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It was a bright sunny morning in the Caribbean Islands. Jack Sparrow opened his eyes to find himself on the floor in the kitchen of his friend, Will Turner's, house. In his hands were empty rum bottles. He couldn't remember the night before.

"Man, was I stoned last night. I can't remember a single thing," Jack said.

At that moment, Will, Jack's friend, walked into the kitchen.

"Man, was I stoned last night. I can't remember a single thing," Will said.

"Dude, same here," Jack said.

Will opened the cabinet where he kept his alcoholic beverages. It was empty. He stared at it, and then he turned around and stared at Jack.

"Dude, where's my rum?" Will asked.

"Dude, where's your rum?" Jack asked.

"Dude, where's my rum?"

"Dude, where's your rum?"

"Dude, where's my rum?"

"Dude, where's your rum?"

"Dude, where's my...okay, this is getting us nowhere," said Will.

"Let's go buy some rum!" Jack said.


At that moment, someone started to knock on the door. Will walked to open it.

"Elizabeth," he muttered darkly when he saw who it was.

"Will," she replied.

Will gave her a dirty look and let her in. The reason why Will no longer loved Elizabeth was because he found out that she was cheating on him with Jack. So, after that, he never forgave her. Fortunately, he found out before he married her. He was mad at Jack, too, but not as mad as he was at Elizabeth. Instead, Will found another girlfriend. Her name was Natalie, and she was a female blacksmith, who practiced sword fighting with him three hours a day. She was also a very good archer. She had curly brown hair with blonde streaks and she also had golden colored eyes.

"Jack, have you been drinking again?" Elizabeth asked. At this comment, Will turned all of his attention to Jack.

"Uh...er...no! Of course not! Rum is a vile tasting drink that turns even the most respected gentlemen into complete scoundrels!"

"Right," she said.

"Anyways, Will has no rum! It's all gone! He's completely out of it! Let's all go find some rum!" Jack said.

"Okay, but let me go get Natalie, maybe she'll want to come with us," Will said. He left the room and went to go find Natalie. He told her that they were leaving in search of rum and asked her if she wanted to accompany them.

"I'd love to," she told him.

All four walked down the street to the stores. They searced from store to store, but every one of them was sold out. They even asked people if they could buy rum off of them, but no one had any rum.

"It's as if the rum's dropped off the face of the Earth!" Will said.

"Maybe it did, and all the other cargo ships with rum went over the edge, too!" Elizabeth said.

Natalie rolled her eyes, "The world is not flat! It's round, idiot!"

"I've got an idea!" Jack said.

"What?" everyone asked.

"Let's all go on a hunt for rum!" Jack smiled. "And, we'll be sailing on the finest ship in the entire ocean...the Black Pearl. We'll travel all the seven seas if we have to!"

"Okay!" Will said.

About eight hours later, everyone was packed and onboard the ship. Jack was busy ordering his crew, and Will was busy keeping Natalie and Elizabeth from fighting, and his attempt was failing.

"Why don't you just go and put on your corset and make it so tight that you can't breathe!" Natalie screamed.

"At least I wear one!" Elizabeth retorted.

"Well, excuse me, Miss Proper-English-Woman-who-likes-torturing-herself!"

"Go back to your workshop and make a sword or something. You are so un- woman-like!"

"Okay...maybe I can test it on you when I'm done making it!" Natalie spat back.

"Girls...can you please stop fighting?" Will asked.

"NO!" both yelled.

"Okaaay....never mind!" he said.

They got into a cat-fight, and Natalie was winning. She'd tightened the strings on Elizabeth's corset, making it impossible to breathe. While Elizabeth stuggled with her corset, Natalie drew out her sword and hit Elizabeth on the side of the head with the flat side of it. She then took Elizabeth's corset and climbed to the top of the mast. She stood up in the crow's nest, and held it up for all the crew members to see. She then attached it to the line where the skull and crossbones flag was. The whole crew started to laugh at this. The mute man's parrot flew up to the crow's nest and pooped on the corset-flag. It then landed on Natalie's shoulder, and they both bowed. This made the crew laugh even harder. The whole time, Jack hadn't even noticed the cat-fight because he was too busy studying his compass that didn't point north. Even with the loud, boisterious laugh of the crew, he still didn't look up.

He finally noticed it four hours later when Elizabeth came running up to him, pointing up at the mast.

"What a lovely flag, matey!" he commented and grinned.

"JACK! That....that....blacksmith....stuck it up there!" she raged.

"Who, Will?"


"That's interesting."

"Get it down!"

"Don't fret, poppet! We'll get it back!" he promised.

Jack called one of the crew members and he told them to retrieve the corset.

"Land ho!" called the crew memeber as he handed Jack the corset.

"Aye. I saw it, too." he said. Jack ordered the crew to get ready to dock. He handed the corset back to Elizabeth, who frowned in disgust as she saw the parrot poop on it. The ship made contact with the dock, and the crew members jumped over to tie it up. They were ready to find their rum.