"You know I love you Ron, but…" He didn't need to hear the words that followed. He had played out the thousands of possible answers she could give him. None of the good ones started with 'but'. Ron quickly placed his finger on Kim's lips. "Don't bother Kim." Ron turned away and walked off, not wanting her to see his tears.

The man behind the counter slid the yellow form at Ron. "That'll be $858.37. I just need you to fill out the top half, answer the 7 questions and sign at the bottom. You can pick it up in 3 days."

"No turning back now buddy." Ron said to Rufus who was perched on his shoulder as they left Smarty Mart.

The next few days were tough having to change his years old routine. He shoved the Mad Dog Mascot costume deep into his closet. "Better hide this from Mom and Dad until I'm ready." He shoved his recently picked up package behind the costume.

He stood surveying his room, everything in its place as it had been for years. His eye caught sight of a photo. It was of his first trip to Bueno Nacho, with Kim by his side. "good times, those were good times." He sniffed back a tear as he laid the frame flat.

Friday Night

"Josh that was the absolute best most scary movie I've seen since…" Kim thought back to the first PG-13 movie she saw with Ron. "well since a long time ago." She held him close, finding comfort in his arms.

"Glad you had fun Kim, hey how about we go for some ice cream?" Josh asked as he opened the door to let her into his car. "Sure Josh, I'd love some."


Ron carefully opened the package he retrieved from his closet. "The folks are over at the Possible's and Rufus is being held overnight at the Vet's office. Its as good a time for this as any." Ron snapped the loaded magazine into the gun and slid the bolt back, letting a little piece of death find its home. Ron felt the weight of the gun in his hands "never knew that they were so light, its almost like holding a toy."

"I can't get over just how beautiful this city is at night, guess I never noticed it until now." His eyes wandered over the cityscape below, seeing the neon and bright lights of the Middleton Mall. Ron settled against the low wall and leaned back, he closed his eyes and thought. "Come on Ron get it over with, you know what you have to do. So do it." He sat up and turned slightly, resting the butt of the gun on the hard surface of the floor. Positioning the muzzle under his chin, "this would be so much easier, if only…"

Ice Cream

"Pumpkin malt? A pumpkin malt just sounds so freaky." Kim's face squished into a 'oh gross' look. "No really Kim it's great you should try it." Josh offered her his straw, "come on it won't bite you."

A discerning eye could possibly have caught the glint reflected off the otherwise dark roof across the street, but the two teens were oblivious to it.

"Well ok Josh, but it still sounds gross." Kim leaned her head over to take a slurp. Her lips wrapping around the hollow plastic tube.

"Goodbye world." Ron struggled to hold back his tears as his finger began to slowly squeeze the trigger.

Clean Up

"ugh this never gets easier, especially when they're so young. Well lets see what we have." The lab tech pulled back the white sheet to begin the autopsy. "Subject is a white female, approximately 18 years old…"