"She's got the loveliest pair of ebony eyes I've ever seen!" gushed Bulma as she leaned down towards the baby Videl was holding lovingly.

"And her complexion is so milky white! She's beautiful!" added Chichi. "Hah! Our family's genes did it again!"

Gohan, who was seated beside his wife, kissed her forehead lovingly. "Thank you for giving Pan to us. She's precious… a miracle…" His voice dropped to a murmur. "Just like you…"

Her eyes glittered. "Gohan…"


"So where are the grown-ups?" asked Trunks as he and Goten made their way up the stairs leading to the hospital room where Videl was staying.

"They had been there since this morning," replied the boy. "We would have been here too with them, but Mama insisted that we have to attend school."

"Great! Now you've got yourself a nephew!" said the purple-haired boy, grinning. "I heard through Mom's cel that the little guy's name was Pan."

"How sure are you that it is a nephew and not a niece?" the Gokou look-alike asked.

"Oh come on! I'm *always* right! Besides, who would name a girl Pan?"

"Who would name a boy Trunks?" Goten shot back, grinning.

"Trunks is a perfectly legal name!"

"Hai, hai."

"Ah anyway, I already have BIG plans for Pan," announced Trunks proudly. "I would teach him all the things a boy should know in order to survive in this big bad world."

"Things like what?" the ever-naïve Goten asked.

"Things I usually do, like fishing with bare hands, fighting with bare knuckles—"

"Frolicking in the pages of a hentai doujinshi with bare bodies of high school girls," supplied Goten, grinning.

The purple-haired boy groaned. "Very funny." He then turned to knock on the door. "OK, we're here. Now no more word about the KISS Magazine that Uncle Krillin lent me."


Trunks gaped at the bundled baby girl in shock. "This is Pan?!"

Bulma nodded. "You have to lower your voice. The little princess is still asleep."

He eyed the little girl in distaste. "Oh yuck. More girls!"

"Well actually, I think she's sort of cute," said Goten, grinning at his niece. "Take a look at her eyes. They're so clear…and large!"

"Like an owl's," shrugged the boy.

"You can see your reflection on them!" cried the spiky-haired boy excitedly.

"Oh great! Now you're suddenly poetic," he remarked. He looked at Pan's warm dark eyes that seemed to twinkle with delight. Her creamy complexion made her eyes larger, more mesmerizing.

"Really?" asked Goten, grinning.

He blinked.

"I heard you say something about her 'creamy skin' and 'mesmerizing'," said his best friend teasingly.

"Oh, I did?" He didn't know he said those words out loud! He looked away to hide his flushed cheeks. "Well, you heard me wrong. I said her crumpled…um…chin needs…ah…memorizing. Ah yes, crumpled skin needs memorizing."

"What? I don't get it." Goten looked bewildered. "Now I know why your English grade is suffering."

"Well, excuse me!" He rolled his eyes, then glanced at the child again.

To his surprise, the tiny hands of the baby seemed to lift up towards him. Absent-mindedly, he reached for hers too, not noticing the puzzled looks he received from his mother and his best friend.

Their fingers touched, and suddenly, all his annoyance he felt for the baby melted. Something warm replaced his heart as he clasped the tiny fingers as gently as he would hold a feather.

"Pan…" To him, suddenly, her annoying name or her gender didn't matter anymore. He knew that an unspoken bond had already formed between him and the baby girl.


Five years later…

"Mom, I'm home!!!" the teenager Trunks cheerfully greeted, throwing his backpack on the sofa before kissing his mother's cheek. "I'll see you at dinnertime."

"You're going over to Goten's house again?" Bulma asked, smiling fondly at him.

"Yup! Gotta go check on my fiancée." Trunks winked at her before jumping out of the window. "See ya!"

He had created a nickname for his favorite pet already… and everyone thought it was cute, so they christened little Pan with the term of "Trunks' fiancée". Pan was a little hot-tempered, and yet, the five-year-old girl melts readily with Trunks' charms.

The five years passed so quickly ever since that fateful day in the hospital. He had been the major babysitter of Pan for the said years, and had made true to his promise of teaching her all the things one should know about the world, but he dropped the hentai douji part, of course.

He watched before his very eyes how the baby slowly discovered her motor skills. In fact, long before she learned to speak, she could already kick a whole bicycle meters away from the yard.

His eyes twinkled. That was one of the things he taught her—whenever his Uncle Goten forgets to park his bicycle properly in the garage, she could kick it there for him.

"Good afternoon, Aunt Chichi!" he greeted cheerfully. "Is my fiancée awake now?"

She nodded. "You came just in time. Videl and Gohan have to leave early tonight for their date, and I won't be able to fill in because I'm going to visit my father."

"No problem. I can take care of her." He winked at her before heading for the garden, which he knew was the child's favorite hangout.

He found the little girl seated on the grass, tying her shoelaces. He grinned. "How's my sweetheart?"

He saw her head rise suddenly. She turned to him, eyes twinkling. "Uncle Trunks!!!" She rushed towards him, and just before their bodies could touch, she aimed a punch at his shoulder. Trunks laughingly caught her hand. "Nice try, Kid. But maybe a little faster next time."

She nodded and grinned. "Fish…fish…"

He nodded. "OK, sweetheart. We're going to catch a fish just as you want!" He kissed her hair fondly before carrying her on a piggyback.


Trunks shut his eyes. It had been seven years since he last saw his "fiancée". If not for this electronic message his airship received, he would not go home yet. Traveling all over the galaxy had already been his life.

He read the short message once more. It was from Pan, asking him to go home immediately. The letter though, showed no clue that she still remembered the moments they spent together.

Ah, but she was just still a kid then. And why should I make such a big fuss out of that? Trunks folded the letter and then pushed some buttons on the computer.

"Destination?" the computer prompted.

He grinned. "Planet Earth. Home base." He grinned. "I'm going home."


to be continued