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After being released from the hospital, Aya relaxed at home until night fell. She stood outside on the porch, breathing in the night air, relaxing her body, knowing it was time to save her son. She spoke silently to Ceres telling her it was time. A bright light was emitted from her as her body cellularly changed in appearance. Her honey blonde hair changed to a sapphire blue, her blue eyes to a shockingly golden shade. Her face, so soft in angles became severely sharp.

Spreading her arms out, Ceres lifted her face to the night sky, allowing herself to weight nothing. She shot up into the night sky, letting her strength and power take over. She allowed it to take her to where her kin lay, anxiously awaiting her arrival.

"When she comes, I want you to shoot her down." Matt ordered his men. He knew they weren't a match for Ceres, but at least it would give him time to get a hold of the boy to use him as his trump card. No matter what, he wanted revenge.

She arrived, her hair tousled from the wind. She had to finish them off, to get Aya's son back. To her own knowledge, she didn't think that he knew she could fly, so she scouted out the premises, soon finding him in his office. She wanted few casualties as possible. She only wanted Matt's death, no one more, no less.

She blasted through the glass, startling the man. She was shocked to see that young Aki was in the room with him. Leverage she thought. He was acting low, the lowest of them all. "Give me Aki back." she demanded, her hair rising above her head. She knew she looked primal, like an animal, making itself look bigger to scare off it's predator.

"Don't make me laugh." he said, holding a dagger to the boy's throat. Ceres didn't know what to do. She wasn't at her strongest, and she couldn't project a barrier to protect the boy from the blade, and attack the sniveling human at the same time. It just wasn't possible.

"I see that you're stuck maiden." Matt said, gripping the boy even harder than needed. Aki let out a squeak of panic. He was just a small boy, not even 4 years old, facing the ugly fate of death. He didn't know what to think, just that he wished he could be home with is mommy, sister and new daddy.

Both Matt, Ceres, and Aki were surprised to see a bright light engulf the boy. It was a crimson light, that repelled Matt, keeping the young boy safe. It was then that both Ceres and Aya knew that it was Tooya protecting his son. "Tooya" Ceres whispered, conveying the emotions of Aya.

"Hurry up Aya." he said.

Ceres faced Matt, approaching step by step, her eyes fierce as a tigers. "You tried one too many times to hurt me and my family. You ruined what was to be one of the happiest days of my life. You put both my children and my sister-in-laws unborn in serious danger, and all because of your stupid relative Kagami!? She glowed, the light changing many shades of red. "It's your time to meet oblivion." she squinted, and watched as the man disappeared into ash. The power of both her and Tooya had destroyed the emblem that Matt held.

Slowly Aya changed back into herself, she heard the soft words of Ceres saying "Be happy." She felt the strength and maternal warmth leave her body, knowing that Ceres had gone back to heaven to Mikage.

She turned to the light, knowing that Tooya was still there. She saw his spirit holding their son. She knew that at last they both had found peace. "I'm happy that you've found love again. That it has been reborn in your soul, and that you still remember the love we shared. Knowing that, I can be at peace." he said with a smile before kissing the top of his son's head. "He's grown up so much."

"He has." she said, knowing that she still loved him, but not in the same way as she did Yuuhi. "Thanks for coming to our rescue again." she said, tears shimmering in her eyes.

"It something I had to do. Please, live happily Aya, for that's all I can wish for in my heart. That's all I want, is your happiness." he said, smiling. "I love you." he said before fading away.

With him gone, she knew he was still watching over their son. She ran up to Aki, holding him tight against her. "Are you okay?" she asked, kissing his head, face, crying, happy to know that he was okay!

"Yes momma." he said, sniffling, trying to be strong. "I felt papa." he said. "He told me to make sure you're happy!"

Aya pulled back a bit, looking in her son's face, smiling. "Yes I saw papa too. But it's time to go home to Yuuhi and your sister."

"I wanna see Auntie Suzumi and her babies." Aki said, a toothy smile on his face.

"We'll go see them too!" she said, a teach laugh bubbling up. "I'm so happy you're okay!" she hugged him once more, before leaving the building.

Months passed without incident, and everyone knew that peace had finally come for all of them. Aki was enjoying being a big brother to Shuro, loving the giggles he was able to get from her. He also enjoyed watching his cousins, Chidori and Syaoran. The adults were finally at peace, loving their kin, and going on with life.

Peace has finally been granted to them, after so many obstacles. It's time they live their life, being in love, being a family, and being strong.

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