Author's Note:  Draft three and counting.  And yes, I still love those reviews!

No Peace Unto the Wicked

Brother, there is no peace unto the wicked;
no ship now shall carry us to our home once forsaken.
All the world reviles us, haunted by their hate
and for us there is no rest here under the pale sky.
True was our father named, Spirit of Fire-
the spirit to make and to mar, flame-spirit wandering.

And our kin, death-weary of endless wandering
have departed one by one from the wicked
Oath which binds us, holds us to fire.
At last all are gone; we the last are forsaken
and alone now. Above in the night sky
no stars guide us- we follow only our restless hate.

My brother, turn now your heart and mine from hate-
live and remain- drift with the tide, forever wandering
these lonely shores. But in the darkening sky
I find no life and no hope. I am called wicked
by kinfolk, condemned by kin, and all forsaken
by those I loved. My doom lies only in fire.

And as I stand here at the brink of leaping fire
I yearn for understanding. Brother, life I do not hate,
yet I cannot here find life. Now I leave you forsaken.
With my end you shall live last, lonely and wandering.
Forgive me this as I forgive those who call me wicked:
but this truth seeks no forgiveness as it fills the empty sky.

Be strong. Shed no tear for my ruin beneath the sky-
I chose this path: the one that led to the burning fire
within the earth. Now I mourn for you- kin name you wicked
and revile you for our doom- I mourn their deathless hate.
I fear not for my own restless spirit, wandering
without peace; I fear for you only, lost and forsaken.

Brother, know this: you are not all forsaken.
You live for us- for our kin long sundered 'neath the wide sky.
On the shore we shall seek you, flame-spirits wandering,
until Dagor Dagorath and the world's ending and fire
take you to carry you home. Carry with you our hate:
it is a heavy burden, the guilt of all the wicked.

Life I have forsaken. The torment of the wicked,
the everlasting fire, I take unto myself. You, wandering
until the end of days, release our hate beneath the spinning sky.