Title: Sanity of the Insane

Spoilers:  This takes place mid Season 2 of SG1 right after Jacob becomes a Tokra and mid Seasonn 3 right after the Gwendolyn Post episode.  Angel and Buffy are not together and he probably won't be in the story much since I hate the bloody vampire.  There is no Dawn, there never was and there never will be. 

Pairings – Faith/Buffy (eventually, not sure how soon), Jack/Sam UST, Xander/Cordelia, Willow/OZ

Synopsis – Buffy has a dream which causes her to act weird – along with suddenly hanging out with old friends from L.A. she's never mentioned before.

Legal – I don't own any of the characters of SG1 and Buffy – because if they were mine Buffy and Faith would have gotten together and Faith would never have gone evil --- and Jack wouldn't act like such an idiot like he has the last few seasons

She was running as fast as she could in her patients' gown, her barefeet barely touching the ground and her should blond hair flowing behind her.  Behind her, the sounds of her footsteps multiplied as the pack gained on their prey.  Deaf to anything but the sound of her blood pounding in her ears and blinded by fear and the night, the girl noticed too late the figures in front of her.  Stopping abruptly, she attempted to change direction only to find herself encircled and ensnared.  Wild eyed, she looked for an opening but saw only the predatory eyes of her pursuers.  One figure stepped forward from the crowd and stepped closer to reveal their features.  The girl gasped as she looked into her own face, with eyes filled with madness.

Buffy Summers awoke with a startled gasp.  Trying desperately to control breath, the Slayer and Chosen looked at her clock as the alarm went off as if it were an alien device.  Gathering her wits, Buffy slowly shut the alarm off and quietly began to dress.  I haven't had that dream in months, but this time it felt different.  Buffy paused and looked at herself in her mirror.  She stared at the figure before her and remembered.  With sudden clarity she knew what was different.  It felt the same as a slayer dream.

Stopping in front of the library doors, Buffy wondered what she would say to Giles.  She had already skipped her morning meeting with him trying to avoid telling him about her dream, though it probably only served to upset Giles and the time had not helped Buffy try to organize her feelings.  She had to tell Giles about Slayer dreams, but this dream she couldn't tell him about.  Couldn't tell anyone.  Because then she would have to remember.  Sighing, she entered the quiet haven.

Four heads turn to acknowledge Buffy's entrance; two with faces full of concern, one with indignation and one with apparent indifference. The Slayer gave her two best friends a comforting look, before turning a sheepish grin at her Watcher,  knowing he couldn't stay mad at her for too long.  Faith continued looking bored, as if Buffy's entrance had no effect on her.  Buffy would never admit it to the other Slayer, but she knew vaguely what Faith was feeling.  Though they both acknowledged a connection and ability to sense each other, only Buffy seemed able to read her sister slayer's emotions.  Right now, behind her apparent indifference, Faith was also worried about the older Slayer.  Occassionally, the blond girl wondered why she could sense Faith's emotion when the reverse wasn't true, but the answer dwelled in a part of her mind that Buffy refused to go. 

"Buffy, I assume there is a reasonable explanation for your failure to report here this morning?" Giles inquired.

"Umm… well, you see, I overslept and was already late for school, and mom would kill me if I missed anymore classes, and I would be ground, and then tonight someone could die because I was not out patrolling, so really it's a good thing I didn't do the report thing because I'm really saving lives," Buffy finished off with flourish and waited for the reaction of her Watcher.  The glower he was giving her did not give her hope.

"Then why, pray tell, did I see you entering the school groups at a quarter to nine?"

Buffy smiled weakly.  "Because my watch is early?"

"You seem to have the idea that it is acceptable to lie to me.  I am your Watcher, it was not acceptable when you lied about Angel and it is not now.  I repeat, why did you not report in this morning?"

The Slayer winced as Giles used his trump card.  She honestly hadn't meant to keep Angel a secret, but she simply hadn't known what to do.  Again, she felt the darkness from the dream creep up on her.  For a moment, she was no longer in the library but a small room with no windows, no furniture, and only white walls.  Staring at her was a tall man, with military cut hair, just starting to grey.  He wore khaki pants and a black shirt, and was looking at with eyes that had seen death, had wallowed in it.  Looking at her, he saw death. 

Buffy came back to herself with a start; Giles' eyes, though holding sorrow, had looked nothing like His, so why had they triggered her to remember?  Forgetting her Watcher's question, she thought about Him.  She knew if she looked into the darkness she would remember Him, but she didn't want to remember.  Turning abruptly, Buffy ran out of the library leaving four bewildered people behind.  Buffy ran until she was outside of Sunnydale and the only thing she could see was trees. Exhausted, the Slayer collapsed against a tree and fell asleep. 

The dream returned, though this time it did not end with her facing herself.  Images flashed too fast for her to see, but she felt memories awakening, she saw Him and knew Him.  Her teacher, her trainer, her saviour.  She returned to the circle of pursuers, but now she felt now fear.  She looked at the various faces and knew them.  They were coming, for her, for Him -- for each other. 

She woke to see the moon already high in the night sky.  Wincing, Buffy forced her stiff muscles to move.  In the distance she heard wolves howling, though there were no longer any wolves outside of Sunnydale.  A smile crossed Buffy's face, and she tipped her head back and howled.  

Faith roamed the cemeteries trying to get a fix on Buffy's location.  Her sudden departure from the library had startled the dark slayer and it had taken her a moment to go after Buffy.  By then, Buffy was already too far away for Faith's 'Slaydar' so Faith had resorted to combing the city for the other Slayer.  The hairs on the back of Faith's neck stood on end as she heard the distant howls.  I didn't think there were any wolves near here?  Even if there were, why would wolves set off her spidey-sense.  It wasn't close enough to a full moon for werewolves, but Faith couldn't shake the sense of foreboding. 

Growling her frustrating, Faith headed for another graveyard.  Why the fuck am I looking for B, it's not like she'd do the same for me.  Though, Faith wasn't sure about that, she really wished it wasn't the case.  The dark slayer had been attracted to the blond since that first night at the Bronze.  At first, Faith assumed it was her normal case of the hornies but the feelings faded with time.  If anything, Faith finally admitted to herself, they were getting stronger the longer she was around the older slayer.  Not that anything will happen, B and Dead boy got that whole star-crossed lovers thing going on – not to mention B way too vanilla to go for some girl on girl action. 

Faith paused her deliberations as a vampire jumped from the shadows, assuming she was an ordinary girl.  Normally, Faith would taunt the vampire, then beat it into a bloody pulp, but her worry for Buffy made her want to finish up the vampire quick.  Concentrating on that, she missed the vampire sneaking up behind her.  She only noticed when felt the spray of dust against her back seconds after she dusted the first vampire.  Startled, the dark slayer turned quickly to see Buffy grinning wildly.  For a second, Faith thought she saw something dark in those hazel eyes, but it vanished so quickly Faith banished the thought as her imagination.