A John Doe Fan Fiction

Jane Doe

A/N – takes places after Save as…John Doe. Spoilers will include any episode up to that. This is my first John Doe fic. Please be kind.

Summary – John helps a young woman suffering from Amnesia while investigating a murder with Frank and Jamie

Disclaimer – The characters John Doe, Digger, Jamie Avery, Frank Hayes, Nance and anyone/thing else the executive producers have created belong to them and the Fox network. Grace and the rest belong to me (irish – March 2004)


The flimsy material of the cotton dress swirled around the young woman as she staggered through the dark and wet rain sodden wooden pier in Seattle. A man and woman stepped out of her way as she stumbled. Assuming that she was drunk or on drugs they walked quickly away without looking back. Letting out a low moan she fell to the ground. The rain plastered her hair to her head. She held onto the nearby wall as she garnered every ounce of energy she had left she helped herself up. She lifted her head and tried to focus on the lights, water, anything to help her make sense of all of this. Images swam in front of her eyes, she couldn't make anything out. It seemed everything was in slow motion. Her ears pounded in her head as she held onto the wall. She could hear the water lapping against the wooden posts of pier. Standing with her back to the wall she turned her head to the direction that she had come from. She knew she was in danger and had to get to somewhere safe. She whimpered as the pain in her head intensified. She rolled her head to the other side and made out a blue neon sign. From the distance she could hear people laughing and the sound of a piano.

Digger, the proprietor of The Sea Bar, glanced over at the man playing the piano. He noticed that he was staring into space as his fingers deftly hit the right notes. It was like he was immersed in his own thoughts, not paying attention to what was going on around him. The bar was extremely busy, people were having fun and yet the other man wasn't joining in. Digger put down the glass he was cleaning and walked over to him.

"What's got you down?"

John Doe glanced up at his friend. He shook his head. "Nothing."

Digger raised his eyebrows as he leaned on the piano. "Nothing? You may be here but you're not with us."

A frown creased the younger man's forehead as he surveyed the room. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that chick over there practically sat on your knee and you didn't even blink an eyelid." Digger moved his head slightly in the direction of a pretty brunette standing at the bar with two other people.

John glanced over at the woman. "Did you know that the absolute value of any real number is its distance from zero? And that if the number a is positive or zero, its absolute value is itself; if a is negative, its absolute value is minus a." He looked up at Digger with a slight grin and the raise of an eyebrow.

Digger shook his head. "The knowledge inside your head is not going to get you what you need most." He pointed his finger at John's head and looked over to the woman at the bar.

John frowned again. "That's not what I need most. What I need most is to find out who I am, find out who The Phoenix group are…"

"In the meantime why don't you have some fun?" Digger slapped him on the shoulder.

John watched as Digger walked away. He pursed his lips together and muttered to himself. 'Fun? I can have fun."

He took a swig from the bottle of beer that was standing on the top of the piano. He eased himself up from the chair and made his way over to the bar.

A cold breeze came gusting through the bar as the swing door opened. John heard people shout out in shock as a voice cried out. He turned just in time to see a young woman with short brown hair collapse to the floor.

"Not another one!" he said to himself. Another woman, Paulette, fainted in the bar a couple of weeks ago. Rushing over he knelt down beside the prone body of the woman and examined her. His eyes took in the cotton dress and the fact that she wasn't wearing shoes. He felt the pulse on the carotid artery on her neck and found that it was very weak. Looking up at the people who gathered around and then at Digger. "Call 911!"


John sat in the leather chair in the hospital waiting room. It was a place that was coming all too familiar to him. He decided that he hated hospitals. Something else to add to his list of dislikes. He watched the people going about their business. The door opened and Frank Hayes and Jamie Avery came in. They, as well as Digger and Karen, had become like family to him. The only family he knew.

"Got your message, Doe," Jamie said getting straight to the point.

"This woman collapsed in the bar tonight. Doc is with her now."

"What were the circumstances?" asked Frank.

"She was only wearing a thin cotton dress, no shoes. Was soaked to the bone."

"Who is she?" Jamie asked.

John shrugged. The door to the waiting room opened and the three turned to see the doctor standing at the doorway with a clipboard in her hand. John noticed that she looked troubled.


The doctor looked at the clipboard. "We've run some tests. She was suffering from slight hypothermia, some cuts and bruises to her feet, no evidence of sexual assault…."

"So who is she?" Jamie asked.

"We don't know. She doesn't know," replied the doctor looking at John.

He stared in astonishment at her. "Wait a minute. Are you saying…?"

"She has amnesia. When we asked her to confirm her name she got hysterical. We had to sedate her."

"Amnesia!" John breathed out. Jamie glanced at him sharply but he ignored the look the lieutenant gave him.

"It could have resulted from any number of things. We're ruling out a blow to the head as there is no evidence. We're going to run some more tests tomorrow."

"MRI, CAT scan?" asked John.

The doctor nodded. "We don't know if she has been reported missing so we're also going to put it out on the news in the morning. We'll see how she is when she wakes up." She turned and left the room.

John turned to Frank and Jamie. "The National Missing Person's databases across the country."

Frank glanced at Jamie and then turned his attention back to Doe. "John. I'm just warning you not to get personally involved in this case. Let us deal with it."

The other man frowned. "What?"

"I'm telling you not to get involved. You have your own thing to deal with it."

"Frank this woman needs our help…."

Jamie placed her hand on his shoulder. "Let us deal with it."

John shook his head in frustration and walked out the door. The two followed him and watched as he stood outside the hospital room looking through the window. He took in the restlessness of the woman. He cast his eyes to the floor and walked towards the exit. Jamie and Frank looked at each other with a look of understanding. Frank let out a long sigh. "We both know what he's not going to listen to us."

Jamie smiled slightly and nodded. "I know."