She wanted him. She wanted him, and he knew it. He was going to kill her, and she was wet from desire. How sick did that make her? Not to mention that he was her best friend's boyfriend? Well, a sadistic version of him. And he had his arm around his neck, ready to kill her. She should have been scared. No, she should have been terrified. But instead, she was more turned on then she had ever been. He was going to kill her as a message for Buffy, and all she could think about was him shoving her against the wall and fucking her so hard she bled in all the right places like in the romance novels Buffy had gotten her to read. She was sick and twisted, and she wanted him.

Her friends were around them, ready to save her, because that's what friends do, and all she wanted was for hit to fuck her. Hard. And she was pretty darn sure he knew it.

Then Buffy's voice cuts through her lust-induced haze. "Leave Willow alone, and deal with me." She squirms into his back, trying to elevate her need, he shifts as so he still has a firm hold on her, and she feels something press into her lower back. Something that wasn't... oh, god.

"But she's so cute and helpless." She says to his former girlfriend, pinching the redhead's cheek. "Really a turn-on." He tightens his grip on her, and she wants him so badly she can't meet any of their gazes as she hears someone go towards the two of them from behind.

Then she's on the ground, laying against Xander, silently crying not so much from the shock or the pain as the loss of her pinned against her.

Did she mention how sick she knows this is?