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Dreams Really Do Come True

Kagome sighed as she snuggled against Inuyasha's side. "I forgot how nice it was to just cuddle up with you when the pup is restless," she said with a smile. Inuyasha grinned as he gently placed a hand on Kagome's stomach, noticeably larger than normal, and felt the signs of their next pup inside her. Kimiko looked up from where she was watching a pot of ramen cook to say, "Do you know if I'll have a brother or sister soon?" Kagome laughed and draped her tail over Kimiko's head as she said, "It is still to early to tell, we should know next month," Kimiko smiled and turned to grin at Hiryuu, who was watching Flamie and Kudora mock fight. The brown haired boy smiled at his friend and said, "Kudora is winning," with a smirk. Kimiko stuck her tongue out at Hiryuu and started encouraging her dragon. Shippo glanced up from where he was resting his head in Rin's lap and gazing at her face. "You two do realize that they like each other to much to fight seriously, right?" he asked with one arched eye brow. Hiryuu and Kimiko looked at each other and turned to Shippo. In perfect unison they said, "Yeah," before going back to watching their pets wrestle.

POW. "Hentai, I told you to save it for when we're alone in bed!" yelled Sango as she stomped on Mirouku's head. The monk was face down in the dirt with Sango's boomerang holding him down while she stomped him. Sesshomaru and Lina passed the two on their way to join Kagome and Inuyasha, smirking at the look of happiness on Mirouku's face. Isamu sat down beside Kimiko, his large eyes blinking as he stared at the wrestling pets. Sango, Lina and Kagome started talking about mom things like arranging for their kids to visit each other, recent disasters around the home, and stupid mistakes their mates had made. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru just edged away from their mates and focused all their attention on watching Kohaku practice using his kama on a wooden dummy, occasionally pointing out a weak point in a particular type of demon's defenses he was unaware of. A sudden whirlwind approaching the group signaled the arrival of Kouga and Ayame with their twins Hikaru and Hikari. Hikari had red and black streaked hair done up in her mom's pigtails, while Hikaru had red hair with a single stripe of black in the center of his head tied back in a hanging pony tail. (Think Neji from Naruto) "Hey Mutt face, are we late?" yelled Kouga as he set Ayame down and took her hand before walking towards his 'rival'. The two had become good friends over the years, but never admitted it to anyone. Hikari and Hikaru ran ahead to join Kimiko, Isamu, and Hiryuu. "Who is winning?" asked Hikaru as he took in the wrestling dragon and fire cat. "Baka, anyone can see they're just playing and not seriously fighting," replied Hikari as she bonked her brother lightly on the head.

"So how have things been around here?" asked Hikari after she gave Kimiko a friendly hug. "Same as usual, some low level youkai make the mistake of coming after the jewel and dad shreds them to pieces. The only real excitement was when Kilala and Kudora accidentally got into some catnip my mom picked and ran around the village in their large forms. We couldn't get them to calm down until I had Flamie transform and pin them down with his wings," said Kimiko with a shrug. "You have it lucky, we haven't had much excitement besides a run in with a group of Oni that tried to skin some of the wolves. Mom and dad kicked their asses and sent them home crying. Dad really hurt their leader by kicking him in the family jewels, he was running away with his legs moving like a duck's!" said Hikaru with a laugh. Hiryuu groaned, "That's better than what we had to deal with, all we've been fighting lately is stupid centipedes and weasels. The last major youkai I saw was a kappa that decided to take up residence in the women's bathing pool. I've never seen a creature with a nosebleed before, the poor kappa apologized to all the women and moved to the river near by. Now he keeps an eye on any of the little kids who wander by in exchange for cucumbers Lady Kagome grows."

"You guys should be glad you have it so easy," said Shippo. "Back when we were fighting Naraku, everyday could have been our last day on Earth. The youkai back then were more active and bolder. Ever since Oka-san became a hanyou things have been slowly quieting down. The friendly youkai, kitsune, Tanuki, kappas, Tengu, and the other magical creatures that desire peace with humans have grown strong and keep the evil youkai in their place. Kouga's tribe also helps by protecting the villages near them, while Sesshomaru rules the Western Lands with the help of Lina-sama." Rin smiled at her boy friend before taking up where he left off. "Sesshomaru-otou-sama's way of ruling has spread to his fellow Taiyoukai, making all the lands much safer and more peaceful. Even grumpy old Jaken is nicer nowadays." Kimiko snorted. "Feh, that little toad wouldn't know cheerful if it walked up and hit him with his own staff!" Rin grinned, remembering all the games of 'Jaken Pinata' that they used to play. Her favorite game nowadays was 'Pin Jaken to the Wall with Daggers and Try Not to Hit a Vital Spot'. "That may be true, but he did help Sesshomaru-otou-sama raise me before Oka-san came into our lives. Now he has to tutor Isamu to take over as the next Taiyoukai of the Western Lands since I have no intention of taking the job," said Rin as she ruffled Isamu's hair. "Sure, stick all the responsibility on me," growled the boy as he tried to push his older sister's hand off his head.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha had been trying to light the barbeque so he could cook some hamburgers Kagome had brought from her time. Sesshomaru was examining the tope of the grill while the silver haired hanyou fiddled with the gas knob. Inuyasha finally got the knob turned to the open position and grabbed a box of matches. "Stand back Sesshomaru, and watch the grill master at work!" said the hanyou with a grin as he started to light the burners. Sesshomaru sniffed the air and said, "Inuyasha, I think you might want to…" FOOMP! Everyone stared as a huge column of flame shot into the air and died out. The pups started laughing as they caught sight of Inuyasha. The hanyou's face had gotten caught in the eruption of fire and was completely black except for his eyes, which were the size of tennis balls. "Ow!" exclaimed Inuyasha as he fell over but stayed frozen in the position of lighting the burner. Sesshomaru sighed as Kagome and Lina walked over to heal his younger brother's face. "I was trying to say that you should step back and let your son light the barbeque from a distance with his foxfire," said the Taiyoukai as the women concentrated on healing Inuyasha. Shippo ran up and said, "Don't worry Otou-san, I'll cook the food while you rest!" before he started placing venison burgers on the grill and sprinkling a few spices to give the burgers flavor. Sesshomaru took a careful sniff of the patties and found it hard to keep from licking his lips at the aroma they were giving off.

After ten minutes of healing, Inuyasha was able to move his mouth normally and the first thing he said was "OOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH!" as tears pored out of his eyes in small streams. Kagome giggled and dried his tears with her tail before saying, "I've told you to be more careful when lighting that grill. Last time you almost burned your ears off!" Sesshomaru stared at his brother, wondering if being hit all those times as a pup when Sesshomaru had been angry with the little hanyou was the cause of Inuyasha's stupidity. Kouga was pounding the ground as he laughed till tears pored down his cheeks until Ayame smacked him for aggravating Inuyasha. Kimiko sighed as she looked at how stupid her father acted some times while Hiryuu patted her shoulder to offer his condolences for having to deal with Inuyasha on a daily basis. Rin was deeply grateful that Sesshomaru had more common sense in regards to his mate and life in general than Inuyasha. Hikari and Hikaru both muffled their laughs so Ayame wouldn't be able to punish them for making fun of Inuyasha. Kudora and Flamie ignored everyone in favor of finishing their wrestling match with Kudora managing to flip the dragon onto his back and pin him. Flamie gave a low growl which Kudora awnsered with a short purr before the two snuggled together to sleep in the sun and ignore the humans, hanyou, and youkai around them.

Well, it has been 32 chapters since I started this fic and I've loved every moment of writing. A special thanks to Story Weaver1, inufreak831, Chrisy12, Dumber then a Moogle ass, Dark Inu Fan, FieryDemonFox (Update your stories soon!), crazyhanyoued, Sword Master Jeff, Mily, and any others I missed who reviewed almost constantly. Below will be a small summary of the sequel to this story, The Trial of Kimiko.

Kimiko has had to deal with many things over the last twelve years, the Shikon jewel disappearing and apparently residing inside her, seeing her older brother Shippo and Rin making out all the time, home schooling from Kagome, fighting off crazed youkai out for her blood, the birth of her baby brother Katsou(victorious child), moving to modern Japan after her mom takes over maintaining the Sunset Shrine when her great grandfather grows to old to, and finally going to high school in her mother's time. At least she has the summer to spend camping in the feudal era with her new friends Akira and Miyuki Saotome & Ryeka Misaki. With her friend Hiryuu, big brother Shippo, and cousin/big sister Rin along, it looks like everything will be nice and relaxing. That is until a meteor hits near their campsite and causes them all to be sucked into the world of Shippo's favorite manga, Naruto!

The first chapter of the sequel will introduce the new characters and the next chapter will start things off. I've got the character bios done, now I just have to finish the first chapter. They'll be up real soon, since winter break starts this Saturday for me and I'll have more time to write!