A different kind of life



Chapter Seven

A little bit of trouble

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Remus gave a thankful sigh as he looked round his living room revelling in the sight, he had never been so thankful to see it before in his life. The shopping with Harry had taken him far longer than he had ever anticipated though he supposed reflecting on it, it had been no surprise. Harry had had nothing when he got here and it had been up to Remus to provide him with everything he had written on his list and more.

He glanced down and smiled at the sleeping figure of Harry who was leaning against his shoulder, fist curled up and breathing even and deep. He looked extremely adorable and Remus felt his smile widen as he dropped the bags of shopping onto the ground, automatically flexing his hand in an attempt to get some feeling back into it. Shifting Harry up slightly, he left the living room and made his way down the corridor and into Harry's room. Leaning down he placed him gently on the bed, taking his small trainers and glasses off before tucking him in under the duvet. He watched him for a second to make sure that Harry remained asleep than breathed out another appreciative sigh and left the room.

He was thankful that Harry was asleep since he was well aware of what an ordeal it had been on the small boy, not only had he been surrounded by more people than he had ever seen before in his life, but he also had to try on several clothes and shoes and try and absorb a whole new way of life within an afternoon. He had seen people perform magic, sell magical substances and it had all been a little too much for the small boy to take in. In fact Remus himself felt exhausted from trying to explain everything to Harry. He had never realised how much he took his world for granted before that moment.

Deciding he could do nothing more until he had a warm cup of tea in him, Remus walked passed the living room and into the kitchen, automatically using his wand to heat up the kettle in his usual routine. He was just getting his favourite mug out when he stopped and made his way into the living room, he rummaged through a few bag before removing some plastic cups out of one of them, each of them brightly coloured and perfect for a child like Harry. Walking into the kitchen he absently broke the plastic covering and got a bright red one out, filling it with orange juice before finishing making his own drink. He placed the orange juice into his small fridge so it would be cool when Harry woke and sat down heavily at the table, placing his cup on the table before rubbing his temple wearily. He breathed out noisily and took a sip out of his own drink before finally giving in and resting his head against the smooth wood of the table.

To say that it was difficult to go from being a bachelor to a father was an understatement and any confidence he had that he would be fine was long gone after the shopping trip. He couldn't believe how someone like Molly could manage 7 children while he could barely manage one extremely shy boy. He hoped that Harry would become friends with one if The Weasley clan, at least then he'd have some friends his own age. Perhaps Molly would take to him and agree to have Harry during the day while Remus tutored.

Remus yawned deeply, his eyes beginning to drift shut. He shook his head forcing them back open, but it seemed far too much energy to move his head off the table which suddenly seemed as comfortable as a new pillow did. He had far too much things to take care of. He'd have to ring Molly to take care of the final details over the meal, not to mention unpack Harry's new things and put them away, it was nearly dinner time and Harry would need something hot and then there was the fact that Harry would soon be awake and he might need Remus. Plenty of reason for him to move his head and to open his eyes which had shut once again of their own accord.

That was the last thing Remus was aware of until a large crash jolted him awake, he blinked looking around him wildly as if he expected someone to be in the kitchen with him, brushing his hair away he frowned his mind catching up with him. The minute it did his eyes grew wide and his heart began to thump uncomfortably fast in his chest.

"Harry" he said loudly, jumping to his feet and racing down the hall, wand already out. He burst into Harry's room and stopped in horror, the room was just as he left it except for the fact that Harry wasn't in his bed, in fact the bed and the room were extremely empty. His breathing became shallow as he turned back round and continued calling "Harry, Harry answer me where are you?" he yelled trying hard to ignore the images of some nameless, faceless person hurting Harry in anyway. At any other time he would have been surprised on how quickly Harry had wormed his way into his affections, but now all he could feel was worry and a panic that was almost hysterical bubbling in him. How could he have failed Harry already?

"Moony" Remus stopped in his track and looked back, the expression of relief on his face giving way to a frown as he made his way back down the corridor that he has just raced down and to his study, where he slowly pushed the door open as if dreading what he may find. He felt his breath hitch and his eyes widen but that was the only sound and movement he could make.

His study was a complete tip; it looked as if a bomb had hit it. Somehow Harry had managed to climb onto the table and knock 3 expensive books and all his carefully made notes that had been in alphabetical order to the floor. As if that wasn't bad enough, Harry had also managed to knock over the large bottle of ink that Remus kept to refill the ink for his quill to the floor where it had shattered and splattered his books and notes making them virtually unreadable. The work which had taken him 2 months to complete had been ruined in less than 5 minutes.

He took all of this in, in only a few second before turning to Harry in a horrified silence. Harry sat in the middle of the destruction, on the floor, covered in ink from his hair to his clothes. He was looking up at Remus with a very pleased grin, the biggest grin Remus had actually seen from him and was holding up something in his hands to him.

"Harry" he managed finally holding onto the side of the door for support, he closed his eyes and reopened them but the scene remained, he glanced at Harry again as he spoke.

"Look uncle Moony, look what I did" Remus blinked at him as if he had just woken up and stared at the piece of paper that was being held up to him. He took it from Harry. Drawn over the article that he had been due to hand in the next day that had taken him 2 weeks to produced Harry had drawn a picture. Two stick men, one tall and one small were in front of a house, they seemed to be linked at one of the stick arms and in messy, almost unreadable writing Harry had written unkle Mony and Hary.

"Harry" Remus said again, walking into his room and placing the picture down on the table. He glance around again thankful that he had enough sense to put his dangerous books on the top shelf where Harry couldn't reach them, not that Harry was meant to be in his room at all. "Come here" Harry stood up and walked up to him looking up with the same smile as he had done before "It's time for a bath" Harry made a face, his smile fading but remained silent. He seemed to notice for the first time that Remus was far quieter than he had been before and that his eyes were flashing in a way that Harry had only seen once when Remus had looked at his Aunt.

He followed Remus out of the door and into the small bathroom watching nervously as the tall man turned the taps on to run his bath, looking round he moved awkwardly from foot to foot wondering if he had done something wrong. He had only woken up and tried to find Uncle Moony after all but then he had heard a sound from the study and gone in to look, while there he thought he'd draw a picture for Uncle Moony since he had seen people at nursery do it for their parents. He made a face and sighed, perhaps he had done wrong after all just like he had done back at that horrible place.

Remus turned round and seemed to guess his thoughts since he swallowed the words he was going to say and tried very hard to ignore the anger bubbling in him, Harry was just a child and he hadn't meant any harm. If he had known what the work he had destroyed meant to him then he wouldn't have done it.

"Get out of your clothes Harry, we don't want them to get wet" he said, making his voice as normal sounding as he could, it seemed to work because he saw Harry's gloomy face brighten before turning round to the door "Stay where you are, I'll be back in a second" he turned and walked out of the bathroom being careful not to look at his study as he passed it and walked into the living room instead, where he grabbed one of the bags he had looked through earlier. He hurried back to the bathroom thankful to see Harry waiting and lifted him into the bathtub, rolling the sleeves of his jumper up as he did.

Harry sat there silently looking up at Remus with a frightened look that made Remus frown, it took Remus a second to realise what it meant and he bit his lip, searching through the bag and picking out the toys he had gotten for Harry's bath time. Putting them in his splashed Harry a few times, grinning as he did to show Harry that he could splash around. Harry looked uncertain and splashed back a bit, looking up at Remus cautiously as if he was going to hit him but when Remus did nothing except smile, Harry's faint smile returned and he began splashing round as happily as any child did.

Remus got from his knees to his feet and sat on the stool by him, watching Harry with watchful eyes to make sure he didn't go under the water or get bubble bath in his eyes.

"Harry" he said finally "What you did in my study earlier was very wrong and very naughty. I had told you before that were you not allowed in my study no matter what, that it was a room just for me, like your room is just for you. Did you forget that?" Remus spoke as gently as he could but Harry immediately stopped playing with his rubber ducky and stared up at him, green eyes filling with tears.

"No" Harry sniffled as a tear made its way down his cheek. Once again wishing he could be alone in a room with the Dursley's for making Harry like this Remus continued.

"I'm not angry Harry, I know you didn't do it on purpose" he lied "But in future if I tell you to do something you pay attention ok?" when Harry nodded his head wiping at his cheek Remus continued "I want you to promise me you won't go in there again unless I take you or let you ok?"

"Ok Moony" came the reply, Remus smiled at him

"Good, that's my boy" he watched Harry's smile bloom at the words and resisted sighing. He reached into the bag and took out a jug and some shampoo, he filled the jug with water from the tap and spoke "Tilt your head back Harry and keep your eyes squeezed shut, I'm going to wash your hair" Harry glanced at him but the talk obviously did some good because he complied straight away and Remus with a smile poured the water over his head and watched Harry scrunch his face up.

It didn't take long for Remus to wash Harry's hair and to get all the ink off of him, he lifted him out of the bath and wrapped him in a brand new fluffy blue towel and rubbed him dry before taking him to his room and leaving him to get dressed. He walked into his study and sighed at the damage that remained; he began picking the papers of the floor and placed them on the desk his eyes falling to the drawing Harry drew again with a smile.

He left the room and went into the kitchen, sticking the picture on the fridge with a magnet before looking at the door as Harry walked in fully dressed in his brand new pyjamas and slippers, his hair beginning to dry into the mess it always was. Remus sighed inwards. He guessed that things really had changed but somehow it didn't bother him too much. He was more worried about what was going to happen next.

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