to get a lucky shot with his sonic cannon to bring down the midget. Beastboy refrained from picking anything large, sticking to these that were small and fast like a bird, bat, or even a fly, to get close for an attack.

The mechanical spider legs had emerged from Gizmo's backpack, and were now holding up the genius in the air while he blasted at the two Titans with the laser. Fortunately, the laser only affected humans, as Cyborg soon found out when he lifted up a table in front of him to block a shot from Gizmo's laser.

Seeing the attack fail, Gizmo set the laser back to the regular setting before firing again. This time, the table turned into splinters and Cyborg fell onto his back.

This was Gizmo's chance. The midget pointed his laser at the fallen Cyborg.

And suddenly heard a roar from behind as something struck Gizmo and sent him flying. The genius was thrown forward, slamming into the wall and causing sparks to fly from his metal spider legs. He looked up and found that Beastboy had managed to get behind him and changed into a T-Rex before smashing Gizmo with his tail.

Gizmo glared before aiming his laser at such an easy target and fired. Fortunately, Beastboy morphed into a fly, causing the laser to miss him.

"Gizmo!" Jinx suddenly cried, seeing the midget fall. That became her undoing, as a starbolt collided into her and sent her flying back until she now rested on the ground, knocked out.

Gizmo blinked and stared with wide eyes at the fallen sorceress. That was enough for Cyborg to come forward. Barely seeing the hybrid coming, Gizmo pointed the laser at Cyborg and fired.

The shot was clumsy, and easily missed Cyborg.

The large metal fist didn't miss Gizmo and soon the genius was out of the battle as well.


"Well here it is," said Cyborg, Gizmo's laser now in hand. "The solution to our little problem."

Starfire flew over to the hybrid and landed in front of him. "Then let us fix this." She bent down and placed Robin on the floor. Robin had been dressed in his costume, which was of course too big for him. For now that is.

Cyborg held the laser in front of his face and scanned it. "If I'm right," he pushed a red button, "this should turn him back to normal."

"Then let's get this thing over with already!" cried Beastboy. "Before he decides to turn his costume into a toilet."

"No problem." Aiming the laser at Robin, Cyborg pulled the trigger and the beam shot towards the miniature Titan. There was a flash of light, which both Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire turned their heads.

And just as quick as the light appeared, it was gone.

The Titans looked back to find Robin standing, in his full size. His back was turned to them, and he raised a hand to his face to find that his mask was gone. Opening a pocket in his belt, he pulled out a spare mask and placed it on his face before turning back around to face them.

"So what did I miss?" he questioned.

"Robin!" flying forward, Starfire brought Robin into a bone crushing hug. "You are back to normal!"

"Maybe not for long," said Beastboy, noticing the pain looked on Robin's face as Starfire's hug threatened to crush some ribs.

There was a flash of sparks and Beastboy turned to find Cyborg drop the remains of the laser to the floor, having crushed it thanks to his super strength.

"And no more laser."

Starfire finally let go of Robin, who almost collapsed. Blinking, the alien girl suddenly looked around. "Where is Raven?"

All the Titans froze. They quickly looked around, trying to see if they could find the sudden missing Titan.

It was Cyborg that found her.

"Oh no..."

It suddenly all came back to him. That final blast from Gizmo's laser, the one that had missed him. couldn't have. Not again!

Raven's leotard and cloak lied on the floor. The bundle moved and a head appeared from within the folds.

A head with lilac hair and large innocent eyes.

All the Titans could do was stare at the baby Raven. Slowly, they looked at the remains of the laser that Cyborg had crushed, and then looked back at Raven.

It was Beastboy that spoke.

"I am not changing her diapers."


Author's Note: Well, that's it. Finally! I am done with this fic! Truthfully, when I reached the chapter with Raven's mind, I suddenly lost inspiration to finish this fic. So...yeah I kind of feel liked I rushed through this chapter. But anyway, while Pixie is doing her chapters of Nightmare Moon, I'm going to be doing another fic. This one is centered around Raven, and there's going to be BB/Raven coupling. Basically, it's about Malchior and him wanting to get revenge on Raven. A lot better then it sounds, trust me. So, I'll see you guys later! Hopefully!