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Chapter 4: The Lone Suru


The Bengalaas roared its victory to the heavens. It had just made a fresh kill of a large desert ram, which had put up quite a fight. Blood stained its front paws and fangs, giving it a more frightening look than it already had. It began to feed upon the carcass, shredding large amounts of flesh from pearly bone. It was so focused now on filling its empty belly that it didn't even notice a young adult Saiyajin creeping along in the brush just yards away.

The Saiyajin leapt onto the Bengalaas's back and bit down on the loose skin behind its neck. The Bengalaas roared angrily and reared up on its hind legs in an attempt to throw the Saiyajin from its back. Though the Saiyajin's teeth weren't nearly sharp enough to break the feline's rock-hard hide, he could still cause some pain. The Bengalaas swung its body wildly in its effort, and the Saiyajin merely jumped off its back and arched his back, growling menacingly.

The Bengalaas turned and saw the Saiyajin; he couldn't have been much older than 20, his black mane in a lopsided type of style. He was obviously strong, but the Bengalaas wasn't going to give its kill up without a fight. The feline felt it had the upper hand; it was equipped with 6-inch long fangs, steel-like claws, and a tough hide, while all the Saiyajin had was its pitiful teeth and soft pink flesh, not to mention the fact that it was almost twice the size of the Saiyajin. This would be an easy victory, or so the big cat thought.

It lunged at the small Saiyajin, its claws out stretched. The Saiyajin was too quick and, avoiding contact with the claws, rammed his head into the Bengalaas's lower jaw. He then grabbed the Bengalaas by its oversized fangs and threw it across the sand. The feline was quickly back on its feet and instantly back on the ground as the Saiyajin made another lightning fast strike to the feline's back. The Bengalaas rolled over and swing its enormous paw, which amazingly made contact with its target.

With a slight yelp, the Saiyajin hit the sand hard and was pinned beneath the Bengalaas's paw. Knowing that it now had the advantage in the battle, the Bengalaas pulled itself up and pressed all its weight against the overpowered Saiyajin. But the Saiyajin didn't seem to be at all afraid of the big cat on top of him, in fact, he was smirking up at it. With a sudden burst of energy, the Saiyajin placed his hind feet on the Bengalaas's stomach and kicked it off, hard. It soared through the air and the Saiyajin leapt up after it, punching it several times hard in the gut.

The Saiyajin landed gracefully on all fours and the Bengalaas landed on its side, wailing in pain. Slowly, the feline crawled to its feet and glared angrily at the Saiyajin, it was clear that it wouldn't win this battle. It cowered before the Saiyajin and crept away, leaving its kill to the victor.

As soon as the Bengalaas was out of sight, the Saiyajin called to his pack. Two heads poked up from behind a large boulder, and the young Saiyajins padded toward the first. The littlest one wasn't very happy about what the first had done.

"Kakarotto, have you lost what little sense you have?"

"No," Kakarotto said, "I knew I could take it. Besides, I had to get you and Gohan some food."

"Then get it yourself, don't steal from others who used up their time and energy to get it!"

"Goten, give it a rest," Kakarotto sat down, a little tired from the brawl, "that Bengalaas can catch another ram, it's not like it'll starve to death now. There are beasts all over it can eat."

Goten sighed, there was no way of getting through to his stubborn older brother. He was about to join Gohan in their meal when he saw the gash on Kakarotto's chest.

"Kakarotto! You're bleeding!"

Kakarotto cocked his head to the side and looked down. Sure enough, there were three long claw marks down his chest, blood flowing steadily down his abs. They weren't terribly deep, but could cause problems if left untreated. Kakarotto was about to clean the wound himself when Goten started cleaning it, licking at the torn flesh. Kakarotto didn't like this for many reasons, but the main reason was that Goten was a Suru.

"Gohan, help!"

Gohan looked up from the carcass and saw what his twin was doing. He stopped eating, rushed over to Goten and pulled him away. Goten protested, wanting to fix his older brother's wound.

"Don't worry about him Goten," Gohan pulled his little brother's arm, "he can take care of himself, he's a big boy."

Kakarotto turned around and began to calm himself down. He didn't like having his little Suru brother licking his chest. Sometimes Goten was just too dense; he hadn't even realized that he couldn't give his brothers the friendly touches and gestures he could when he was a cub. He was a full-grown Suru now, and had to watch what he was doing around Saiyajins.

Then again, there were no other Saiyajins as far as the pack was concerned. Through all their travels, they had yet to come across another Saiyajin outside their pack, other than one who was known as Radditz. There was a slim chance that there were any other Saiyajins left alive on the planet. They were most likely wiped out during the earthquake 12 years ago. It may have been the sad truth, but if worse came to worse, either Kakarotto or Gohan would have to take Goten as a mate to ensure the survival of the race. Kakarotto prayed that that would never be an option.

Kakarotto looked over at his brothers and thought to himself how much they had grown. They were both 16 now and their appearances had changed a lot over the years. Gohan's hair wasn't long anymore, but was short and spiked up. Goten no longer looked like Kakarotto; his mane was a lot like Gohan's, except it was spiked forward. (A/N: I like Goten's GT hairstyle better than the one at the end of DBZ) They were both still as pale as Kakarotto, but that's where the similarity ends. Kakarotto, now 19 years old, maintained much of his looks from his early years; lopsided hair, pale skin, always smiling.

Kakarotto was suddenly distracted from his thoughts by his rumbling stomach. He decided it was time for him to feed with his brothers.


The small pack had finished their pilfered meal and was headed for a fruit tree that Kakarotto smelled in the distance. The Saiyajin had become quite a capable tracker and hunter over the years. Gohan wasn't much of a hunter, but he could help Kakarotto bring down big game. Goten, of course, was of little help when it came to hunting and catching animals, but he was small enough and light enough to climb the fruit trees and gather fruit for his brothers. That's where they were heading now; for dessert.

It was a nice warm afternoon---one of the few warm afternoons in the desert. It was usually scorching hot by now, and the pack decided to take advantage of the lack of high temperature, which was mostly do to the clouds. Goten was really happy that it wasn't hot; he hopped and bounced around like a puppy. Every now and then, he'd run into a rock or a bush, but would instantly shake it off and would be bouncing around again. Kakarotto and Gohan really hoped their brother would calm down significantly when he eventually was mated.

Kakarotto kept his senses alert incase they came across trouble, sniffing the air, listening for disturbances and scanning their surrounds periodically. He had learned over the years to keep a sharp eye out for danger, having almost lost his brothers to his carelessness. He was sniffing the sand when he came across a familiar scent. Knowing what this scent meant, he stopped and hissed angrily at the ground.

"What's wrong Kakarotto?" Gohan asked, knowing something was up.

Goten was completely oblivious as to what his brothers were doing and he continued to act like a drunken kid. Kakarotto's mind was racing; what should he do? What should he say? If he told his brothers what he had smelled, they'd freak.

"We can't go this way," he simply said.

Gohan nodded and went after Goten to try and get him to change his rampaging coarse. Kakarotto didn't have the heart to tell them what was happening, he didn't want them to worry that Radditz had passed by not too long ago.


"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Goten bounced higher than ever.

It had taken several hours to track down the fruit tree's location in a small canyon, and by then, they were all getting hungry. It wasn't like they were starving, a full-grown Saiyajin can go a week without food if he has to. Goten was happy because this was one of the few times he could do something for his brothers. The tree was quite tall, and the lowest branch was well above all their heads.

"How're we gonna get up there?" Gohan asked, squinting against the sun.

Kakarotto knew how to get up the tree, they could make a living ladder. He reared up and placed his hands against the tree trunk and looked back at Goten. It took a while for the Suru to get it, but he figured it out and started to climb up Kakarotto's back. Goten was pretty light, but wasn't too careful about where he stepped. He finally planted his feet on Kakarotto's head and stretched up toward the branch. It was still a few feet up.

"Unless I jump, I can't reach it!" Goten hollered.

"You jump and I'll kick your skinny little ass!" Kakarotto growled.

That was when Kakarotto felt something between his legs. He gasped and looked down; Gohan had crawled beneath his legs and was attempting to push Kakarotto further up the tree.

"STOP IT!!" the Saiyajin howled.

He was about to reach down and give Gohan a good hard smack when he heard something. He couldn't figure out what it was, so he decided to ignore it. Gohan had done the trick, Goten could almost reach that branch. Just a little bit more…got it! Goten pulled himself up into the tree and disappeared among the leaves.

"Okay Gohan," Kakarotto was a little nervous sitting on his weaker brother's shoulders, "just let me down…nice, and easy---"

Too late, Gohan's legs gave way and he fell to the ground. Kakarotto toppled down and landed flat on his face. He pushed himself up and was about to kill Gohan when he heard the sound again. This time it was a little bit longer, giving Kakarotto time to analyze it. He thought it was a bird chirping for a second, then he realized it was…laughter? He didn't know exactly where it was coming from, but didn't have time to figure it out as a small melon the size of a cantaloupe hit him in the head.

"OW!!" Kakarotto grabbed his head, "What the fu---"

Kakarotto and Gohan started getting showered with light blue melons. Goten must've found the jackpot and was plucking as much fruit as possible off the branches. They decided to seek refuge from the fruit bombs and hid behind a boulder. They heard more fruit hit the ground and split open. Most of the fruit that Goten threw down was probably no good now with sand all over the food part.

After a few minutes, fruit had stopped falling. Kakarotto peeked around the boulder to make sure the coast was clear. He beckoned for Gohan to follow him after he determined it was safe to return to the tree. There was more than enough food for all them, but most would have to have the sand washed off. Kakarotto was startled when Goten swung out of the depths of the tree and hung from the low branch by his tail.

"How's that?"

Kakarotto glared up at him, "Come down here so I can kick your ass!"

Goten cocked his head to the side fearfully; what had he done wrong? He decided to eat in tree away from his angry brothers. The fruit was delicious, it was so tender, but it was hard to get it of the coconut-like shell. Kakarotto was enjoying his seventh melon when a small rock hit him in the back of the head. He grabbed his head and whipped around. He could hear the laughing above them over the walls of the canyon. Kakarotto was getting rather impatient and wanted to find out who was up there. He dropped his fruit and started to climb up the canyon wall.

"Kakarotto?" Gohan looked up, his mouth full of fruit, "Where're you going?"

Kakarotto shushed his brother and climbed slowly up the rock face. He focused all his senses on the source of the laughter. Someone was still laughing at him, and was obviously trying to stifle it. Kakarotto didn't like being laughed at and was going to silence whoever it was. He was just barely below the edge of the cliff and could still hear the laughter. Every muscle in his body tensed, ready to pounce.

With lightning speed, Kakarotto leapt over the side and pounced on the intruder. He snarled down at it then stopped and looked down at his catch. It was a young teenage male Suru! Kakarotto had never expected he would ever see another Suru aside from Goten, and here he was, right on top one! Wait, on top? That didn't sound right, but Kakarotto was in too much shock to do anything about it. He studied the Suru; he had red-tinted, jet black hair that came to a sharp widow's peak on his forehead, nicely tanned skin, and a hard look in his eyes, as if he'd been through a lot. That face looked so familiar, Kakarotto wasn't quite sure where he'd seen that face before, and then it hit him.


The Suru growled up at him and slammed his forehead against Kakarotto's, hard. The Saiyajin roared in pain and leapt back, releasing the Suru from his grasp. Kakarotto looked up at the Suru who was hissing angrily, back arched and tail fluffed up in an attempt to look bigger and fiercer. But he didn't flee, he just stood there, glaring daggers at his assailant. Finally, the Suru slowly let his back fall into its regular posture and cocked his head to the side, still glaring at Kakarotto.

"Who are you? Why do you call me that?"

Kakarotto was still in shock, "B-because you were p-part of our pack, a-and---"

The Suru laughed uneasily, "Me? Part of your pack?"

"Well, it was your Pi-pa's pack, but he died."

The Suru stared at him in disbelief; there was no way he had ever come across this Saiyajin before in his life. Then again, he'd never come across any Saiyajin in his life. He didn't remember anything from before he was alone. He supposed he must have been with other Saiyajins before, but he didn't know.

"Don't you remember, Vega?" Kakarotto broke the Suru's thoughts.

The Suru took a step backward, "My name is not Vega," he growled.

This was too weird; he had to get out of there. There was no way this Saiyajin knew him. He hadn't noticed that two other Saiyajins had crawled up the cliff face and were only a few paces away, until Goten spoke up.

"Hello, who are you? You look very familiar."

That's when he bolted off, leaving the three Saiyajins behind. But he didn't get very far as Kakarotto came barreling down on his back, crushing him against the sand.

"Vega, please don't go!" Kakarotto nuzzled the back of his neck, "I can't bare to loose you again!"

"Loose me?!" the cub struggled against the big Saiyajin, "I've never seen you in my entire life!"

Gohan and Goten were completely lost, they had no idea what the two had been talking about. They seriously thought Kakarotto had finally snapped! They just watched as the young Suru continued to struggle against their brother. Finally, Kakarotto sat right on the Suru's back until he stopped struggling.

Feeling the fight had felt, Kakarotto bent down and whispered to the cub, "Doesn't this feel familiar?"

He had to admit that something definitely was familiar about this position, but he wasn't sure about it. He just didn't know anything anymore, everything he had thought seemed to be nothing more than a lie. He had convinced himself a long time ago that he was always alone and was destined to be alone for the rest of his life. But this Saiyajin and his pack had dared to defy everything he knew; he began to sob.

"Kakarotto! You're crushing him!" Goten shouted, pushing his oldest brother off the sobbing Suru.

Goten hugged the cub, who welcomed the friendly embrace. By the scent of this one, he was definitely a Suru, which comforted him, knowing he would have a friend that would understand him. Goten rocked him back and forth as he continued to cry. Kakarotto and Gohan stood off to the side, not sure what to do.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Goten continued to scold, "You had no right to do that to him! Can't you see he's still a cub?! And what makes you so sure he is Vega?! Even if he is, he probably doesn't even remember, he was only two when it happened!"

Kakarotto thought about it for a moment and realized that Goten was probably right. Vega was pretty young when it happened, but trauma like that would have left some kind of scar on him. How could he forget something like that? Then it hit Kakarotto.

"You hit your head!!"

The Suru-cub persisted to cry and tremble in Goten's arms, but listened to what Kakarotto was saying.

"Remember? Radditz attacked us and you hit your head on a rock! I thought you were dead, but you weren't! I tried to carry you away from him, but I dropped you!" he paused for a breath, looking the Suru deep in his eyes, "I thought you were dead."

No one moved or spoke for several minutes, letting everything soak in. The sky was growing dark with rain clouds, and they knew they had to find shelter. But Goten didn't want to leave the cub all by himself, he was just too young.

"Please stay with us," he tried to convince the cub, "we'll take care of you so you won't be alone."

The Suru had to admit he didn't want to be alone, it was very…lonely. But he was afraid of Kakarotto now, and didn't want to be anywhere near him. Goten could see this in his eyes.

"And I won't let Kakarotto near you. If he touches you, I'll turn him inside-out!"

Kakarotto scoffed at his brother, but quickly shoved it off; Goten's proposal may have worked. The Suru-cub sat there for a moment, then nodded. Goten wagged his tail happily.

"So, what's your name? Or, at least, what can we call you?"

The cub looked up at him and said shyly, "Vegeta."


It didn't take very long for Kakarotto to find a nice dry cave for them to curl up in for the night. Vegeta had been clinging to Goten the entire time like a security blanket. Goten babied Vegeta the whole way, making sure he was okay every step. Gohan had fashioned a sled from branches to transport melons so they could have a light dinner before bed.

Kakarotto let Goten and Vegeta enter the cave first, the entrance being quite small. Then he helped Gohan push the sled of food through the entrance before entering himself. It was quite cozy in the their new den, and warm too. All in all, the cave was about the size of a small room. Kakarotto felt the back of the cave wall; it felt soft enough to dig through, he could make it bigger if needed.

Gohan distributed the remaining fruit to everyone and they ate their dinner in silence. Kakarotto finished his melon and looked down at the cave floor, then back up at Vegeta. He didn't think the young Suru should have to sleep on the stony ground, and he didn't particularly want to sleep on the hard surface either, but how could he change that?

Kakarotto crawled out of the cave to have a look around outside. It was a bit too dark to really tell what was really out there, but he could hear the sound of running water from a stream nearby and saw the faint outline of a large tree. He crept closer and felt the tree's trunk, squinting into the darkness to try and distinguish what type of tree it was. He soon realized that it was a Kalito tree, whose leaves were broad and used by most Saiyajins to build their nests. Not only were the leaves good for nesting, but were also edible and a ready food source.

With this knowledge, Kakarotto returned to the den to retrieve Gohan for help. The Kalito tree had a thick trunk, making it easier to get a medium-sized Saiyajin up to the leaves, so Gohan didn't have to worry about breaking the tree when he climbed it. Soon they had a rather large pile of leaves and Gohan hopped down as quickly as possible. He didn't like climbing trees and wasn't very good at it; he was just glad it was dark so Kakarotto couldn't see his lack of agility.

Goten was cleaning Vegeta when they returned with their collection of foliage. Vegeta obviously didn't like the treatment he was receiving; Goten wasn't very good at cleaning others. The older Suru was untangling Vegeta's mane without a care in the world, until he saw his brothers' bounty.

"What are we gonna do with that?" he asked, pulling a little too hard on a knot, causing Vegeta to yelp.

Kakarotto felt sheepish, "Well, I figured that we could sleep in nests rather than the ground tonight."

Goten eyed his brother for a long time. Kakarotto had never let them build nests before; he always insisted that it would be a waste of time, since he always kept them moving. Why should tonight be any different? But…those leaves sure looked comfortable…

"Okay!" Goten piped cheerfully.

He rushed forward and started gathering vegetation for nesting. Kakarotto took this opportunity to swat Goten playfully on his behind, causing the Suru to lose his balance and roll pitifully to the ground. Goten looked up at him and smirked, then he lunged at his brother. Kakarotto was too strong to be brought down by the young Suru and was easily tossed gently away. Kakarotto was about to start building his own nest when Goten barreled into his back, causing him to stumble. He suddenly felt more weight on his back and crashed face first into the pile of leaves.

Gohan had decided to join the play-fight and was trying to help his twin brother subdue their older one. But Kakarotto knew only too well where their weak spots were and quickly turned the tables on them. He pinned Goten beneath him and threw Gohan off his back like a bucking bronco. Then he set to work with tickling his now vulnerable brother beneath him. Goten shrieked and guffawed loudly, squirming like a fish out of water.

Suddenly, there was a loud hiss from the corner of the room, and a young angry Suru attacked Kakarotto. He stumbled back as Vegeta tried to claw his eyes out, hissing wildly. Kakarotto backed a few feet away and growled unintentionally at the Suru. Why did he attack me like that? Kakarotto thought. He didn't have much time to think as he was again tackled from behind and hit the ground.

"Yeah!" Goten hopped up and down on his older brother, panting heavily, "I win! I win!"

Kakarotto grunted loudly with each bounce Goten made on his back. He rolled over, letting Goten fall off his back. He shook himself lightly and swatted Goten again. This time Goten didn't pounce on him, but settled on swiping at him half-heartedly, being too tired to try and win again. He gathered up his forgotten leaves and made his way to a corner to build his nest. Gohan had already built his nest, having given up at the very beginning of the play-fight. But Vegeta hadn't moved from his spot; he just stood there, growling softy. Kakarotto cocked his head to the side, wondering what was his problem. He gave himself a mental shrug and started constructing his own nest.

Goten grabbed Vegeta's arm, "Look, we can sleep in the same nest."

Vegeta saw that Goten had purposely made a large nest fit for two people. He didn't have much say in the matter. Vegeta didn't like the thought of sleeping in the same nest as someone else, but as long as it wasn't a Saiyajin, he'd go along with it. Goten made Vegeta lay down, wrapped his arms around him and held him like he was a teddy bear. It was strange having someone this close to him, hell, it was strange to even know there was anyone else who could be this close to him, but he kind of liked it.

Goten had already fallen asleep and was snoring lightly. How anyone could fall asleep so quickly was beyond Vegeta! The Suru sighed and looked around. Gohan was snuggled up in his nest and appeared to be asleep. But Kakarotto was still awake and was finishing his nest; taking away and adding more leaves where necessary. Finally placing the last leaf in place, he crawled wearily into his nest and curled up. He looked up and saw Vegeta staring at him.

A chill ran down Vegeta's spine as their eyes locked. He didn't want to stare into this evil Saiyajin's dark eyes, but he couldn't bring himself to look away. They just gazed into one another's eyes for the longest time and Kakarotto realized that this was the first time that Vegeta looked at him without growling or hissing. Neither broke eye contact; Vegeta didn't want to back down from the Saiyajin's gaze, and Kakarotto thought the Suru was just too damn hot not to stare at!

Soon the need for sleep won over Vegeta and he fell asleep. Kakarotto stayed awake and continued to gawk at Vegeta's beauty. He seemed to be even more beautiful asleep; he had an angelic look on his face rather than a constant scowl. The soft pitter-patter of rain outside made this scene even more hypnotic to the Saiyajin. He soon could no longer hold his eyelids open and joined Vegeta and his brothers in dream world.


Vegeta wasn't sure if it was the thunderclap that woke him up or Goten's yelps of fear. Whatever it was, he had awoke with a great jerk to a bright flash of light and Goten whimpering in his sleep. The thunder must be making him have a bad dream, Vegeta thought, crawling slowly from the nest so as not to wake the older Suru. He carefully crept passed Kakarotto and Gohan and made his way to the cave entrance.

Vegeta emerged only to be instantly bombarded with cold rain. He liked it though; it was one of the few things he liked. He loved rain; he loved to watch the thunderstorms that usually came with it. He wasn't sure why he loved it so much, but all that mattered was that he did love it, and wanted to watch it for as long as he could.

A lightning bolt ripped across the sky, like a bulging vein from the heavens, followed by slow rolling thunder. The wind blew wildly, but Vegeta wasn't going to let a light breeze stop him from enjoying the show. Mother Nature never let him down with her dramatic light shows, and tonight was just as dazzling as ever. The lightning was so close, Vegeta felt like he was right in the middle of it all. Little did he know he was too close for comfort.

Back in the den, Kakarotto woke suddenly with the feeling of something being out of place. He soon realized that the reason he woke up was because he had a full bladder. Damn melons! he thought, cursing to himself about eating such a water dinner. He groggily stumbled out of the cave entrance and saw Vegeta sitting out in the rain. All thoughts of taking a piss left Kakarotto's mind as he stared, now wide awake, at the young Suru. Somehow the droplets of rain seemed to magnify Vegeta's attractiveness as they rolled down his body. His mane wafted in the blustery weather like many cattails in a light breeze. He was the definition of beauty…but what was he doing out here in the first place?

Kakarotto looked up just in time to see a lightning bolt strike a nearby tree, one with thick heavy branches. A branch cracked and began to fall on top of Vegeta, who obviously hadn't noticed it. Kakarotto wasted no time and sprang into action.


Vegeta spun around to be met with a charging Saiyajin. Kakarotto slammed into the Suru, knocking to the ground and, in essence, landing right on top of him. Kakarotto turned around to see the branch hit the spot Vegeta was in, now fiery and even more deadly. He turned his gaze back to Vegeta, who was glaring daggers once again.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU---?!" Vegeta didn't finish his sentence, but instead looked bewildered over Kakarotto's shoulder.

The Saiyajin turned to see several more flaming tree limbs plummeting toward them. Without another thought, Kakarotto grabbed Vegeta and dodged another flaming branch. He leapt and dodged and rolled, keeping himself between them and Vegeta, while trying not to get burned himself. He soon made it to the entrance of the cave and dove in, Vegeta still tucked safely beneath him. Once inside, they rolled a few feet, then Kakarotto draped himself protectively over Vegeta as the cave suddenly began to shake. Could this be another earthquake?

Then everything stopped; the thunder and lightning, the cave shaking, everything. It was very quiet and still, not even the rain seemed to be making any noise now. Kakarotto cautiously lifted his head slightly and turned toward the cave entrance. The branches had stopped falling and everything seemed to have settled down. Kakarotto then turned his attention back to Vegeta, who stared wide-eyed up at him, trembling somewhat.

"Are you okay?" he managed.

Vegeta shook himself, "Get off me, you sick bastard!" he roared, kneeing Kakarotto in the gut.

The Saiyajin grunted and backed away, allowing the Suru to get back to his own feet. Vegeta crawled to the other side of the cave and began grooming himself casually, his back to Kakarotto. The Saiyajin snorted in irritation at Vegeta and thought about what a waste of good looks it was on such a persnickety little asshole! Then came a loud, sharp thud from outside.

Vegeta yelped, leapt up, and backed quickly away, reversing right back at Kakarotto. Vegeta ended up huddled practically under Kakarotto, his back pressed firmly against his protector's chest. Kakarotto felt a sudden burst of heat as he realized what position he and the young Suru were in. Vegeta panted heavily as he watched the cave entrance fearfully, trembling against Kakarotto. It was enough to arouse any Saiyajin; having a Suru, soaking wet, crouched beneath him, shaking and panting. And that sweet little ass was right there for the taking! OH PLEASE NO!! Kakarotto screamed mentally as e felt himself growing hard.

Vegeta had apparently realized what position they were in also, for he suddenly stopped breathing and tensed up. For a long time, neither of them moved, as if they were right back in another staring contest. Feeling he had spent long enough in this position, Vegeta slowly crawled away and curled up next to Goten in the nest. He kept his back to Kakarotto, not wanting to look at him. Kakarotto suddenly remembered the reason he woke up in the first place and made a mad dash out of the cave.

Vegeta looked over his shoulder as the Saiyajin left. What was that strange feeling he had when they had gotten so close? He had felt a peculiar heat in the pit of his stomach; something he'd never experienced before. It felt, good…he never wanted to feel that way again! He had been so vulnerable, so open to the dope for some kind of attack, why couldn't he bring himself to move earlier? Vegeta cuddled closer to Goten who, through all that, was still fast asleep. He sighed and fell back to sleep.

Kakarotto returned, feeling much better than before. His eyes fell on the now sleeping Vegeta, and he once again had an urge to be close to him. He shook himself and crawled back into his nest. He watched Vegeta sleep a moment longer, then closed his eyes; he now knew that his Vega had returned.


End Chapter 4


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Me: Yup, I was planning to all along. Hope you're happy.

Veji: I am.

Kaki: Well, I guess you can keep writing, you did an ok job with this chapter. Who else dies?

Me: ::nervous look:: No one.

Kaki: Really?

Me: Well, just the bad guy…

Kaki: Okay, happy writing, I can't write the stupid thing anyway! ::leaves with Veji::

Me: That was close. Just to you know, I am going to kill off one more character, but I won't tell you who, you can just guess. Well, please r r and tell me what you think should happen in the next chapter, k? LOVELZ!!!