Disclaimer: I don't now, nor have, nor ever will own Lunar

Disclaimer: I don't now, nor have, nor ever will own Lunar.

Author's Note: This story takes place ruffley about 500 years after Lunar: A Silver Star Story Complete. It has no connection with Eternal Blue. Sorry about it being so short, chapter one will be much longer I promise.

Lunar: Infinities Strife

Prelude: Darkness approaches

"So this is Lunar…How quaintly small...Looks like something Althena would create," mocked a crackled voice.

In the shadows sitting upon a throne of onyx could be seen a woman. Lovely in appearance she was with her luxurious raven hair that reached to her waist and the glowing jade eyes, but inside she was cold and bitter. This was the Nyx, a rogue goddess that did not create worlds of her own, but took over ones already created by capturing the deity of that planet. Lunar had caught her eye many milleniums ago but she had not been powerful enough to dare to challenge it's goddess, Althena, but now she was and would take it for herself.

"Let the game begin…"

"Brotter, waiht up!" called out a small green-eyed girl.

Little Delilah Lapis chased after her elder brother into the Weird Woods, the skirt of her emerald dress and her golden tress flapping behind as she ran. The tall brown-haired figure stopped as he heard and turned around. "Dee, go home! This is not a place for children," Mark told his baby sister.

He sighed as he saw her bottom lip tremble. "Crying won't work, go back to Mom," he told her before walking away.

"Meany," sniffled Delilah.

The little crestfallen girl trudged home to the town of Burg not merrily at all. "That was pretty mean of him," piped up a small, high-pitched voice.

"Huh? Who thaid that?" Delilah asked, turning her head this way and that.

"Up hear!" said the small voice.

She looked up into the branches of the tree she was standing under. Sitting on the branch just above her was a small blue furred cat. "Talkin' kitty?"

The blue creature snorted. "I am not a cat!"

"Sorry," she said.

"Don't worry about it," he replied. He launched into the air and opened feathered wings that she hadn't noticed before. Keeping afloat by flapping his wings, he stopped in front of her face. "I'm Lazuli, a baby blue dragon. What's your name?"

"I'm Deelielauh."

"Deelielauh? Oh, Delilah, nice name."

The girl smiled at this small dragon's complement. Since he was a kid like her she thought that maybe he'd be her friend so she ask the next thing that came to her mind. "Wanna come home wit me?"