My Husband? NO! My biggest enemy!

By Mmiray

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Chapter 20. "Life is just a few hours"

Kagome lifted her head and looked up at him. Her face was scary. Pale, her eyes were red and puffy, and there was a small, unhappy smile on her face. She watched his face. His eyes, his lips, his cute dog ears. Everything she got to know so well. His familiar face. No, she didn't hate it. Not at all. He was everything to her. "Inuyasha, isn't it strange? Now everything is over and I finally realized it wasn't a nightmare. It was a dream."

Inuyasha just stood there and stared at her with wide eyes. A voice inside him told him to hug her, but he didn't do it. "What? What are you talking about?" His eyes were worried, there wasn't a single glint of hope in them. Even if he asked her, somehow he did know what did she mean. Kagome's hands were effing around with her shirt, and a teardrop rolled down on her cheek. Finally, she took a deep breath and looked up at Inuyasha. Her eyes were very strange and even more scary. Empty, cloudy. He couldn't see anything in them.. There was nothing.

"My mother phoned. We aren't engaged anymore, there won't be a wedding. She said they will some to pick us up in the afternoon, we have to pack up. And it is forbidden to us to meet ever again." Inuyasha's heart broke. She was shivering as she spoke and her voice abandoned her. She was staring at the floor, like his glance were burning her eyes. Inuyasha reached one of his hands toward Kagome's, what were still effing around with her shirt. "Don't Inuyasha. Please. It's hard enough already." Tears were rolling down everywhere on her face, from behind her closed eyes. Inuyasha could feel the same pain, suffering but only his eyes were what showed the war inside his soul. Everything was over, and couldn't be fixed anymore.

"Kagome..." he dropped his hand.

"Inuyasha, can I ask you to find Sango and Miroku? They will come with us as well. And they will return home together." The last sentence was only a mere whisper, but it hurt Inuyasha's ears more than when she yelled at him.

"Alright. Can I leave you here.. alone..?" Worry were radiating from his words. Kagome was surprised, even when the fog of sadness made her mind cloudy. A few hours ago he was busy irritating her. But it was all the same, she didn't want to know the reasons. She wanted to say goodbye without anymore sweet memories about Inuyasha, that she will have to destroy later.. She could feel that the sobbing is starting to struggle her, so she just turned away from him and nodded without a word. "Ok. I will be back soon."

Kagome sighed and went upstairs, to pack up her stuffs. She felt empty, doing what her mother orders without a question. She took everything from her with a single telephone call. For the sake of the company.. 'I wish the factories all would just burn into ashes...' she hated all this family shit. She was just a puppet, moved by the hands of money. 'My own mother... I could never imagine she would have been able do to something like this... She have never loved me. She couldn't have done that. I shouldn't have been blaming Inuyasha from the begining. I hate them. Both of them... They aren't parents.' Fury took the place of heartache and sadness, her soul raged. Her hands cleched, but then slackened again strengthless. She didn't cry. What could someone do, whose hands are tied up with chain?

When she reached this point in her thoughts, she entered the room what she was sharing with Inuyasha for these weeks. Strange, sad smile appeared on her face at the sight. Her side of the bed were made, while the other looked like it was the scene of a war. Shirts, turned inside out boxers were laying on the ground everywhere. She couldn't do anything, just smile at this. Some other time she might have been angry, and would have thrown all of his clothes out of the window, but now his childish dispersal seemed sweet, and was one of those things, she loved in him so much. Kagome was staring at her feet and her eyes widened at the realization. But it was so clear, even for herself, but she was to proud to admit it.

'Something I love in him...? Do I love him?' Her glance fell onto one of his shirts that laid on the ground. She stepped to it, put up with a shakig hand and sat down on the hude bed with it. She rose it to her face and suddenly a familiar, masculine scent filled her nose. She could have recognized it even from a thousand other, it was so special to her. She closed her eyes, and silently let her tears roll down on her cheek. Memories overflew her. She could almost feel his hand caressing her cheek softly, and she would lean into the beloved hanyou's warm touch, she could almost feel that safe feeling, when he leaned above her, when he hugged her, when she could feel his hot breath on her skin, when she could see the love that was buried deep in his amber glance what she didn't notice earlier. Or her pride didn't let her notice it.. Kagome slowly raised her head and pulled herself out of the sea of memories. When she looked around in the room, Inuyasha was there, everywhere. But the room was chilly, and his warm touch on her skin was just a slight breeze... "Inuyasha, I love you. I love you..." She weeped, dropped his shirt and ran out of their room.

!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! Meanwhile Inuyasha went to tell Sango and Miroku what happened !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!

Inuyasha left the apartman without a word. He didn't want to think about anything, he didn't want anything, he was tired. Not phyisically. Tha fate's irony, that everything had to go wrong helplessly, when he finally faced his own feelings. And when he finally decided to tell Kagome his feeling. Their parents were cruel. They let them come here, let them to to live through their life's most beautiful weeks, and when they wanted to fly, they tore their wings off, stomped over everything. And noe they expect them to forget everything what happened here, to forget each other.

Inuyasha's hands cleched and he hit the ground with full strength. 'DAMNIT! I just can't accept it...' But he didn't have a chance. He can't fight his father. There are rules in the demons' word. He continued his walk on the beach with anger mixed with bitter, to search for Sango and Miroku. It took him at least 15 minutes, to find them. They were lost in each other's embrace and seemed to be happier than ever. For a half moment anger's and jealousy's destructive power flamed up, but soon extincted, as Kagome's tired, sad eyes came into his mind.

They will come with us as well. And they will return home together.

Inuyasha shook his head violently, he didn't want to think about it. He stomped to his friends, not really politely, sand were flying up after every step he took. They looked up at him with strange, indignant eyes, but Inuyasha was never famous of his perfect manners. So a long time ago they got out of the habit of trying to be indignant openly. Inuyasha stood beside them, with his head turning toward the ocean as if he was just wondering about its beauty, and he spoke up but for untrained ears it could have been just a mere growl.

"Pull yourself together. We will go home afternoon." Miroku and Sango blinked a few times, before Inuyasha's words sank into their mind, but the hanyou was already showing his back to them, and was heading back to the apartment. Miroku mumbled something about jealous dogs under his breath, and then stood up, putting a hand out to Sango, to help her up as well. She accepted it gladly, but sent a worrying glance toward the disappearing figure of Inuyasha Inuyasha.

"Miroku, let's go and ask him what happened? I don't think that was about jealousy."

"I think you are right. May I speak with him? Maybe it is only beacuase of another one of those fight he always has with Kagome.."

Sango made a mouth, and was already on her way toward Inuyasha, as if she didn't hear Miroku's answer and question. Something wasn't alright. Inuyasha wasn't like this, not that lonely type, who starts to pout when he sees a happy pair. He was rather the type who lets out a "feh" and goes to annoy Kagome - what have ever had a really high position on his list of his favourite hobbies. When she reached this point in her thoughts, she was running, she felt something wrong. When she was close enough, she let out a yell.

"Hey, Inuyasha! Stop! I want to ask something!" Inuyasha froze, but didn't turn to her, he was just waiting for them to reach him. He didn't want to speak to anyone, but he knew very well, that he owe them with some explainations.. He was irritated, impatient, he wanted nothing but to be alone with his thoughts. When Sango was close enough he started to speak without waiting for her question. Quietly, impatience radiated from his husky voice.

"Kagome's mother called. There will be no wedding. They will come to pick us up afternoon, and it is forbidden to Kagome and me to see each other. Are you satisfied now?" growled Inuyasha bitterly. Sango reached her hand to her mouth, he heart sank but if someone had could have felt pain, then it was Inuyasha and Kagome. It was clear to her what was happening between them, but to say it out loud, it was clear to everyone. Of course if someone dared to mention it - how strange - he or she was shortened with a head.

"Inuyasha.. I don't know what to say..." rebegte Sango, and forgot about her own hapiness completly, she was trying to find and escape. But there was no escape. She looked up at Miroku despairingly, who was just watching his friend's face sadly.

"Then don't say anything. Just... just leave me alone..." With that Inuyasha walked away. He locked up his feelings in himself, he wanted to pretend that nothing happened, but he couldn't. He was confused. He had never felt enything like this sooner. He had never felt like this for a girl. He didn't want to make her his, to use her, to laugh at her anymore. He wanted nothing, but to held her in his arms, and to defend her from everything. 'Yes.. I love Kagome... But it's too late, I let her go...'

Sango watched Inuyasha without a word, and was thinking about him and Kagome, when she felt arms around her waist. Miroku pulled her to him, and whispered quiet, kind word into her ears. She leaned against his muscular chest, linking her hand with his. But they were somewhere else, deep in their thoughts.

!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! .Half hour later. !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!

Inuyasha was going back to teh apartment. That short walk helped him to think about a few things. But he was still too confused. He had no idea what to do next. He felt like someone was trying to tear out his heart. He wanted to share his feelings with Kagome, he wanted to share with her on their pain. But it would have been more difficult that way. How could he posibbly get over with it? He would have never been able to forget everything what happened here, to forget her. It was a bound, what no father could just rip. It was eternal, bonded two hearts together.

'Two hearts? Kasome has never said anything like w--'

It wasn't a nightmare. It was a dream.

Inuyasha's soul filled with the strange mixture of hapiness and pain. That was the first time that sentence came into his mind until she said it out, and then he understood what Kagome wanted to say. She cried, beacuse a dream ended. From now on starless nights will come... Inuyasha took a deep breath, his face calmed down. His eyes cleared. Two hűvösen amber, glinting, but radiating with warmth at the same time. He decided. He will speak to Kagome. He didn't care about what would happen later. They are living then, his heart was broken then. If hapiness was just a few hours, them let it be. He would fix everything. With this thought he stepped in. Miroku walked out of their room with a few folded up clothes in his hands.

"Kagome isn't home yet. She wasn't at home when we arrived." For a moment worry overflew Inuyasha's soul, but was soon replaced with sadness. The beloved girl was probably out there somewhere, crying. Alone. His heart sank at the thought. But he couldn't go after her, he had to leave her calm down a bit. He nodded silently but it was more to himself then to Miroku. The few hours what they would spend together was just a fragile balm. Miroku was eyeing his friend for a few moments, then asked: "Inuyasha, what are you planning?"

"Nothing. I just want to be happy and loyal to myself." Miroku just stood there, watching Inuyasha, and seemed to be deep in his thoughts. Finally his face softened, and patted his friend's shoulder.

"I hope you will suceed." A shadow ran over his face. "But you have to go to összepakolni now. Come on, get over with it!" Inuyasha did not asnwer, just turned away and started to climb the stairs. Miroku shook his head slightly, and went back into their room to continue the package. Meanwhile Inuyasha watched the steps under his feet silently. He wouldn't have been able to count how many times did he almost fall fall down when he was running away from Kagome's wrath.

The slight smile in the corner of his mouth was soon replaced by a misshapen grimace at the thought of how many times did he give her reason to be furious. It seemed years had passed since the day when he pinned her to the door in an obvious limo. Perhaps someday they may laugh at the memory together. Perhaps...

He entered the room, but when he opened the door, he almost fell back over his own legs because of sweet- and salty scent's sickening compund. He recognized these scents, but he wished he wouldn't have got to know them so well. They were the beloved girl's tears's aroma mixed with her own, warm, reassuring scent. It was a strange blend , they didn't fit at all and Inuyasha hated them together. Finally he fought down his urge to shut the door and he stepped in.

Everything was as he left it. He made a mass out of revenge. But there was one of his shirts on the bed. Creased, and her tears' aroma was radiating from it. Inuyasha's eyes clouded, pain filled his whole self, as the imagine of her, suffering alone came into his mind.

"Stupid girl... Why didn't you let me be with you? Is it good for you? Suffering alone..? You are such an idiot..." whispered Inuyasha to himself. He bowed his head, his eyes were covered by his silver bangs. His hands cleched, and stripes of blood ran down on them and dropped on the ground, from wound what was tored into his palms by his own claws. But he didn't ven notice it. Without making a sound, he pulled his bag out from under the bed where it had been exiled for the last few weeks and started to throw his staffs into it. Everything got bloody from his hands but he didn't care.


The package didn't last long. The room was empty and seemed really lonely. As if it was to remind them: they won't stay here for so much longer. Suddenly he rose his head and his cute little dog ears started to move. The sound of the door shut, steps. As if a fairy was walking downstairs. Inuyasha flew out of the door and hurried to Kagome who had just arrived.

"Inuyasha..?" Kagome looked up at him with a surprised face. For a moment their glances linked but he jerked her head away. "Sorry if I made you worry... I just.. wanted to be alone... for a little."

"I know. No one can blame you." Inuyasha reached out his left hand toward her but Kagome didn't even look at it. 'Do you want to defend yourself from the pain and from he memories? Don't you think of me?' with these thoughts he dropped his hand. The second time that day. "Lunch will be ready soon." Kagome looked up at the hanyou eagerly with such a painful and worried expression on her face. His voice was sértődött, and pushed her glance away.

"Ok... I am sorry."

"Don't be..." with that Inuyasha entered the dining room, sat down as a sign that he was expecting some foodand was eyeing Sango - the one who was cooking.

A few minutes later Kagome and Miroku joined him and they started to eat. They didn't know and didn't care what was it and how it tasted, none of them didn't mind. Not a single word was said during the lunch, none of them felt the strength in her or himself to start a play and to pretend there was nothing wrong. Kagome was the first to stood up. While she was eating, she was staring into her golden soup, and was trying to not to think about how much did it reminded her of an obvoius someone's eyes. She washed her dishes quickly, and finally made herself to go and do the package. Inuyasha's eyes were following her as she stepped out of the dining room, and he followed her, leaving everything on the table.

"Stop! We have to speak." Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's upper arm, carefully enough to not to hurt her. But she jerked her arm away, like the hanyou's touch was burning her skin.

"Please Inuyasha, stay away from me. Just this once... I can't bear you touch me.. It hurts like hell inside." with that she ran upstairs and shut the door behind her. Inuyasha was just standing there, like someone who had just been slapped. Inuyasha's eyes were üveges and he started to shake slightly. His face was distorted by anger, mixed with the feeling of being unable to do anything as he ran after Kagome. He stopped in front their room's door and forced himself to calm down. He didn't want to argue with Kagome, even if he had felt so hurt. He took a deep breath and opened the door, stepped in and closed it silently. Kagome righted herself and was staring in front of herself with turned-down head..

"Why can't you leave me--" Her words were interrupted by Inuyasha, who pulled her to him and hugged her so tight as never before, like when someone wants to keep his dream but it just slips out of his hand and he wakes up. Kagome stared the floor with a shocked expression on her face, tears were welling up in her chocolate brown eyes. She could feel the hanyou's warm body and as it shook. 'Inuyasha'

"How can you be so selfish? You think about nothing, but to avoid hurting yourself! Why do you keep me out of your feelings? Can't you see..." Kagome felt his head on her shoulder, warm teardrops were running down on her neck. "Can't you see how much I love you?"


Kagome couldn't move from the shock. Can't you see how much I love you? The sentence was echoing in her mind, she didn't hear anything and didn't feel anything but Inuyasha's shaking body and his hot tears on her skin. Slowly she closed her eyes and let her own tears roll down to mix with Inuyasha's.

"Forgive me Inuyasha... I didn't want to hurt you. I love you." Suddenly she felt a yank on her waist and she found herself facing the hanyou's chest. Warm hands were caressing her cheeks and she leaned into the soft touch. Inuyasha wrapped his left hand around her waist while he took his other hand under her chin to rose her head carefully. Their eyes were linked for a long moment, then Inuyasha closed his eyes and leaned toward the beloved woman and kissed her. Kagome was everything he wanted, and then he could hold her in his arms, he could enjoy their slightly salty kiss. He licked Kagome's lips and she shook slightly for a mere moment, but let him in without a second thought. Their tongues were dancing, they joined in ther long, passionate kiss. The world disappeared, everything disappeared. There was onyl them. Without breaking their kiss Inuyasha laid Kagome down on their bed then pulled away.

He watched the fragile girl benneath him smiling, with flaming love in his golden orbs. He reached his hand toward her face and started to stroke her cheeks gently, as they were looking into each other's eyes. They couldn't believe that this was really happening, the pain of parting was overflew by love for these few minutes. Inuyasha kissed her nose kindly and she started to giggle.

"You are so beautiful. I love you." With that Inuyasha pulled her into a tight hug, and buried his face into her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin deeply. I couldn't have been compared to anything. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck, closed her eyes and smiled, happiness was radiating from her whole self.

"I love you too."

But time doesn't care about love, minutes and hours had passed. The parting was approaching quickly. They were just laying beside each other, kapaszkodik into each other, fighting with the pain what started to overflow them again. And then the hated salty aroma reached Inuyasha's nose again. He reached his hand to her cheek and wipped away the welled up tears. He didn't say or ask anything. He knew really well why she was crying.

"Inuyasha.. I don't want to let you go..." Her words were silenced by sobbing.. Inuyasha closed his eyes and took a depp breath. His heart broke into little peaces. Kagome's small hands grabbed his shirt tightly, she buried her face into the hanyou's neck and she was sobbing helplessly. "No... No... I beg you... I don't want it... Inuyasha... I love you so much... I want to stay with you just a little longer... I beg you... I am scared... Inuyasha... Please..." Her last word was only a mere whisper.

"I can't... Forgive me..." The hanyou felt the bitter tears burnt his skin and pulled the girl closer, to share her pain. He inhaled her scent deeply. That was the last tim he could feel it. He would never see her again. He would never hear her voice again, he would never see her laughing again, he would never touch her skin again, he would never kiss her again. That was the last time he could see her, and he will carry her memory through his life... Life is so long but they could spend so short time together. A few weeks. That's what fate gave them and made an unbreakable bond of love.

The door opened downstairs and two parents stepped in. Silently they made their was to their children's room, they were like strangers.

The room's door flew open. Kagome sobbed without making a sound and hugged Inuyasha tightly, buried her face into his chest, running away. But there was no escape. Her mother stopped near their bed, and send a sad, strange glance toward them, then her eyes went to search for Inuyasha's father's. But his emotionless face made it clear there was no fight within him.

"Let's go Inuyasha. Stop this comedy. A long day is awaiting us. Girl, let him go." But Kagome didn't let go, her hands withened as she garbbed her love's shirt crying. Inuyasha hugged her for the last time, then stood up, pushing her away, carefully not to hurt her. Kagome was just sitting on her bed, her hands were grabbing the sheet, her mouth was half opened like she was about to say something. Inuyasha looked at her once more before he reached for his suitcase and stepped out of the door, stepped out of her life.

"No! Inuyasha, don't go! Please... I can't be..." Kagome was reaching toward the closed door, blinded by her tears. No answer came, just the sound of a suitcase that fell down. Then Inuyasha's father's furious commands.

'Kagome... We will se each other soon... I promise. Just please hold on!' Inuyasha left the house with clamped teeth, but her heartbreaking sobbind was echoing in his ears for hours.

--------------------------------------------------------------End of theeeee chapter!------------------------------------------------

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