The New Girl

Chapter 16

September 1rst

Lily sighed and smiled as she sat down in the Griffindor Common Room after the Feast.

"Well that was a lovely dinner as usual." Said Sirius as he flopped down between Emily and Lily.

Emily shook her head and laughed.

"Sirius, you think any and every meal was lovely."

Sirius looked at Emily and smiled.

"That's because it's true!"

Lily and Emily looked at each other from behind Sirius' head and rolled their eyes.

That's when Peter, James and Remus entered the Common Room carrying with them each a handful of candies.

"Oooohhh! Energy food!" Sirius said and jumped up and lightened James' load.

James just shook his head and walked over and sat down in Sirius' old spot.

He kissed Lily on the cheek.

"Hey Lils."

Lily blushed and smiled at him.

"Hey James, I see you found your way to the kitchen's okay."

James smiled.

"But of course! We found the kitchens when we were in what second year Sirius?"

Sirius smiled but shook his head.

"No it was in first, me and Peter smelt it out."

Lily giggled.

"Smelt it out?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.


They then sat and talk for a bit before Lily and Emily retired to bed and soon after the boys followed.

One Month Later

Lily and Emily were sitting in the Library doing their homework when they heard someone let out a cry of anger.

They bother turned and saw that Sirius had had a glass of water floating above Snape's head while he was studying and then had pored it all over his head.

Lily and Emily suppressed giggles as Snape chased Sirius and the rest of the Marauders out of the Library shooting jinxes at them.

"How much you want to bet that they will come to dinner with great big smiles on their faces because they got another detention to add to their list." Asked Emily with a smile.

Lily just laughed and shook her head.


And sure enough at dinner that night James, Sirius, Remus and Peter came into the great all with big smiles on their faces and were bragging about their new record of detentions.

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