Mitsuko's diary ends here. It was discovered on her attic floor, three days subsequent to her death.

Mitsuko Komyouji lived to be fifty-nine, and is survived by two children, Miyuki and Encarnacion. She is most recognized for her exhaustive genetic research, including mapping the genomes of previously undiscovered plants in the Amazon rainforest. Her doctorate was in Microbiology.

In her life, she commanded the professional respect of her peers, but shunned their personal circles to such an extent that she was viewed as something of an eccentric. The reasoning behind this has been debated, but many of her colleagues surmise that she did not wish to draw attention to her rumored family secrets. A few unnamed sources have noted the family resemblance Jiro Komyouji had with the other Komyoujis, and have questioned whether he was, in fact, a distant cousin of Mitsuko's.

There are meager records of Jiro Komyouji, though it has been assumed by most that his birth records were lost during The Incident. All that remains clear is that he was a vagabond; a drifter that her father took in. Whether he took Mitsuko's last name out of respect for her, or had her family name simply because of blood ties is unclear.

There is no proof to substantiate that Jiro was ever an android. The extensive catalogue of Doctor Den Komyouji's work has been lost through the years. The existence of the program described as "Gemini" has not been validated. Nor has evidence of an android named Bijinder/Mieko been found.

Jiro himself enjoyed the status of a cult musician. Although he was a noted guitarist, influencing younger generations, he reportedly despised crowds, and refused to perform in large venues. Instead, the bulk of his professional work was relegated to recording studios. He suffered a stroke nearly two years to the day before wife did, and passed away shortly thereafter.

Hanpei and Etsuko Hattori currently reside in the respectable Eastern suburb of the nation's capitol. They enjoyed moderate success in their detective business, and have been retired for a decade. Neither one would comment directly on the authenticity of the events in Mitsuko's diary, but Mr. Hattori did state that the disappearance of Doctor Den Komyouji was unrelated to the bankruptcy of The Dark Demolition Corporation. Instead, he claims that the doctor's prolonged absence and injuries were due to a mental breakdown, coupled with memory loss. Both celebrated a strong friendship with the Komyouji family, in particular Jiro and Mitsuko.

Doctor Den Komyouji passed away of cardiac failure ten years after The Incident. His mentor, Reverend Fuuten, survived him by five years, and may well have lived longer if a driver had not lost control of his vehicle as the reverend crossed the street on a balmy June morning.

Masaru Komyouji wed his childhood friend, Yoko Kaito, and have one daughter, Ran. Ran Komyouji, a respected singer, recently married the lawyer Mark Degras, and is expecting twins. All four members of the family currently reside in Ireland.

Masaru Komyouji became a published children's author and illustrator with the release of Margot's Oasis, but did not enjoy success until his second book, The Lantern of Stars. Since that point, he has released a dozen others, many of which have been international bestsellers.

The publisher has managed to trace no less than four Akira Esovars who were from three to five years of age, and departed the country within a month following The Incident. Of the four, only one is rumored to have any connection with the Komyouji family, and may have met with Mitsuko during her lifetime. He has refused our repeated requests for an interview.

While there has been heated debate about the validity of the text since it was uncovered, Mitsuko's diary contains notes on specific dates and times of each event she chronicled. Each coincide precisely with the dates that uncontested events occurred. Certain details, such as how The Dark Demolition Corporation became massively profitable only to abruptly declare bankruptcy, would have been difficult for someone in Mitsuko's position to describe unless it was a convincing fabrication of events.

It remains undecided whether Mitsuko's diary is ultimately a truthful recording of family secrets, or a brilliant fact-based fiction from a master storyteller. Mitsuko's living relatives have all made the statement that the validity of the events depicted is not the purpose of the story, but that readers should value it for its greater meaning.

The end.

Wow, many months and eight chapters later, I can finally conclude my story. I had my reservations about extending what could have been a "one-shot," but I was met with the support from so many "Kikaider" fans, that releasing this idea that refused to die in my mind became the truest option.

I was concerned about disrupting the continuity of the story, so I withheld all personal notes until the piece was completed.

My literary influences? They're all over the place, if you hadn't guessed.

There were several scenes I had planned which for the purpose of remaining concise and not detracting from the main storyline, were not included. Den Komyouji's research of the commonalities of moral code in different cultures, his interest in the legend of the Gollum, or the imparting of objects with souls, Masaru's overcorrecting Hanpei Hatottori's speech, Mitsuko's run-in with Miyuki; all of these were cut.

To answer Tenniyo's question; yes, Bijinder's eyes are blue in the OVAs, but they are green in MEIMU's updated manga. When I was writing this story, I mistakenly recalled the manga, and liked the imagery of it so much that I kept her eyes that color. It's a bit of license, so if the purists are distressed by the change, then I apologize.

To those who have read, and those who have provided feedback, I'm flattered and humbled by the attention. I dedicate this fiction to "Kikaider" fans, but in particular to the members of the Kikaider Proboards.

As for a sequel, I won't entirely rule out the possibility of a follow-up, but it wouldn't occur for some time.

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