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(Catfight Royale)

(What do you do if you are in the near vicinity of two

Warrior Sorceresses who are pissed off at each other?)

(Run For Cover ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)

From his secure place within the largest protection pentagram, Spike stared out at the battleground in deep shock. It was impossible! Two hundred Vampires, and all of them were gone. When did they become this good at fighting?

Even that whining bimbo Cordelia fought like a lion. And he could actually sense the power coming from Willow. She was far more dangerous than he had thought.

And the Slayer!! Only one word came to his mind. Divine. She moved with godlike grace and power. No Slayer he had ever seen or heard of came near of being close to her, neither in technique nor in power. She truly had to be one of the two great ones he realised with immense fear.

A fear heightened by the fact that the second of the great ones was here too, Angelus, that bastard of a Grand Sire. What had really happened in hell? Never had he seen his Sire kill his own kind with such apparent ease.

And who the hell were that tall redhead? He got chills of fear down the back by the pure sight of her. There was something familiar about her as she stepped close to the smaller pentagram, facing Cathla with an arrogant twist of her eyebrows as the others stepped up behind her.

Buffy stepped up to the tall redhead. "I guess we won. In less than two hours we took down your whole army. Well, except Spike. But that's only because he hid within that protection pentagram. I'll soon enough deal with him. Now it is your turn. Slaying is my duty. And you are my victim."

Cathla looked at the petite Slayer and felt the power within her. She would never win in a hand-to-hand fight against her, she realised. Then she smiled viciously. Luckily she wouldn't have to fight her physically, because the Slayer had no chance at standing against the magic power of Cathla the Great. With a maniacal laughter, she released a power beam that left the Slayer dazed on the floor. But she was strong. That beam would have killed any other Slayer. Cathla found amusement in watching her slowly get back on her feet.

"Puny mortal," she laughed. "Haven't you realised it yet. You are all helpless against me. The only one that can defeat me is another Warrior Sorceress or Sorcerer of the first circle of hell, O-"

"Or a naturally born Warrior Sorceress or Sorcerer in the service of the Powers That Be." The tall redhead said as she stepped forth. "And," she continued with an evil smirk, "that would be me. I am a naturally born Sorceress in the service of the Powers That Be, and the most powerful gypsy mage in the world. If you are counting on the warrior-part to give you a chance, sorry, I am also a Slayer. And if a Slayer isn't a warrior, then what is? As I said earlier, I am your death. I will deal with you in a moment. But first I have some private business to attend to."

She turned over to Spike and easily stepped through the protection pentagram.

"Who are you," he said as he eased into a fighting stance.

"Hello Spike. Long time no see. Don't you recognise your ex lover. It's me, Drusilla. Except, now I am what I was supposed to be from the start. My soul and life has returned. And I am once again Drusilla the Vampire Slayer.

"William, William. Dear William. How could you do this to me. I see it didn't take long for you to forget me. But damn it boy, I thought you had better taste than to jump into bed with this half ugly ice-cold bitch!" She tilted her head and for a moment her eyes turned bright yellow. "It hurts Spike," she said. "It hurts more than you can ever imagine." Crystal clear tears started run down her cheeks as her eyes went back to brown again.

What the hell!!! Giles thought. Drusilla a Slayer? It couldn't be! And Edith couldn't possible be the insane vampire that he had encountered at several times. This couldn't be. Yet it was, Drusilla, one of the good guys? Incredible!!

"NO! You aren't my beloved Drusilla. You may look like her, but there's not a chance that you are her! Drusilla can never regain her soul. Your Sire made sure of that." And with that Spike attacked with a frightening roar. But as quick as he attacked, he was struck to the floor by a perfectly performed roundhouse kick.

"I'm coming to you," Drusilla said to Cathla. "I just have one last thing to do." And with that she reached into a back purse and took out an Orb of Thesula. Looking at it for a moment with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I have to hurt you," she said before she started chanting. In ancient Romanian she performed the soul-restoring spell. But with one great difference: this time it wasn't a curse. It was a spell cast from love. Not from hate.

Finished with the soul-restoring spell, she continued chanting while spreading a fist full of herbs over him. And for the first time Chatla felt fear as Drusilla started to chant in a language so old that it hadn't been used for aeons of time.

Goddess Hecathe! She is using the Valheru magic. The magic of the Dragonlords from the birth of time! she thought. Chatla watched as the Slayer-vampire moulded the very fabrics of the universe as she saw fit. With a loud thunder, blue lightning's started to run across Spike's body in a random pattern, making his body convulse in pain. As quickly as it started, the lightning disappeared. And as Spike collapsed to the floor, they could all see how the demon left him and disappeared with a scream of rage. Drusilla bent down and softly stroke Spike on the cheek, wiping away a single bloodstained tear. Then she stood up and turned towards Cathla again. With a power beam she destroyed both of the protection pentagrams.

"Now Chatla," she said, her voice dripping with venom. "Now it is you and I. Prepare to be destroyed."

"We'll see about that," the Sorceress said and released an elven death-spell. She laughed maniacally as she saw Drusilla fall to the floor. But her triumph was short as Drusilla got back on her feet again. And with a battle cry she sent a power beam that almost swept the Sorceress to the floor. Barely regaining her balance, the Sorceress retaliated with a power beam on her own.

"I must admit I'm impressed," she growled. "Not many creatures would survive that death-spell. But what about this?" Cathla moved her hands in an intricate pattern. And suddenly Drusilla fell to the ground, gasping for air.

"Lets see how long you can survive without oxygen," the Sorceress said, and prepared for the death stroke. But just then Drusilla's eyes turned bright yellow as her vampire visage appeared. And as she smoothly rose from the floor. She laughed softly.

"Chatla, Chatla! Haven't you learned anything after living for 750 years? Not even after making Spike cheat on me? One does not try to strangle a vampire. They don't need oxygen. And conveniently I am part vampire. So all I have to do is to switch into vamp mode, and tada! I'm back."

With that she released a flying spin kick to Cathla's jaw. Followed by a power beam, and a vampiric pain curse. But the second after, she reeled backwards after a second death-spell. And this time Drusilla felt it as a searing pain in her heart. But the pain gave fuel to her rage, and she concentrated deeply.

"Lets see how you like your own medicine," she hissed as she fought herself back on feet. With a broken scream Chatla stumbled backwards desperately gasping for breath. But the mighty Warrior Sorceress of the First Circle of Hell hadn't lost the fight. Quickly she reached within her robe and pulled out an Icelandic magic symbol, or Galder as they are called there. Drucilla saw what it was. It was a Rothas Cross, one of the mightiest wards against magic. And seconds later, the evil Sorceress could breathe again and literally emitted sparks of rage.

"Goddess Hekathe!! You are better than I thought. You actually managed to take away my oxygen by pure willpower. To my knowledge, only one person has done that before. And that was the legendary Cassandra. It was such a waste of power that she joined the white-hats. And now you're gotten soft too. The famous Drusilla has gained a soul. Such a shame!" And with that she started a magical attack that went beyond anything the ex-vampire could imagine. Pure fear went through Drusilla as she fully learned the power of Cathla. And as she fell to the floor engulfed in magical flames, she saw that the Sorceress even had the reserves to start creating the Hellmouth at the same time. Demons started crawling through the dimensional rift. It was game, set and match.

End of chapter nine