A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

Well, this is my first attempt at an Inuyasha fanfic. This fic was inspired by all the times I've read about Kagome becoming a hanyou. I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make regarding Japanese customs or language usage. I'll be basing names off of Inuyasha Companion, which has the Japanese names under the characters section.

AN: the following symbols indicate the enclosed type of action/speech




~~~~~~~~~~ = time passes


::It's finally over:: Kagome sighed. After an epic journey and countless battles, they had finally fought and defeated Naraku and his re-incarnations. It had taken the combined effort of Inuyasha, Koga, and Sesshomaru to subdue Naraku long enough for Kagome to shoot a purifying arrow through his head and destroy him for good while Sango and Mirouku had held off the minor youkai that served Naraku from attacking them while Shippo and Kilala protected Kagome. Even so, Kagome had suffered a cut on her arm that Shippo had had to bandage to allow her to use her bow and arrows.

::And the only reason Sesshomaru helped us is because Naraku kidnapped Rin and tried to frame us for kidnapping her:: thought Kagome, looking over at Rin trying to tend Sesshomaru's wounds. Kagome's thoughts were interrupted as Inuyasha stumbled over to her using the untransformed Tetsusaiga as a crutch. "Are you okay Inuyasha?" She asked, taking in the many cuts on his arms and a large gash on his stomach.

Inuyasha sat down with a groan "I'm okay, nothing I can't handle, but I feel like I could sleep for a week." Kagome chuckled, then yelped as Inuyasha suddenly collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the ground flat on her back. "Inuyasha, get off of me!" she said, only to realize that the hanyou was fast asleep. Kagome didn't notice at the time, but some of the blood from his numerous cuts mixed with the blood from the cut on her arm.

Mirouku glanced at the amusing scene and turned to Sango whom he was bandaging. "Hmm Sango, why don't we try th..." *POW* "Hentai," fumed Sango, stepping away from the unconscious Mirouku, who now had a huge bump on his head from her Hiraikotsu. She then sat down beside her unconscious brother and smiled, glad that his body had healed enough that he didn't need the Shikon shard to stay alive and they could be a family again. And our father and village are avenged with Naraku's death.

Koga finished applying bandages to the cuts he had made to remove his Shikon shards from his legs and managed to pull Inuyasha off Kagome. "I've got to get back to Ayame and my tribe," he said, giving Kagome the final jewel shards and running off only slightly slower than usual. The stubborn wolf prince had finally realized that Kagome's heart belonged to Inuyasha and would never be his. He would always have a soft spot in his heart for the young miko, but he had settled down with Ayame

During the commotion, Sesshomaru had slipped away with Rin, so Sango and Kagome got the still unconscious monk, sleeping hanyou, and Kohaku onto Kilala, and the girls walked out of the castle with Shippo riding on Kagome's shoulder. They soon found Hachiemon who transformed and flew the group back to Kaede's village.


Later that night, the group settled down in Kaede's hut and set about preparing some food. Mirouku had to be revived by a bucket of cold water to allow him to eat, while Inuyasha just slept through everything Kagome tried to do to wake him up. "He'll be so mad he missed out on Ramen," chuckled Kagome as she pulled a blanket up to the sleeping Hanyou's chin. After checking on Inuyasha, Kagome took her backpack and started out the door. "Lady Kagome, are you heading back to your own time?" asked Mirouku. "Yeah, I want to take a nice shower and it's my mother's birthday tonight, so I really want to see her," replied Kagome with a smile. "Don't let Inuyasha come after me till tomorrow if he wakes up today, okay?" Mirouku nodded, and Shippo scampered up to Kagome's shoulder to hug her. "Please say you'll come back soon Kagome," sniffed the little kitsune. "Don't worry Shippo, I'll be back tomorrow and I'll bring you a treat," promised Kagome as she gently set him down and walked out the door.


"Oka-san, I'm home!" yelled Kagome as she opened the door to her family's house. "Kagome? Oh what a wonderful birthday present!" exclaimed Mrs. Higurashi as she hugged her daughter. Kagome smiled as she returned the hug, "Thanks mom, and don't you dare try to cook anything tonight, I'm making us sukiyaki for dinner tonight."