Title: Standing In

By Robinyj

Rated: PG 13, I rate almost everything that. It's a safe rating as I say.

Category/Warning: Let's see, Violence, H/C, Action/Adventure, Humor, a little bit of everything really.

Setting: Somewhere in Season 3, anywhere really, it's all good.

Summary: There's a new evil in town that's after the Slayer to be his sacrifice, but what happens when the Scoobies stand in the way?

A/N: I try to write as if this was an actual episode, so all the regular characters are in the story and they each have a role, but there's a nice amount of Oz h/c cause I can't find any stories that have that, and I crave it. So let's move on.

Giles cleaned his glasses as he began to think aloud, "In fact, other than a Slayer, the only other being I can think of that even comes close to fitting the description is …"

 Giles trailed off suddenly and his eyes widened in terrified realization, which definitely gave Buffy the 'no feeling'.

 "Giles, what is it?" Buffy asked, terrified by his lack of speech.

 "Oh my, I am quite naïve," Giles tormented himself immediately as the horrible pieces fell into place.

 "Tell me," Buffy pleaded.

 "A powerful, pure blood sacrifice; how bloody obvious," Giles continued, oblivious to her demands.

 "Giles, what?!" Buffy demanded.

 Giles removed his glasses and met Buffy's eye, "A werewolf. It fits the definition."


 Without another word Buffy bolted out of the apartment and sprinted back towards the school. Giles rushed to the phone and dialled the library's number and was disheartened to receive a busy signal, meaning the line was in use, or off the hook.

 "Damn it," Giles swore as he slammed down the receiver. He considered his options; he could go to the school to aid Buffy if necessary, but if Trogar had attacked then they were most likely too late. Or he could stay where he was and do further research on the sacrificial ceremony, which may eventually prove vital. He weighed his options and then decided he couldn't risk staying here and doing nothing.

 Grabbing the books he needed, Giles left his apartment and hurried to his car. Slamming his foot on the gas, he pushed his car to Sunnydale High as fast as the engine could go.


Willow turned in shock as 'Barkins' calmly pointed out Oz's lycanthropy. Still behind the desk, she realized that they were probably in trouble, and Oz realized the same thing.

 "How interesting," Trogar said jovially, still in the form of the police officer, then his eyes glowed an eerie yellow as he smiled.

 Oz didn't let him get out another word; he grabbed the heavy text he had put on the counter and smashed it into the side of Trogar's head, trying to stun or slow him down. The demon stumbled more in surprise than pain.

 "Willow, run!" Oz shouted as he moved to strike the shapeshifter again, hopefully before he could recover. Willow didn't argue and began to make her way around the counter. Trogar recovered faster than Oz could move and caught the musician's wrist as he started to bring the book down once more.

 "You know you're a bit small for a werewolf, but you seem to make up for it in spirit," Trogar taunted as his grip tightened on Oz's wrist until he yelled out in pain and dropped the book. Then the monster viciously backhanded him across the face and sent him flying across the room until he lay sprawled on the floor.

 "Oz!" Willow shouted in shock and started to run to him but Trogar caught her before she reached his side. Grabbing her by the hair as she ran past, Trogar brought them face to face.

 "Be a dear will you, tell the Slayer I won't be needing her after all," Trogar smiled as Willow fought to escape, and even resorted to biting him, but he simply threw her back against the wall, not caring. She hit hard and a book on the shelf above her came loose and struck her on the head, knocking her out. She crumpled to the floor.

 Trogar didn't spare her a second glance, he instead focussed on Oz, who was across the room trying to stand. Seeing Willow unconscious he immediately started towards her, but his attacker had other plans. He swiftly wrapped his hand around Oz's throat, stopping him and cutting off his air at the same time.

 "You humans continue to amaze me with your lack of self preservation," Trogar commented as Oz fought and kicked, desperate for air. Leaning forward, the shapershifter's next words almost sounded like a warning, "You should really be more worried about yourself."

 Oz didn't hear him though, his thoughts were focussed on freeing himself from the deathgrip the Onrak had on him. As the last bit of oxygen in his lungs died away and he began to feel the edges of blackness creeping in, his eyes sought out Willow, and as his world faded to oblivion his only thought was that he hoped she was okay.

 For his part, Trogar watched passively as the werewolf finally succumbed to unconsciousness and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Whistling happily to himself, the shapeshifter hefted Oz onto his shoulders and then left the library, after walking through the empty halls of the school he emerged into the darkening daylight with his prize in tow.

 "And when Gashrak rises, the world shall tremble, now that we have our sacrifice."

 Then, without a sound, Trogar and his victim disappeared into the darkness to prepare for the big night ahead.


 "Oz! Willow!" Buffy began shouting even before she reached the library doors. It had grown late and she had been forced to break a few locks to make it this far into the school but now she finally reached her destination.

 Without slowing down the sprint she had maintained all the way from Giles's, she burst into the library. Her heart sunk as she surveyed the scene. There were books scattered around the floor, a few chairs were turned over and Willow and Oz were nowhere in sight. There had been a fight here – a short fight.

 "Oh no," Buffy sighed as she slowly walked through the room, knowing she had been too late; Trogar had come for her and her friends had paid the price. She turned suddenly as she heard a moan from behind the counter. Rushing around, she saw Willow on the floor, apparently just regaining consciousness.

 "Willow!" she cried as she rushed over to her and helped her to sit up. "Take it easy."

 "Buffy?" Willow asked, obviously very dazed.

 "Yeah, it's me."

 "Not dream-Buffy?"

 "No, reality-Buffy. I wish this was a dream though," Buffy commented as she inspected the large bump on Willow's head.

 Willow nodded in agreement and then her eyes widened as she remembered what had happened, "Oz! Buffy, Trogar was here, and Oz is gone, and Oz is with Trogar. He didn't want to go, but Trogar was so strong and we couldn't get away and ..."

 Buffy laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her rambling, "I know Willow, it's okay. We'll get him back."

 "But we don't know where he is. He could be anywhere. What if we don't find him? What if …"

 "We will. I promise," Buffy told her, her voice as firm as she could make it. "Come on, let's take a look at that bump first."

 The two got up slowly and Buffy helped Willow into a chair at the middle table. With the better light above them Buffy looked over the darkening bruise running down Willow's forehead.

 "It's going to be bruised and sore, but I doubt you have a concussion. Can you see straight?" Buffy asked. Willow just nodded, her face still conveying her obvious concern.

 "We'll get to work on finding Oz as soon as Giles gets here. I'm going to call Xander and get Angel here for now, we'll probably need back up and more research," Buffy told her, sounding as supportive and uplifting as she could. But she wasn't feeling in too high of spirits herself. It had been her Trogar was after, Oz was clearly second choice, but since she had decided to hide instead of facing him, Oz had paid the price. Or was going to soon.

 Buffy reluctantly left Willow's side and placed the phone back on the hook, then dialled Xander's number.

 "Hey Xand, we need you at the library ASAP. Yeah, it's an emergency; Trogar took Oz," Buffy explained, hating to have to repeat the horrible words, especially in front of Willow. Xander promised he'd be right over and said good-bye.

 "Xander's on his way."

 "Good, that's good," Willow replied slowly, then asked the burning question on her mind. "I don't understand something. Trogar … he … he came looking for you and I wouldn't tell him where you were and he was getting all pissy about it, but then he saw Oz and he got real happy and decided to take him instead and then he said he didn't need you anymore. So, is Oz bait or … something less fun?"

 Willow's voice had become quiet and scared during her question and Buffy sat beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's something else, something of the not good. Giles and I are pretty sure he's an eligible sacrifice for Trogar's ritual."

 "You mean, because he's a werewolf?" Willow asked. Buffy nodded.

 "Yeah. Giles didn't realize until I started asking questions. I guess, since he knew Trogar was after me he never thought anyone else could be in danger," Buffy continued, sounding regretful.

 Just then the doors of the library burst open for the second time and a winded Giles entered. He breathed a sigh of relief and nodded when he saw the two, "Willow, Buffy," then he looked around and noticed the disarray of the room. "Oz?"

 "Gone," Buffy supplied.

 "Well then, we must move quickly," Giles said, moving towards the table and putting down the few books he had brought.

 "Obviously. So give me something to work with. The time of this ritual, where it takes place, everything." Buffy ordered, understandably eager to stop this thing.

 Giles took off his glasses and began to clean them, "I don't know for certain, I'm afraid."

 "You don't know!" Willow exclaimed, jumping up. "Well let's start knowing. We have to know. If we don't know, then we don't know, you know, and then we can't find Oz before this thing … does something to him."

 "Calm down Willow, it's all right. What do you know Giles?" Buffy asked, trying to intervene the outburst fest.

 "Well, we know the ritual must take place on the fourth day of the fourth month, but there is no specified hour or place in anything I have read," Giles told them.

 "So, ritual's tonight. We have to move fast. Come on Giles, there must be something else cause I don't think I have time to go beat it out of Willy," Buffy exclaimed.

 "There's nothing else I've found but a list of ingredients and spells necessary to perform the ceremony," Giles said, holding up the list.

 Willow got up from her chair, "Let me see."

 She took the list from him and looked it over. As her eyes scanned it they suddenly lit up as she reached the bottom, "Look at this, he needs telemus root."

 "I'm sure you made a point there, but I missed it," Buffy announced, though Giles seemed to have comprehended.

 "Telemus root, is uh, quite rare and very powerful. It emits a strong magical energy. It could be possible to trace through a kind of locator spell," Giles explained as he moved to the back of the library to look for the necessary text. Willow went into his office to see what she could find there.

 "All right, we have a plan to find Trogar. You guys work on that, I'm going to go get Angel, we'll most likely need help to take this guy down once we find him," Buffy said, leaving the library.

 Xander was coming in as she was leaving, but she didn't have time to chat, "Hey Xand. Go help Willow and Giles with research, I gotta go find Angel."

 Xander stood still for a moment, processing, as Buffy exited behind him, "And once again I am research guy. I'm not even good at research, why can't I just be witty repartee guy and leave it at that?"

 But as he entered the library, saw the concerned faces of Willow and Giles, and got the whole story on what was happening, he was sure not to complain as he gladly helped research.


 Buffy sprinted through the streets, knowing there was no time to waste; every minute that Oz was in Trogar's clutches was a minute too long and besides, they had no idea how much time they even had. It didn't take her long to make it to Angel's mansion, she knew the way like the back of her hand after all.

 She normally only came on personal business and she wished this was one of those times. Usually she would slowly meander to the door, peer in and watch Angel read or exercise for a few moments as she tried to suppress the strong feelings inside her and then make her presence known. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case tonight.

 Buffy ran through the door, not knocking or slowing down until she nearly ran into the vampire as he was throwing another log onto the fireplace.

 "Buffy, what's wrong?" Angel asked. It was obvious something bad had happened; she looked disshelved and almost frantic as opposed to the usual composed way she normally approached fighting evil.

 "There's a new evil in town, he's called Trogar," Buffy replied, then paused for a breath.

 "The shapeshifter?"

 "That's the one. I need your help to take him down," Buffy said, knowing he would not hesitate at her request.

 "Sure, let me grab a few weapons," he requested and started to leave the room. Buffy grabbed his arm, tried to ignore the surge of emotions she felt, and turned him around.

 "There's no time. You can stock up when we get back to the library."

 Angel nodded, understanding that they had to hurry. They both began to sprint back to the school, but even at full run it was possible for the two to have a conversation.

 "Why do I get the feeling there's more going on here than stopping a demon?" Angel asked as they took a shortcut through the cemetery.

 "Because there is. Trogar's got a ceremony planned to raise his master from Hell. Nice guy by the name of Gashrak," Buffy explained.

 "I've heard of him, he's bad news. I've heard of this ceremony too; it involves some sort of sacrifice doesn't it?" Angel asked, knowing he was closing in on the heart of the matter.

 "Yeah, it does," Buffy said. She was about to continue when she saw movement to her left. Slowing to a stop she watched as a new vampire finished rising from the grave. "I so don't have time for this."

 Pulling out a stake, she ran at the creature just as it reached its feet. The vampire bared its fangs, trying to scare her, but Buffy would not be frightened. She kicked the vamp once under the chin, knocking it back onto its gravestone, then she quickly staked it, making it one of her fastest dustings in history.

 Angel came up behind her and quirked an eyebrow because she hadn't finished what she was going to tell him. Buffy looked at him and forced out the words she had been trying not to say because it made her so scared, "Trogar's got Oz. He's going to be the sacrifice and it was supposed to be me."

 "It's not your fault. I don't even know what happened, but it's not your fault." Angel looked at her sympathetically and continued confidently, "Then what are we waiting for? The apocalypse?"

 She smiled at him thankfully and then they ran the rest of the way back to the library.


 It was dark.

 Oz considered this for a moment as he tried to think back to what had happened and where he might be. Nothing immediately came to mind and he sat up, hoping to get a look at his new surroundings – his head had other ideas.

 As he started to rise blood began pumping loudly in his ears and a stabbing pain shot from his spine, through his skull and behind his eyes. He released a gasp of pain as he laid his head back down and noticed the soreness of his throat and neck as well. Rubbing a hand over the bruised skin, he wondered again what had happened. He didn't remember going out with Buffy patrolling or anything like that where he may get hurt. In fact the last thing he remembered was being in the library with Willow.


 Thinking of her jogged his memory back to the last few hours. Trogar had come to the school disguised as a cop, and he had hurt Willow to get to him.

 "Will," he whispered worriedly as he slowly sat up. Oz could see very little. He was in a small room with the only light coming from underneath the door at the far wall which he guessed led to a hallway. There were no windows and little chance of escape since he was locked inside a cage about the size of the library cage and just as sturdy. Even in wolf form he wouldn't be able to get out. The only good thing about the entire situation was that Willow wasn't with him and he didn't smell her anywhere nearby.

 "Just be okay, Will," he thought to himself. He would be fine as long as she was okay. The last he had seen of her, she had been knocked to the ground, hopefully just unconscious.

 Oz stood and shook the cage bars, testing their strength, which was considerable. He tried to grip the bars again with his other hand and flinched; his wrist felt broken or at least sprained from where Trogar had grabbed him. His head also pounded and it hurt to swallow, let alone speak, after the demon had tried to strangle him.

 "But he didn't strangle me. He kept me alive. Why?" Oz pondered as he paced around his cage. It was clean but small. There was enough room to stand completely but only because he was considerably shorter than most people and it was a whopping eight by six feet in size.

 Before he had a chance for a second stroll he heard footsteps approaching and soon after the handle on the door began to shake. Oz considered laying back down, feigning unconsciousness, but then realized that it probably wasn't a coincidence that someone was coming to see him minutes after he had woken up; they must have been watching him. For this reason he stood his ground and tried to act casual as he leaned against the bars of the cage and waited for his captors to enter.

 He expected a monster, the nine foot tall beast that had attacked Buffy at the cemetery, to come stomping through the door. Instead he was surprised to see the door swing open and a small figure on the other side poke in their head and smile.

 "Oz, thank god. We gotta get you out of here."

 "Buffy?" Oz choked on her name, half in surprise and half because of his aching vocal chords. The petite slayer stepped into the room, looking behind her and in the shadows for a surprise attack. Then she approached slowly and smiled encouragingly.

 "Yeah, in the flesh. Where are the keys?" she asked in a whisper as she looked over the lock to the cage.

 Oz shrugged having no clue; he hadn't even noticed the lock.

 "What are you doing here?" he asked, his voice raspy.

 "Saving your sorry butt, duh. Are you okay?"

 He nodded, still finding it painful to speak.

 "Is Willow all right?" Oz asked, willing to speak if it meant hearing about her.

 "She's fine, nothing a few aspiring won't solve," Buffy replied.

 Oz breathed a sigh of relief and then leaned against the wall of the cage. Buffy stopped fiddling with the lock and then gave him an appraising look, as if sizing him up for something. With calculated movements she began pacing slowly around the cage, never taking her gaze off of Oz.

 "Let me ask you something - are you scared?" she asked suddenly, sounding intrigued.

 Oz watched her as she moved around him, confused, "What?"

 Buffy continued, now running her hand casually along the side of the cage, "Are you scared? Do you feel your heart pounding in your ears? Are your arms shaking from the adrenaline? Are your organs grinding together in your stomach like they're trying to escape?"

 Oz stopped following her movements when it became obvious that something was seriously wrong with this situation and glued his eyes straight ahead at the door in front of him.

 "Do you feel like you're going to die? … Would you mind?"

 "You're not Buffy," Oz stated firmly, trying to hide his disappointment and fear.

 "You're right, I'm not. I'm not anyone really, but then again, I'm also everyone. It's an interesting enigma, I haven't quite figured it out myself even and it's been thousands of years for me," Trogar paused, still in Buffy's form and seemed to notice Oz's discomfort. "I'm sorry, is this body making you uncomfortable? I've got so many more I could show you."

 Oz blinked and suddenly Willow was in front of him, as beautiful and innocent as she always was.

 "Is this one better?"

He almost forgot to breathe when he saw her but then he shook his head and looked at her closer. Everything was perfect, from the clothes to the shimmering red hair, but there was no sparkle in her eye, no compassion in her smile. It wasn't his Willow.

 "Stop it!" he demanded, despising being tormented with deluded versions of the people that meant the most to him.

 "But we're having so much fun," the fake Willow replied, twirling her hair through her fingers.

 "Why are you doing this?" Oz asked to distract him. "Buffy's not going to come here to get me just to let you sacrifice her to your beat down master."

 Trogar smiled and then shifted forms, seemingly becoming tired of his last one. Lieutenant Barkins now walked around the room, chuckling, "Surely ignorance can't always be bliss, you must have some clue as to why you're here. No? You see, I don't need the Slayer anymore my wolf. You'll do just fine."

 "What are you talking about? I'm not a Slayer, I'm no good to you," Oz argued, but worried that his argument was weak.

 "No, you're not a Slayer, but you're a werewolf which is just as good in this case. 'A pure, powerful, blood sacrifice' – there is more than one option," Trogar explained.

 Oz could feel the blood leave his face as he considered the implications of what Trogar said. "More than one option, and he knows I'm a werewolf. This doesn't bode well for my future really," he thought to himself miserably.

 "But I'm part demon aren't I? The wolf inside me is a monster. Doesn't that make me impure?" Oz reasoned, sounding hopeful.

 Trogar merely shrugged, uncaring, "Your idea of pure is far too narrow, too human. You have a soul, you feel compassion, love, and all those other disgusting emotions, this is all that is needed to be considered pure – you easily fit the role."

 "So, I'm your sacrifice," Oz stated, taking in a shaky breath, trying to compose himself. "Bummer."

 Trogar gave him a withering look, "Aren't you going to beg for your life? Offer me a better way out? Threaten me at least?"

 "I don't see that doing much good," Oz replied, his voice sounding calm at least as his hands gripped the sides of the cage and he steadied himself.

 "I don't know whether to be annoyed or impressed. Either way, you'll be dead soon and my master will rise. You're very lucky to have such a good seat for such a grand event you know. In fact we really must start preparations." As Trogar said this three men in black cloaks entered the room all silent and clearly obedient. The shapeshifter merely waved his hand in Oz's direction and spoke to his first and obviously preferred follower.

 "Malok, see that he is prepared for the ceremony. I have matters to attend to."

 The man, Malok, bowed reverently at his command, as did the others. Oz watched as Trogar nonchalantly walked into the hall then the three men approached his cage and unlocked it. The musician peered into the hallway as far as he could see and didn't spot Trogar's shadow. The demon may have left for the time being. He knew the odds were against him but as Oz saw the cage door open he decided he had to take every opportunity of escape that was given to him.

 He pushed back to the far wall of the cage and pretended to cower as the demon's lackies came toward him.

 "Never thought I'd wish it was a full moon," he thought to himself as he took stock of how much stronger than him these men probably were.

After Malok entered the small confine and then approached him, Oz shrunk back against the wall and lowered his head, waiting until the man's feet were in his direct vision, then he made his move. Lashing out Oz managed to surprise the man and struck Malok hard across the jaw, and then tried not to cry out as his crushed wrist took more punishment. The man fell but was not knocked out. Oz had little skill in fighting but he was desperate and as the other two tried to enter the cage simultaneously to stop him he charged at the unorganized duo and tackled them. The one on his left fell to the ground while the man on his right was simply knocked off balance. Oz used his small size and lower center of gravity as an advantage and stayed upright afterwards and headed straight for the door leading to what he hoped was freedom.

 Strong fingers suddenly wrapped around his pant leg and he fell to the ground with a yelp. When he landed he turned over and saw man 2 had grabbed him and was now trying to rise. Oz stayed on the ground and kicked the man in the head, effectively sending him back to the ground.

 Oz struggled to his feet again but made it only two steps further before another body slammed into him. Man 3 was recovered now as well and tackled the werewolf into the wall, knocking the wind from his compact body. Oz gasped for breath and doubled over. The man above him smirked, cocky with victory. He reached out to grab Oz by the shoulders and lead him out of the room but the werewolf recovered quickly and kicked the man hard below the belt.

 He crumpled easily.

 "I'm sorry, but at the same time I'm not. It's an interesting thing really," Oz thought to himself as he assessed his situation. "But not appropriate for the time being."

 Man 2 and 3 were still down but Malok was back on his feet and not looking happy. Oz decided his luck had probably run out and attempted to make a tactical retreat. He ran out of the room and turned right, only a few steps ahead of his pursuer. Oz hoped he was the faster of the two and as he turned a corner he looked behind him to see how close the man was and was unprepared for what happened next.

 Oz fell to the ground in surprise as he hit a body waiting around the corner. He looked up and stared in shock at what was before him. The same spiky hair, the same painted nails, the same features and bowling shirt – everything.

 He had run into himself, literally.

 His twin smiled, wicked and unsettling, as he gaped in shocked horror. Trogar was amused as always by the limits of the human mind. Malok who had still been chasing the werewolf appeared around the corner, slightly out of breath. He saw Trogar standing over Oz and smiled. More footsteps could be heard approaching, it was the other two followers that had only now caught up.

 Oz stood, knowing he was trapped, but unable to take his eyes off the double of himself. Logically, he knew it was only Trogar trying to fool him, distract him, and disturb the hell out of him, and frankly it was working. He took a step back from the demon, his philosophical mind always seemed to delve for the deeper meaning in things and insisted that this was some sort of symbolism, some changing point in his life where he could really and truly see himself, but the teenage part of his mind reminded him that it was just plain creepy.

 As these thoughts assaulted him, he felt strong hands grasp his arms from behind. Oz spun, surprised to see the henchmen now held him in a strong grip; he had forgotten they were there. He struggled for a moment, out of reflex, but the three men quickly squashed any further escape attempts. Two of them held his arms while Malok repaid him for the trouble he had caused. Oz was struck hard across the jaw, then punched several times in the solar plexus. The man attacking him held nothing back and soon Oz gasped for breath. The men dropped him to the ground and he thought it may be over. He was wrong. The two holding him both kicked him hard, one in the back and one in the ribcage. Oz felt something snap, cried out in pain, and wished for Buffy.

 Trogar, still in Oz's form, watched all this, seemingly uncaring. When the men started to become rougher he simply warned them, "Careful not to bleed him too badly. He's small for a werewolf and I'll need all his blood for the ceremony."

 With his words the beating was finished and the angered men reluctantly backed away from their tenderized victim. Oz lay on the ground, struggling for breath and trying not to move. Trogar knelt next to him and laid a hand on his head in a gesture that would almost appear comforting. Then he weaved his fingers into Oz's hair and jerked his head back, forcing the musician to stare into a copy of his own eyes.

 "Escape is not allowed, I had thought that was obvious. In a few hours my master will rise from Hell, and it will be glorious. You should feel honoured that you may even witness it, let alone be the one that raises him. Your ungratefulness insults me so much that …. I may not let you watch." Still smiling, Trogar released Oz, backed away, then swiftly moved closer and kicked the teenager hard in the temple.

 Oz's world faded to black and the last thing he saw was Trogar's evil smirk. The last thing he felt was the pain from his bruised body and broken bones. The last thing he thought was "I hope Willow will be okay."


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