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Chapter 2: A star is born.

McGonagall: I am sad.

Snape: I washed my ears last night. I sent the washer to the candle-makers and now I have lots of wax candles at my house.

Ron: You don't have a house!

Snape: Oh yeah!!!!

McGonagall: Doesn't anyone care that I am sad???????

ALL: NO!!!!!!!

McGonagall: Ok!!!!!

Dumbledore: My teddy bear cut its finger. See? *points to where a bit of red texta is drawn on teddy*

Hermione: That Chicken is painting! *points to the chicken that is painting*

Ron: I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout, when I get all steamed up, then I SHOUT...


Fred and George suddenly show up

Fred and George: Hi! We were busy blowing up toilets and terrorizing ickle firsties.

McGonagall: I miss my celery.

Harry: Celeries dead!

Draco: I wore socks the other day.

Hermione: Oh My God! I did to! That is so, like, weird!

Ron: Hermiones turned into an American!

Hermione: Yeah, like totally!

Snape: I watch Queer eye for the Straight Guy.

Ron: I was on it.

Harry: Did you need a makeover?

Ron: No, I'm queer.


McGonagall: Come along everyone, it's time for celeries funeral!


Poochie the Dog: Dearly, um, people. We are, like, gathered here today to, like, say bye to the little dude who Professor M over there was, like, obsessed with, the celery guy. Heres, um, a dude and dudette to say something, like, 'bout him.

*McGonagall sits in the corner sobbing*

Harry: I didn't know I was a dudette, I thought I was a Banana in Pyjamas!

Bananas in Pyjamas: No, we are!!!!!

Harry: I thought I was a Teletubby

Teletubbies: No we are!

Harry: I thought I was Postman Pat.

Postman Bob: Normally Postman Pat would show up here and say that he was Postman Pat but he is holidaying in the Bahamas so he was unable to guest appear in this very odd story. Cheerio!

Harry: I thought I was...

Hermione: Oh be quiet! Don't you know who I am?

Harry: I thought you were...

Hermione: I'm a Dude! Yay! Go dudes! *looks very proud.*

Lavender: Hi, I had a 'thing' with the Cucumber so I came here and I would just like to say that I don't really like you, Hermione Granger. *jumps onto Hermione and starts hitting her*

Snape: YAY! A erm...kitten fight!

McGonagall: Don't you mean a Cat Fight?

Snape: I thought you were grieving over the Cuicumber.

McGonagall: Oh yes *continues to sob*

Meanwhile, the world famous Nincy Draw has just finished solving one of her world famous mysteries. You see, she has just worked out that Pepsi is actually a copy of Coke!!!!!! She is very pleased with her detective efforts.

Anyway back to the story.

Lavender: *slaps Hermione*

Hermione: *Slaps back*

Harry: This fight is getting boring. And now for you're funeralistic delight, Robert the singing Rubber Ducky!!!!!!!!!

Robert the Singing Rubber Ducky: Jack and Jill had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow and everywhere that humpty fell the lamb was sure to go.

Hermione: This song is like, totally happening!

Robert the Singing Rubber Ducky: Hello world, this is me-e life should be-e- e ooh-ooh yeah fun for everyone.

Dumbledore: This song is annoying.

Talent agent guy: Hi! I'm a talent agent guy and you are going to be famous, Robert the Singing Rubber Ducky!

ALL: YAY!!!! GO ROBERT!!!!!!!!!

Robert the Singing Rubber Ducky: I feel so honoured.

Suddenly A hole opens up in the ground. Ron falls into it.


Draco: I'm a big boy! I can take off my clothes! *proceeds to show everyone by taking off his clothes*

Hermione: Please! *covers her eyes*

ALL (except Harry who has disappeared for some unknown reason): EEEEW!!! *covers eyes*

Snape: Now lets all go out for frosty milkshakes!

Hermione: But this chapter isn't over yet!!!

Snape: Oh yeah...HURRY UP!!!!!

Ron: Baked beans make you fart.

Harry: I thought you were falling down that hole over there. *tries to point at hole but fails, 'cos it isn't there anymore*

Hermione: What happened to the hole? It was right there! *creepy X-Files music plays*

Harry: No wait! It was over there! *points*

McGonagall: Have I been forgotten about? I haven't been mentioned for a while now! *scowls at author, the incredibly beautiful, incredibly talented, HippieChic17*

Snape: Is the story over yet?

Harry: I am special.

Dumb foreign Guy: What does I mean?

Hermione: I think it is over now!

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