A different kind of life



Chapter One

A decision is made

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AUTHOR NOTE – Here's my second story, I have another one out at the moment too. This is likely to be a long chapter story but there's life. I won't say to much except I hope you enjoy it!

SUMMARY – After seeing the mistreatment of Harry at the hands of his aunt and uncle, Albus Dumbledore takes him away and hand him over to Remus Lupin to raise as his own, easy enough but have one 24 year old bachelor, a 4 year old Harry and trust me you have trouble. Join Remus and Harry as they both grow up in many different ways and through many hardships as father and son.

          "I knew this would happen Albus, I knew it the day we left Harry there that they would do something like this, I watched them all day, I could see what they were like, what they would do but we did it anyway and poor Harry had to be the one to suffer for our mistake. A defenceless 4 year old" Minerva McGonagall stopped her speech here and fished on her person for her handkerchief when she had it, she brought it up to her face dabbing at the moist green eyes. Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, sighed as he awkwardly patted the crying woman's arm, even after all his years experience fighting against the evil forces and seeing things that no man should ever have to see, he still found it incredibly difficult to be round an emotional woman, there was no reasoning with them once they got under way with something they believed to be true.

          "I was wrong Minerva" he admitted in a quiet voice "terribly wrong and as you've said Harry was the one to pay for my mistake" there was no mistaking the regretful tone to his voice as he uttered those words, he had had no idea that Lily's sister Petunia would have treated her sister's flesh and blood in the way she had. Minerva looked up at him in barely disguised surprise as she tucked her handkerchief back up the sleeve of her emerald green cloak, he saw her look and nodded his head "Yes Minerva even I can make a mistake, I am after all only human" the twinkle in his keen blue eyes was diminished at this point leaving a tired old man in it's place, he seemed to have aged 10 years in a few seconds. She frowned and spoke briskly firmly blinking the remaining tears away with the same determination she showed when teaching her students.

          "What are we going to do then Albus? Surely we both agree that the boy cannot remain in that house with those… people" she hissed the last word in disgust, Albus chuckled slightly he had no doubt in his mind that had Minerva been in her animagus form of a cat she would have had her claws out and the silver fur would have been on end. He nodded his head at her; looking away into the distance at something only he could see.

          "That he cannot, to stay there would cause him more damage then good and yet at the same time he must at some points, once a year return as we both know" she nodded and sighed

          "Who can Harry go to though? We ourselves cannot look after him we're both too busy with everything going and the clean up of you know who's destruction"

          "Voldemort" Dumbledore remarked absently ignoring the shiver that went through her "Really Minerva" he chided softly "You must get over the fear of his name" she ignored it and carried on

          "There is of course the members of the order" a sad look came across her face "the remaining members that is" a smile came to Dumbledore's face as his eyes began twinkling with life again

          "Excellent suggestion Minerva" he remarked brightly "very excellent, young Mr Potter should be with someone who would care for him and show him the love that he has so far lacked, someone who had the time to do this properly and more important someone who would treat him as if he was his own son"

          "His? Who are you talking about Albus, surely you can't be suggestion Alistair" she remarked aghast at the mere suggestion of Alistair Moody or Mad eye Moody as he was better known as taking care of Harry. Dumbledore shook his head his eyes twinkling further as his smile widened as he pictured the famous Auror chasing after a 4 year old with a toy in one hand and a drink in the other.

          "No Moody would not be suitable for this task" he commented

          "Then who? I've no time for your riddles and games Albus" she stated sternly giving him a long hard look

          "There is only one person suitable for taking care of Harry and that is Remus Lupin" a gasp of shock escaped her as her eyes widened

          "Remus Lupin" she repeated "But what about his condition, you can't expect Harry to understand that, it would likely traumatise him further"

          "Arrangements could be made for those three days just as they were when he was here with us at Hogwarts, it never held him back did it?" she shook her head her smile growing warm as she thought of the young man she had seen grow from a small scared 11 year old

          "No he never did, thanks to his friends, always managed to keep high in the class and still do extra activities" Dumbledore laughed slightly

          "And probably a great deal more that we are unaware of and likely to remain unaware of" he went on with his explanation "who better to raise the Potter's boy then their last remaining best friend, for he was Lily's as well as James, I feel it would be the decision that would have made James and Lily and Peter the happiest" she nodded

          "I didn't know that Remus and Lily were best friends" she confessed suddenly "I thought it was always Remus and James who were best friends"

          "They were but Remus and Lily were indeed very fond of each other, she held a small flame for him her whole life"

          "The Werewolf thing though" she said again repeating the aspect of the plan that was disturbing her the most

          "As I said before arrangements can be made, members of the Order can take care of the child during that small amount of time, even two old fuddy duddies like you and I could manage 3 days in our busy schedules" she nodded then looked seriously at him

          "And if Black escapes what then? He'll go straight to Remus and he'll find Harry, we know how…" she hesitated over her words then spoke firmly "Close both Sirius and Remus were" a hard look entered Dumbledore's eyes making him look dangerous

          "Remus was cured of his love for the Sirius Black when Black betrayed them all and killed his 3 best friends, he told me so himself as I comforted him, he hated him. As for Black… no one has ever escaped Azkaban and I doubt he'll be the one to do it" Minerva cast him a quick look, she was perhaps the only one aware of how much the betrayal of Sirius Black had hurt his former headmaster. She knew that Dumbledore had taken on the father role to both Lily and James when their parents were murdered and Remus had always held a place in the old man's big heart, even Peter and Sirius had a place but that had been destroyed with a simple act on Black's part. Of course everyone assumed that he only cared for them as a Headmaster did but she knew better the Marauder as they called themselves and Lily were the closest thing bar herself the old man had had for family, now 3 were dead, one was damaged for life and the other was as good as dead.

          "Where is Remus then now?" she asked changing the subject, the hard expression vanished leaving his usual mild one in place

          "Remus lives in the countryside near Nottingham, he believes it's the safest place for him to live, he works here in the ministry not a good job, in fact a terrible job but its enough for him to live on, if he agrees to Harry then of course we would help him out with the finances" Minerva nodded as she sighed

          "Such a same the prejudice against Werewolves, if he wasn't one then he could have gone so far, even for the minister of magic, he was always intelligent and kind" Dumbledore nodded

          "He is only 24 yet, perhaps there will be some changes for the better in the future, at least we can pray there is" a silence echoed between them and filled Dumbledore's office where the portraits slept peacefully unaware of the important events happening beneath them. Dumbledore glanced at a clock on the wall and stood up "It is time" he remarked "Let's go and tell Mr Lupin our decision" she nodded and the two of them disappeared as if they had never been there before.

Hope you enjoyed it, I always feel as if Dumbledore would have been extremely fond of the Marauders and Lily just as he is of Harry. Please but don't flame me, after all it is an A/U

Chapter Two – Dumbledore and McGonagall inform Remus of their decision, how will the young Werewolf take the news?