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Dance Dance Recreation (Chapter 4)

(Jenny's POV)

At this very moment, people, I am lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. It's a very white ceiling. Hmm... It's as white as my skin. And milk. Cool. OH! Um, sorry, so there's a reason I'm lying here on my bed. I am very gloomy. Wanna know why? I don't think Brad will be able to go to the dance tonight. I haven't heard anything from him about if he got his homework done or anything. I hope he did. I really want to go to the dance. It would be the very first school Valentine's Dance that I have been to. And without my boyfriend, it just wouldn't be right.

The phone next to my bed began to ring. I answered.

"Hello?" I addressed.

A mysterious voice on the other line spoke to me in a creepy, quiet voice. "Hey... Jenny."

"Um, who is this?"

"Nonya. But I have a simple task to ask of you, Jennifer."

"Yeah? And what's that?" I pleaded for an answer.

"Come to the front door of your house to find out."

I was getting sort of freaked out by this strange person. I looked out my bedroom window to look at the front door of my house to see who was standing there, but all that I saw was a dark figure with a trench coat on. I couldn't tell who it was because it was dark out....

"Why should I?" I issued.

"Because, Jennifer. Believe me, there's a sound motive to why I'm telling you to. Just do it."

"Okay... I'm going... " I hung up the phone, trembling in fear.

I slowly walked down the staircase, having my hand-lasers ready to fire in case it was some demented freak from the Cluster. I got to the door and gradually turned the knob.

When the door was completely opened, the voice spoke to me. "Hello, Jenny." The dark figure stepped forward and put its arms around me. I shuddered from the shock, but when he lifted away from my metal exterior, all my fear was gone.

It was Brad.

"You little goober, scaring the freakin' crap outta me! Why did you have to greet me in that sort of manner?" I giggled, putting my arms back around him.

"Because I love you." Brad smiled and took his long jacket off and threw it behind him.

I looked at him confused. "Why did you just throw that nice jacket behind you?"

"Because it was something I wore for Halloween once, and it got too small for me anyway, so I decided I didn't want it anymore," Brad shrugged. "Plus, it only costs about five bucks." He grabbed my hand. "C'mon Jenny! We gotta hurry and get to the school!!"

I stopped. "WAIT a minute! You actually finished your homework? ALL that hard homework?" I inquired.

"Yep." He took his hand away from mine, and placed his arm around my waist. For some strange reason, I flashed an icy blue on my cheeks.

Yay-ness! I'm actually walking with Brad, in the most romantic behavior, all the way to the school! Even though I walk with him ALL the time, this time it's different. I go out with him! ^o^ He's so cute... so hot... his slick, red, spiked hair looks so endearing... and his normal outfit... it never looked so fine on him.... I have a feeling this relationship, AND dance, is going to be a blast.... ^^


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