Title: Psycho Factor (0/?)

Author: Cyclone

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Rating: I'm gonna go say PG.

Spoilers: Up to Chosen of BtVS and somewhere in season seven of SG-1.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Summary: This SGC is powerless as Major Carter's sanity hangs in the balance. Sequel to Blind Date.

Author's Note: Okay, this particular 'ship's been battering itself around in my head for a long time now.

* * *

P4C-928 had everything they ever wanted in a planet: Ideal atmospheric and temperature conditions, rich naquadah and trinium deposits for the stockpiles, some ancient ruins to keep Daniel happy, and no sign of the Goa'uld.

*I _knew_ it was too good to be true,* one Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill scowled as he squeezed off another burst from his P90. *There _had_ to be a reason those snakeheads left this place alone.*

The 5.7mm bullets stitched a line of bullet holes across the chest of one particularly large critter with red scales and bull horns just as it shoved another creature to the ground in its haste to reach the retreating SG-1.

Everything was fine... until nightfall. The planet -- it turned out -- was crawling with nocturnal and _very_ hostile creatures of varying shapes, sizes, and -- apparently -- species. On the plus side, they didn't seem to care particularly who or what it was they mauled. At least half the dead or dying creatures had been attacked or trampled by the others.

He glanced over at the rest of his team, and time seemed to slow.


Sam spun at Jack's warning. One of the creatures -- this one mostly humanoid, save for its bulging eyes and waxy skin -- had gotten dangerously close.

She brought her P90 around, but the creature struck first. Barbed stingers in its wrist punctured her BDUs, and she fell back as the world seemed to dissolve around her...

* * *

"Sir!" Jack called as the iris dilated shut behind SG-1. Medics relieved Teal'c of the burden of Major Carter's unconscious form.

"What happened out there, Colonel?" General Hammond asked, concerned.

"Nocturnal hostiles, multiple species," Jack said as the first of the creatures thumped the iris. "It's the planet of Doctor Moreau over there, sir."

Hammond nodded and turned, "Lock P4C-928 out of the dialing program."

"Ah, ah, ah!" Jack held up a finger. "I recommend we _nuke_ it, sir. Send one of those naquadah bombs... blow the whole planet to smithereens."

"You know I can't do that, Jack," Hammond replied. "Not unless that planet poses an imminent threat to Earth. That naquadah is too valuable."

"Of course, sir," Jack said sourly.

* * *

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