Eve felt the sunlight creep in through the window as she turned in the large bed only to discover Sarah sleeping soundly between her and Chris. As her eyes began to open, she noticed that Chris was wide awake taking this time enjoying the image of Eve and Sarah snuggled up beside one another. Silently he winked at Eve before throwing out a small wave as Eve felt a smile lift over her features.

"Morning," she whispered over the top of Sarah's head as she reached out across her daughter capturing his hand in hers, "how long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to thank heaven that I'm not just dreaming," Chris confessed with a soft smile, "and when I realized that this was happening, well I couldn't bring myself to leave this very spot as it seemed that I'd found everything I've always been waiting for right here with the two of you."

"Chris," Eve felt a heat rise over her features as she motioned to Sarah, "she's going to be out like a light for a while as you tired her out last night playing airplane."

"I didn't do that," Chris feigned innocence.

"Oh yes you did and she takes after you when it comes to sleeping," Eve chuckled lightly before Sarah let out a loud, thunderous snore, "and in terms of snoring as well."

"Hey now I think I strongly object to that one," Chris teased watching as Eve shifted on the bed giving their daughter a quick kiss on the head before standing up to stretch, "Wanna go talk for a bit?"

"Sure," Chris nodded tucking the blanket up around Sarah and giving her a kiss on the forehead as well as he followed Eve out of the bedroom. As he started to close the door behind them, he left it open a crack so that they could keep an ear on things where their daughter was concerned.

"Hey," Eve faced him once again a smile on her face as she reached out to him bringing her hand up over the center of his chest.

"Hey to you too," Chris smiled curling his arms around her waist as he held her closer to him, "Have I told you lately that I spent all last night dreaming about you?"

"Oh you have huh," Eve couldn't help but smile as she teased her fingers over his bare chest savoring the warmth beneath her touch.

"That's right," he tipped down to kiss her tenderly, "you've been on my mind for quite some time beautiful."

"Funny thing," Eve murmured against his kiss, "You were dancing around my dreams as well it seems."

"Hmm, well you know they say that great minds think alike," he nibbled on her lower lip curling his arm more completely around her as he savored this morning moment with her.

"In that case it should come as no surprise that we're so well in tune with one another," she whispered against his lips standing up on her toes to embrace him, "as we seem to have this certain thing about us."

"Thing you say," he arched a playful brow, "and just what might that thing be?"

"I was thinking it was this crazy little emotion called love," Eve smiled in response as she threw her arms around him as he pulled her into his arms lifting her up off of her toes to kiss him more completely.

"Hmm, love…I think I like that," he squeezed her in closer to him savoring the sweetness of her kiss as she sound of footsteps came from behind them and Sarah cleared her throat with heavy exaggeration.

"Um, does this mean I have to go back to bed until you two are done so that the next time I wake up I can get breakfast," she questioned curiously as Chris and Eve parted and Eve found herself unable to contain the laugh that built up in the back of her throat.

"Of course this doesn't mean you have to go back to bed," Chris spun around to hoist Sarah up in his arms as she giggled boisterously cuddling into him, "In fact, I was just about to come in there and wake you up to make you whatever you wanted for breakfast."

"Sure you were daddy," she laughed with a tiny snort shaking her head at him as it was obvious she didn't believe him, "but since you have me now, you can still make me what I want for breakfast," she paused for a moment, "You do know how to cook really good huh?"

"I cook even better than I make milkshakes so we're in business," Chris promised her eagerly as he cast a look over his shoulder at Eve, "Care to join us mom?"

"Yeah mom come on. Aren't you hungry too?" Sarah questioned bubbling over with enthusiasm.

"Of course I am," Eve nodded in response following the two of them into the kitchen as Chris looked around the small room.

"So where do we start," he asked Sarah as the small child pointed to the chair before her.

"Right here," she explained matter of fact, "You grab that chair over there for me and I get to stand on it while you let me help you break the eggs."

"You break eggs huh?" Chris lifted a curious brow as he shifted her in his arms grabbing the chair before setting her in it as he collected a few eggs from the refrigerator.

"I make the bestest scrambled eggs," she nodded in confession, "Just ask mom."

"You do, huh," Chris winked over at Eve as he brought a few breakfast essentials over to Sarah, "Well this I have to see."

"Be ready," she beamed with excitement, "as I rock," she promised as Eve stood watching Chris and Sarah preparing breakfast with one another as it seemed things were finally getting back to normal once again in the Ramsey family.


"So here we are," Chris sank into the couch turning his attention to Eve as he looked around the room seeing the scattered toys surrounding the both of them as Sarah lay in the chair across from them overcome with exhaustion after her morning of playtime with the both of them.

"Yes we are," Eve patted his leg gently, "It seems you've survived your first day of being a play mate with Sarah."

"Hmm, I think I rather enjoy it," Chris leaned in towards Eve touching her cheek gently, "exhaustion and all."

"Just wait," Eve teased bridging the distance between them as her lips brushed against his in a tender kiss, "as it gets a lot more involved."

"I can't wait," he whispered against her lips ready to savor the moment between them as there was a knock at the front door catching them off guard as Chris reluctantly pulled away from her. "I wonder who that could be."

"Tell them to go away," Eve suggested with a hint of a smile, "as I'm rather enjoying this time alone with us while Sarah's napping."

"I'll see what I can do," Chris promised opening the door to find Jack on the other side. A puzzled expression swept over his features as he noticed the look on his brother's face, "Jack, what's up?"

"Chris, we need to get out of here like now," Jack began frantically, "I tried your cell phone, but it wasn't working and then, well I just can't explain. We need to get going before it's too late…" Jack began as the sounds of sirens built up in outside the small home, "Oh God, we're running out of time. Chris, grab Sarah and Eve because we have to move."

"Jack, you're not making any sense. What's going on?" Chris questioned in confusion turning to his brother as the red and blue flashing lights appeared in the driveway attached to the police squad cars that screeched up to the house.

"Chris, come on…" Jack started as the uniformed officers rushed up to the house shoving Jack aside as one of them grabbed Chris wrestling him down to the ground as Chris felt a confusion sweep over him.

"What's going on," Chris questioned straining to get out from beneath the man that had him pinned down at Eve rushed to the doorway taking in the scene before her.

"Chris," she gasped in shock as Jack grabbed her arm, "Chris, what's going on?"

"Eve, get Sarah and make sure she's safe," Chris began turning to the officer that held him, "What are you doing? Are you insane?"

"No sir," the man shook his head in response, "as Chris Ramsey you're under arrest."

"For what?" Chris tried to shake out of the hold he was in as the officer slapped the handcuffs on him.

"For the murder of David Bordiso," the office explained beginning to read Chris his rights as Chris gasped in response.

"Have you gone mad? I haven't murdered anyone," Chris felt the officers pull him up off the ground as he turned to Jack. "Call for help Jack…"

"I'm already on it," Jack promised as Eve rushed out onto the yard.

"You're wrong," she pleaded with the officer, "Chris didn't murder anyone… He hasn't done anything…"

"Eve," Chris pleaded with her, "Just go inside. We'll work this out one way or another, but right now Sarah needs you."

"Chris I…" Eve began tearfully.

"Go back inside," he insisted once again, "Jack can take care of you and Sarah. Call Kevin and then we'll figure out what's going on once I…" Chris continued as the officers started to drag him away. "Hey give me a second…"

"Your time is up," the officer growled in response shoving Chris towards the squad car as Eve watched him being carried away from the house. She heard Sarah in the other room and as she turned around she saw the confusion in her daughter's features.

"What are they doing? Where are they taking my daddy," Sarah questioned her voice raising with the confusion and worry that consumed her.

"He's going to be okay," Eve promised her daughter watching as the officers shoved Chris into the car taking him away.

"Eve, I'll get right on this," Jack began touching her arm gently, "We'll get to the heart of what's going on…"

"This is because of your father, isn't it? He's set this all up," Eve half questioned already knowing the answer as she realized that Henry Ramsey had just sent out his latest threat to their happiness as the police took Chris away from them setting their family up for another fall as it seemed his evil would never let them be ever again.