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Chapter 2:- Right Place, Wrong Dimension


Three Hours Perviously...

Special Agent Tom Sawyer paced up and down, fingering his rifle as he stood just inside the mouth of a short and well lit tunnel that led to a cave, the rest of the League standing further inside. Tom frowned as he stared at them before turned around and gazing out of the entrance at the landscape beyond. In the distance he could just make out the clouds and smoky shapes which signified London. It had amazed Tom when he first heard about this cave, that something as natural and wild as the cave and the forest area around it, could still be standing, when it was only a few miles away from the gloomy and smog filled streets of London, England's capital.

The League had been summoned to this cave on the request of Mycroft Holmes - the new leader of the League. It was he who reported between the League and the British Empire. At first the League had been wary of trusting him, the betrayal of 'M', still fresh in their minds. However, soon enough, they obeyed Mr. Holmes. The fact that his brother was the famous, Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, had helped.

Mr. Holmes had told them a scientist was developing something. Holmes hadn't elaborated on just what this 'something' was, only that it was very new and very top secret. So that was why they were now waiting in the cave for the scientist - who was late.

Tom sighed and continued his pacing, looking down the sight of his gun before leaning it against his shoulder again. His black duster flapped against his legs as he moved. He was fidgety, nervous, all on edge. Yet Tom didn't even know why. There was just something in the air that worried him, a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. The scientist being late wasn't helping his mood.

"Calm down Agent Sawyer." The sultry tones of Mina Harker reached his ears and he looked up, his eyes locking on the beautiful half Vampire. She stared back at him, without any signs of discomfort, her clear blue eyes boring into his own green ones. After a few seconds, Tom broke the gaze, bowing his head to look at his rifle. Mina raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything else. Skinner was leaning against the stone of the wall, possibly sleeping. It was impossible to tell for sure as the invisible thief wasn't wearing his greasepaint. Nemo was at the back of the cave, talking to a few of his sailors, who were listening hard and nodding.

Dr. Henry Jekyll was standing in a corner, fidgeting slightly but nothing out of the normal for the doctor. Mina was standing between Tom and Jekyll, the former still standing at the entrance, now scanning the outside for any sign of the late scientist.

"Where is he?" Tom said in frustration. He rubbed at his eyes for a moment and blinked a few times, trying to keep himself calm. It wouldn't do for him to snap at one of the League.

"Don't worry Sawyer, he'll show up." Skinner said from his place by the wall. Tom sighed again then froze, staring out of the cave.

A tall man was hurrying up the slope towards the cave. He was dressed like a normal Victorian gentleman, his short brown hair combed neatly to one side. Tom gave a low whistle and Mina crossed the distance between them to peer out of the cave entrance.

"That must be the scientist." She muttered, staring down at the man as he hurried towards them. Tom nodded, trying to ignore the effect of Mina standing so close to him. He swallowed, trying to focus back on the young man as he got nearer and nearer. He was younger than Tom would have thought, his mid twenty's, if that. The scientist lifted his head and stopped in his tracks, blinking as he saw Tom and Mina waiting for him. Then he sped up, reaching the entrance a few moments later. He started at the two, his large eyes pale and watery.

"Yo-you must be the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." He said, holding out a clammy hand for the two to shake. Mina took it, shaking it gently, Tom soon following. The scientist nodded as he saw the rest of them all standing in the cave. Dr. Jekyll and Skinner hurried forward to greet the newcomer, Nemo a few paces behind.

"My name is Dr. Broad." The man said. He bowed to the rest and stepped inside. "Has... Has Mr. Holmes informed you of what I have discovered?" He asked. Captain Nemo shook his head as Skinner helpfully chimed in.

"We know nothing mate, but we are all a quiver with curiosity." He said and Mina turned away from the invisible thief, barely able to suppress the sigh she could feel bubbling up inside of her. Tom took a step forward.

"What is this all about Dr. Broad and why do you need us?" He asked. Dr. Broad nodded, in a series of jerks and moved past them, heading for the back of the cave. He pointed at a white circle that had been painted on the ground, a few metal objects scattered around it, forming an almost complete circle.

"For many years now, scientists have believed that this is not the only dimension. We believed that there were alternate universe, with the same people, but people who had made different choices in life." He said.

"That's ridiculous!" Skinner said. "There is only one invisible man, and that's me, Rodeny Skinner." Dr. Broad smiled shyly, letting it stay on his face for a fraction of a second.

"No, you don't understand." He said softly. "Let us take the day you stole the formula for example. Now, you had a choice there, use it or don't. Now, if you had deiced not to use the formula, then your whole life would be very different wouldn't it?" He asked. Skinner nodded and Dr. Broad carried on.

"When you deiced to use it, you destroyed that certain timeline. But say in another dimension, the Skinner there, didn't use the formula. Same world, just a different choice, so a different outcome." He said. Skinner was silent, as he tried to work out what Dr. Broad was saying. Jekyll on the other hand, was nodding with interest.

"Yes, I remember reading about these theories... but they are only theories, surly." He said. Dr. Broad shook his head.

"About six months ago, some scientists discovered a build up of what we call dimension energy." He said, using his hands to gesture wildly. "We believed that this spot was being used in multiple dimension for the same thing - dimension experiments. In a few minutes I am going to complete the circuit and hopefully create a window to look at another dimension." Dr. Broad finished. Jekyll was looking excited by this news but Mina looked unconvinced.

"Doesn't this sound a little far fetched?" she said primly. Dr. Broad's face went a pale pinky red.

"T-there is only one way to find out..." He spluttered, pulling a metal object out of his pocket and using it to complete the circle of metal around the painted white one. Then he hurried over to a box little machine a few meters to the left. Taking a deep breath, he pressed down on a small white button. There was a small buzzing sound and little blue sparks jumped from one piece of metal to the next, until the painted circle was surrounded by the little blue sparks. As one, each member of the League held there breath as they stared at the painted circle.

Nothing happened.

Jekyll and Nemo exchanged glances. Mina stepped forward, towards Dr. Broad, the female Vampire clearly unimpressed. Then, without any warning a faint sound started to emit from the the circle. It was the sound of a little girl crying.

"What on Earth...?" Tom said to the cave at large, moving a tiny bit closer to the painted circle where the crying was slowly becoming louder and louder. His eyes widened as a white light began to appear in the center of the circle, growing larger until a black shape fell out of it. The little girl hit the ground hard and rolled down the slight slope, away from the League, so that the circle was between her and Tom. The little girl was gasping faintly. She lifted her head, her eyes wide before screaming in horror at the people in front of her and tried to move backwards.

The American stepped forward, holding out his hands to show he wasn't going to hurt the little girl.

"Hey, hey, it's okay..." Tom said softly, his eyes fixed on the small dark haired child. As Tom took another step forward, a few things happened at the same time. A second child fell from the white rip in the very reality of this world. Tom's foot touched the edge of the painted circle, his body creating a brake in the circuit. Dr. Broad reached forward, shouting out a warning for Tom, a few seconds too late.

The pain raced through Tom's body before he had time to blink, his hand dropping his Winchester on reflex before the extreme pain paralyzed his body, his mouth falling open in an attempt to scream, though no sound could be forced from his frozen vocal cords.

"Sawyer!" Skinner yelled, moving towards the American. The blue sparks jumped over Tom, using his very living flesh to finish the circuit that only a few seconds ago had been broken. The blue sparks grew faster and faster in a split second, until Tom was nothing more than a collection of blue glowing sparks.

Pain finally found Tom's voice and he screamed, his voice ripping though the relative quiet of the cave, the only other sound being Skinner's muttered curse as he realized he couldn't get close enough to Tom to actually do anything.

There was a brilliant flash of white and when the League could see again... Tom had vanished.


Tom groaned slightly, shifting his body as his eyes fluttered open. His green eyes stared around that dark cave in confusion. Slowly, biting back another groan, the American lifted his head, his expression groggy. Tom bowed it again, letting his messy blond locks fall over his face as he eased his body into a sitting position. He placed his head in his hand, groaning again, feeling ill.

"What did I do last night?" He quietly asked himself. "And where the hell am I?" The silence and the dark were his only answer and he groaned again before trying to stand on his feet. His hand's reached for the solid comfort of his Colt's and he sighed in relief at finding them both. Slowly Tom took a cautious step forward, moving blindly in the dark. The tip of his boot connected with something soft and he fell forward, his upper body slamming into something cold and soft.

With a yelp Tom rolled away from what he had fallen on and lifted his head, his blond hair falling over his eyes. Panting slightly, he peered into the dark, wishing that there was some light.

//That felt like a body...\\ Tom thought with a heavy feeling of dread settling in his stomach. Without wanting too, Tom slowly reached out a hand, touching the edge of some fabric. Shaking slightly, he let his hand travel over the body, following the turns of the face and curve of the body.

Suddenly Tom jerked his hand back as if it had been burnt, his breathing becoming irregular as images assaulted his memory, his mind going over the new facts he had seen. But what had he seen? A dream? A vision? A nightmare?

Tom crawled blindly, until he smacked into a wall. Then it was just a simple matter of moving along it until he found the dip that was the tunnel and felt the breeze on his face. Stumbling on two feet not, he moved away from the cave and along the tunnel. He took a final step, moving into the light. Blinking a few times he stared at the scene in front of him in horror.

It was the world from his... 'dream'. Only he was most defiantly awake.


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