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Chapter 1:- What Could Have Been...


Dystopia:- 1: state in which the condition of life is extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror [ant: utopia]

2: a work of fiction describing an imaginary place where life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror.


Tom Sawyer found himself on the Nautilus, with no memory of how he got there. The young American Agent stared around his surroundings in pure confusion.

"What the?" He said aloud. The last thing Tom Sawyer remembered was standing in a cave, the rest of the League next to him. They had been talking to some scientist, talking about... something. Tom frowned, frustrated at not being able to remember why they had been in the cave. Tom began to walk through the corridors, his mind busy. He didn't pass a single sailor as he walked, the whole Nautilus seemed as empty as a ghost ship. At first Tom didn't even notice the lack of human beings as he walked, his mind too taken up with his present problem. The silence slowly pressed in on him, weighting him down without Tom even being aware of the fact.

The first time he realized and recognized the complete and utter absence of sound, was when that lack of sound was broken. Footsteps could he heard behind the Agent, fast, soft footsteps. To Tom though, they sounded like explosions. Sawyer turned to face the owner of the steps. Walking with purpose towards him, was one of Nemo's sailors. Tom let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"Hey." He called out. "Have you seen Nemo?" The man didn't answer, his face blank of any expression.

"Hey." Tom called out again, waving his hand. Again the man didn't answer, didn't even seem to see Tom. The sailor was getting closer and closer. With a grunt, Tom took a step to the left, blocking the sailors path. The sailor however, didn't even slow down as he got within a inch of Tom. The American closed his eyes and braced for the impact.

He felt no impact, just a shiver.

Tom opened his eyes, more confused than ever. The sailor was no longer in front of Tom, now he was behind him, continuing on his walk as if nothing had happened. Agent Sawyer turned as well, running after the sailor. Just as he was about to catch up with him, the sailor closed a pair of elaborate caved doors in his face. Tom skidded to a stop, knowing that there was no way he was going to avoid hitting them.

He passed through the doors as if they didn't exist.

Tom was starting to get a little bit scared by now. People couldn't see him, he could pass through solid matter... Tom's insides turned to water as an ugly thought reared its head at him.

"I'm a ghost." he said, his voice thick with fear. Abandoning all reason and thought Tom began to run wildly through the Nautilus, trying to find someone who could see him. It was a futile task. As Tom passed a certain room, he looked inside then carried on walking. Something in the room made him stop and turn back. The room had belonged to Allan Quatermain while he had lived. Once the great explorer had been buried they had packed up his thing, placing them carefully in boxes.

This room however was still fully furnished. Tom stepped into the room, a dazed expression on his face. As he glanced around him, an un-looked for hope began to grow in his heart.

"Maybe this is all just a dream instead." Tom said to the furnished room. There was no answer, but Tom was not waiting for one. He carried on his search for any of the league, hoping that if it all was just a dream, then it would be finished soon.

Tom neared the conference room, voices drifting out of it towards him. He moved forward until he could almost touch the closed doors. Then, taking a deep breath he stepped forward, finding himself in the room. The sight before him made his blood freeze. There was Mina, her back to the door, her hands tightly clasped around the top of a chair. Dr. Jekyll was standing by some type of mirror, peering into it. Captain Nemo was standing stiffly, the blood of Ishmael still shining on his blue jacket. There was a gramophone record player on the table, which was playing a recording of M. And there, standing a little way to the side was Allan Quatermain... and Tom himself.

Tom knew at once where - and when - he was, when he saw them all listing to the record. Aboard the Nautilus, chasing after the nautiloid, as they all heard M brag about how he had tricked them all. As if to prove this point, the dream Tom Sawyer spoke.

"M sure likes the sound of his own voice doesn't he." The other Tom Sawyer said.

"Now some of you - perhaps Quatermain, if he isn't dead..." The recording said. Tom blanked out the words, having no wish to hear them again. Instead he focused on Quatermain, drinking in the sight of his dead mentor and friend. Without warning a sudden wetness came to his green eyes and he brushed at them angrily. Tom allowed his mind to focus back on the recording just as it said;

"Sensors that are attached to bombs. Bomb voyage!" The mocking tone of Dorian Gray told the dream League. Tom watched sadly as Nemo pushed the gramophone and the wax record to the ground. He knew that Nemo was too late. Sure enough, just like the real time this had happened the bombs exploded, sending the League members flying into each other.

Tom followed himself as the other Tom Sawyer went running towards the bridge, the rest of the League heading there as well. The Nautilus shuddered and bean to sink. Tom bounced on his heels and watched Jekyll impatiently waiting for the Doctor to save the day. Dr. Jekyll simply hugged the wall, looking miserable.

Time was running out. Tom cast a frantic look at where the other him and Mina were clinging on. The female vampire turned her head slightly, her clear blue eyes fixing on Tom.

"Oh Gods..." she breathed, fear darting across her face. At that moment the Nautilus imploded, water smashing threw the glass, hitting the other Tom Sawyer and sending him flying. The water rushed in threw the hole it had made for itself, greedily filling the air space.

Tom could feel himself floating upwards, away from the sinking Nautilus. Tom wanted to stay and find out what happened to the League but he seemed to have no control over his actions. He rose up though water and into air.

Tom moved through space in the blink of an eye, feeling his eyes bleed with the speed. He found himself over Mongolia, M's Fortress. Time had clearly passed, a great amount of time. The fortress was just a ruin now, but it had not been blown up. Instead it had fallen into disrepair, as if it had been abandoned. Tom peered down at the ruin, utterly confused about what was going on. Images passed in front of his eyes in a blurry procession of sights and sounds.

He saw Moriarty start his war and become immensely rich due to his arms race. Tom could only watch helplessly as war engulfed Europe, spreading to the East, then, to his own country, America. He saw all the world leaders slain - some killed outright in battle, others assassinated by spies from different sides. Out of the burning devastation he watched as Moriarty bought country after country, bringing all the rebels under heel. Tom cried as the whole world became Moriarty's own.

The world was now the evil masterminds oyster. And the man had fun. Tom could feel the pleasure radiating from the man's body as people who tried to stand up against him were killed, sometimes in public as an example, but just as often in private, slow lingering deaths with screams and blood.

He saw once great cites falling into dank ruins, where the strong and evil prayed on the weak. Places where screams of pain and terror were now so normal that no one even looked up. He saw the lucky few crouched in real homes with real food, the men of the families working day and night for Moriarty, to keep their families fed and alive.

The worst things he saw were the living skeletons. People who wandered the streets, mutated beyond recognition, people who had fallen pray to Moriarty's cruel experiments. Tom saw vampires, all working for Moriarty, feeding off any human they wanted, without any fear of being killed by Moriarty's great weapons in exchange for total loyalty to the man. He saw Hyde's and the outline of invisible men, all working for Moriarty. He saw normal humans, their hearts rotten and shriveled as they too pledged their unwavering loyalty to Moriarty.

Tom saw all of this and more. He could feel the pain of the world as if it was a great scar running down his own body. He could sense the sheer mind numbing despair of the normal people as they just tried to live, all independent thought beaten out of them.

Yet in all of this, he could feel something different. It was small, a tiny spark, but it was enough to tell him that somewhere in this dark world there was some kind of resistance. Someone was still fighting back against the wave of evil.

Tom began to drift again. Before long he found himself at the mouth of a tunnel. It was a place that Tom knew - the entrance led to a tunnel, that led to a cave. The same cave where Tom could last remember standing before this nightmare started. His feet touched the dirt on the ground and somehow he knew that he had full control over where he walked. The young man turned to look backwards. In the distance he could see rising smoke and burning fires where London once stood.

With a shudder he turned back to the gaping hole and walked inside. The tunnel was darker than he remembered. In the distance he could just see a pale flickering light where the cave was. Knowing that he had little choice, Tom walked towards the light.

When he stepped into the cave, he found it half filled with men and young children. The kids were clutching each other, some of the younger ones were crying while the older ones tried to comfort them. There were about forty children and ten men. The oldest man had gray hair and a beard.

"We must send them now!" he was saying, talking quietly so as not to alarm the children. One of the other men shook his head.

"We don't even know for sure if the dimension we send them to will be any better than this one." The younger man said.

"We have been working on Noah's Ark since the fall of our Earth. The best brains in the whole world have managed to construct this Ark - by working together, instead of against - a one way travel device into another world. A world where life is better. We have to risk it, we have to send out children." The older man answered. Any more discussion was abruptly ended by the sound of gun fire in the distance. The children huddled closer together as the men listened in fear. A sudden sharp noise was heard and the older man closed his eyes.

"That was the signal from Martin... he's dead and the men are getting closer. If we don't do this now, they will kill our children!" He hissed. The younger man's eyes darted from side to side, sweat rolling down his face. He was completely terrified and for a moment Tom was worried that he was going to do something silly. Then, he seemed to gain some courage from somewhere.

"You're right of course." He said. The other men began to herd the children towards a device in the back of the cave that Tom hadn't noticed before. It was basically a circle painted on a raised bit of ground, some machinery to the side of it. As Tom watched, the first child stepped up. The child was somehow familiar to Tom, but when he tried to remember where he had seen the dark haired little girl his mind went blank. One of the men pressed a button on the machinery and the child vanished. Tom gasped. The other children stepped onto the ring, a few at a time. All the while, the footsteps were getting closer and closer. The last child had just vanished before the men poured into the room, guns blazing. Tom closed his eyes, realizing that the men had given their lives to save their children.

Tom fell to his knees as white hot pain rushed threw him in a wave. He was barely aware of the pain however, his mind too taken up with what he had seen. This was his worst nightmare, a world where Moriarty had won and the League had lost.

The pain rushed threw him again, hotter this time and Tom gasped, his eyes widening as he fell further forward, resting his body weight on the palms of his hands. He crouched there, his breath coming in short gasps as wave after wave of pain swept over him, from the tips of his toes to the nerve endings in the roots of his hair.

His vision was becoming blurred and darker. Fighting against the pain that threatened to completely engulf him, Tom forced his head back up. The men were all killed, each body riddled with bullet holes. The men who had committed the killings were gone, leaving only spent bullets, footprints on the dusty floor and the dead bodies as a sign they had been there. Tom's eyelids closed again, the pain rearing it's ugly head as it attacked his weak body.

Electricity hummed as it covered Tom's body in it's blue light, sparks jumping from one part of him to another. Finally the pain was too much and a raw scream tore itself from his throat. His arms wobbled then gave up on him, sending the American crashing to the floor. Tom twisted his body trying to escape the pain, scream after scream coming from his throat. He twitched violently - once, twice, then three times. Tom could feel himself falling and at the same time remaining completely still. His whole range of vision went black as the screams suddenly died in his mouth.

Then with a cross between a gasp and sob, his whole body went limp, his mind slipping into the awaiting darkness...

In the darkness of the cave, nothing stirred. A slight dust had settled on the bodies of the ten men, the blood that had been spilled, had long since dried. Then, there was a slight crackling of energy above the circle that had been named 'Noah's Ark'. The sound grew and grew, sparks of blue electricity lighting up the cave. A white light in the shape of a portal of light appeared in the middle of the blue. It grew until it was large enough to admit a person's body.

There was a sudden silence, as time itself seemed to stop breathing before a body of a young man wearing a black duster and carrying twin Colt pistols, fell through the portal, hitting the ground, his body rolling down the slight slope. The white and blue light faded away, leaving Tom Sawyer alone with the dead.


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