She stares at the threshold of her room, leading to the rest of the hotel. That is in the world. That isn't Pylea. And they won't make her a slave. Because they are like her. Only not. Because they didn't spent the last five years as a cow. They have no idea what it was like. And *she*... she has the nerve to come up to her room to tell her that she *understands* what she's going through and she feels Fred's pain when she was their princess. They would have done anything for her, while Fred was just a cow. Just something to be flicked around until she died alone and forgotten.

She likes the man with the different accent best, of the three of them, he makes funny jokes, and brings her tacos like the other too, but she knows he doesn't understand her theories even though he tries or why she needs to write everything down for fear of forgetting it or loosing it in the mess.

But *he* came back, and said that it was safe. So she tries to leave. Tries to go out into the world. Breath. Small steps, he said. So, okay. One, two, three, go. Steps across the space between the walls that kept her safe... and shudders, curling up into a ball, until she can crawl back into the safety of her room. But she'll try again tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Because he said it was safe, and he knows this world better then she.