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It was a hot summer night and everyone on Privet Drive was asleep. Everyone except a teenage boy. Harry Potter was soundlessly packing all his most treasured belongings into an old backpack. His movements were slow, and small beads of perspiration were showing on his forehead, partially covering his old infamous scar. There was a time when he had liked the scar: being constantly told that he was nothing but a worthless burden, this scar had often helped him remember that he was unique, and, in a way, special.

But gradually, he had learned to loath the mark. In a dream, in an old childish dream, Harry was famous and happy. But at this very moment, he was famous and miserable. The prophecy, the end of the year... Sirius's death, they had all taken their toll. He had been depressed for weeks, had even contemplated suicide for a short while, but hadn't been able to put an end to his own pathetic life.

However, he had come to a conclusion: he could not go back to the magical world. The task that lay ahead was way too big for him. He wasn't a superhero or a savior of the wizarding world, he was just a scared teen, an ignorant child who always managed to put everyone he cared for in danger. Snape was right he thought, the greasy bastard has been right all along. Harry smiled bitterly, picturing his most hated teacher's face if he ever heard Harry's thoughts (something that wasn't as unlikely as one could have imagined, said professor being a Legilimens ).

Harry had decided to stay away from his friends, and from the magical world in general. However, there was no way he would stay with the Dursleys. Harry winced as a rough brought pain to his sore ribs .His Uncle was not a nice man, and Harry's body was merely reminding him of that simple fact. He was still sore from his Uncle's latest fit of rage, but he felt well enough to move around. Good thing too, because he had decided to leave this very night. The-boy-who-lived quickly checked to see whether he had packed everything he would need (a few clothes, his favorite book, a pocket knife and some muggle money), and wondered whether or not he should take his wand.

He had decided not to take anything with him that had to do with the wizarding world, he wouldn't even take his invisibility cloak, nor would he keep his photo album, but his wand was another matter. Without his wand, he felt naked, exposed. Besides, it was dangerous enough to leave the house, let alone doing so without protection. Deciding that it was better to be safe than sorry, Harry pocketed his wand, his last link to the wizarding word.

Hedwig hooted, as if sensing that an important occurrence was coming, and ruffled her feathers in the fresh wind coming from the open window. Harry looked at her lovingly, a hint of sorrow in his green eyes.

"Go to Ron's house and stay there. You are not to come back to me... ever. No matter what anyone else tells you to do, don't come back to me." He saw a glimpse of a disappointed look in Hedwig eyes, but she did as she was told and flew through the window. "It's better for both of us this way." He added in a whisper as he watched her fly away.

Taking one last look at his small cramped bedroom, Harry hoisted his bag on his shoulders and jumped through the window, landing onto the roof. He slid soundlessly down the pipe, and ran off into the night.
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