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"Now if only I had a camera to capture that moment forever," Wanda said thinking back to Scott and Jean.

"Ah know what ya mean, that would beh th' BEST blackmail anyone could EVAH have!" Rogue said agreeing with her friend. "Whoevah did that ta them gets a heck of a lot o' credit in mah book," she added as they came upon the next house. There was loud music exploding from the house as well as strobe lights and decorations all around the place.

"Well mates, Ah think that they're havin' a party in there!" John said with a smile on his face. Wanda shook her head. "Come on, remember, there's lots of candy to be gotten," she said in his ear. John perked up and nodded.

"They'll hopefully still have candy for us," Jamie said as he started to walk up to the house.

"Remy don' trust dis…" he said as he started to follow the two. Wanda and Rogue agreed and followed after them. Jamie knocked on the door and waited a moment, then knocked again. "Allow Remy," Remy said and walked up to the door. He pounded on it for a good minute and a half. A few seconds later, a boy who looked about 19 came to the door. "Hey, come on you guys, the parties out back!" the guy said and grabbed Jamie's and John's hand and started dragging them through the house to the back. Jamie didn't know what was going on as the strange guy pulled them to the backyard where at least a hundred other people were. Rogue, Wand and Remy quickly followed after them. The guy let go of John and Jamie's hands and went back to the party. The five looked around and all looked at each other.

"Well… it probably wouldn't hurt if we stayed for a few minutes," Wanda said, as she looked around at all the costumed people. There were fairies, gremlins, super heroes, and someone was even dressed as The Hulk.

"Ah don' know Wanda… Ah mean, with Jamie here an' everythin'," Rogue said. Remy put his hands on her shoulders.

"Don' worry chere, we keep an eye on d' petite," he said and kissed her cheek. Rogue sighed in defeat and looked down at Jamie.

"Fahne, we can stay fo' a few minutes," Rogue said, having a deep feeling that something would go wrong and then looked down to see Jamie was gone.

Jamie looked around. He had never been to a party like this and then saw a girl around his age at the side. He looked up and saw the other four talking to each other and slipped off to talk to the little girl. She had long brown hair and was dressed like a princess.

"Hi, I'm Jamie," Jamie said with a smile to the girl. The girl looked towards him and gave him a small smile too.

"Hi, I'm Melissa," the little girl said. "This is my older brothers party, it's supposed to be fun… but there are too many older people here," she said. Jamie grinned widely.

"Well, I'm not old, want to hang out with me?" he asked her. She looked at him and then nodded. Just then the Monster Mash started blaring throughout the party.

"Wanna dance?" Melissa asked him. Jamie just nodded and followed her out to the dance floor. They started moving there arms and doing the twist like little eleven year olds knew how to do.

The teens looked around everywhere outside and then saw Jamie dancing in the middle of the floor with someone his won age. Rogue sighed in relief. Remy then grabbed her hand and started dancing with her. Rogue finally relaxed and started dancing as well. Wanda and John were doing a very racy dance with one of John's hand high on her thigh and the other on her butt. Her arms were around his neck and their bodies were molded together.

A little while later after Jamie and Melissa had pulled a few pranks on some of the older kids there and danced some more, Jamie was thirsty. "Would you like anything to drink?" he asked. Melissa shook her head.

"It's ok, but I can show you where it is," she said and grabbed his hand and pulled him off to the refreshment table. Jamie saw a bowl of punch on the table and poured some into a cup. He took a big gulp and then made a face. "What's wrong?" Melissa asked him.

"This punch is nasty, it's making my throat burn a little bit," he said. Just then, Remy and John came up to the refreshment table and saw Jamie and Melissa there.

"Hey Squirt," John said as he got a cup of punch. Remy followed suit and got is own cup of punch.

"Be careful with the punch, it's really nasty," Jamie said as he started to feel a little dizzy. John looked at him.

"I don't know, this is my fifth cup of this stuff and I think it tastes good, it makes you feel REALLY happy," he said. Remy nodded in agreement.

"Oui, dis b' Remy's fifth too, an' e' doesn' taste anyt'in wrong wit' it," he said and finished his fifth cup. Just then someone called Melissa.

"I'll be back, my brothers calling me, but it was very nice to meet you Jamie," she said and kissed his cheek before she walked over to her brother. Jamie grinned and then started feeling weird inside. Rogue and Wanda then walked up to all three of them and looked at Jamie. He was wobbling a little bit back and forth.

"Oh mah gawd, Remy, tell meh ya didn't let him drink th' punch," Rogue said looking at her boyfriend. Remy nodded.

"Oui, what b' d' problem chere?" Remy asked as he threw the paper cup away.

"Remy! Ya know college parties! The punch was spiked!" Rogue said. Remy smacked his lips a little bit.

"Y' know chere, Remy tink y' b' right, 'e's tastin' a l'il bit o' bourbon in it," he said with a cheesy grin. Wanda smacked her head.

"This just reinforces the scientific theory that males are morons," she said and looked to the boys. "Come on, let's get out of here," she said and looked to Rogue. Just then, the Macarena went out through all the speakers. The boys took this advantage of the girls not looking and snuck off. When Wanda and Rogue turned back around their eyes widened. "Now where did those idiots and Jamie go," she said and then heard a large roar from the crowd. They looked to where the crowd was cheering and their mouths dropped

"Am Ah seein' what Ah thank Ah'm seein'," Rogue asked. Wanda nodded. Up at the front, where everyone was looking, Remy, Jamie and John were on top of one of the empty tables doing the Macarena. Jamie was in the middle of the two larger boys shaking his but and wobbling around the table along with the other two.

"Who knew such little alcohol could effect Jamie like this!" Wanda said as she and Rogue were trying to make their way up front from all the teens that were doing the Macarena following the three on the table.

"He's a little boy Wanda, whose nevah had alcohol, course it's goin' ta effect him this way," she said as she pushed through watching her costume. At the end of the song, Remy jumped off of the table and crowd surfed to the back.

"That looks like fun!" Jamie said and followed Remy. "WHEEEEE!" he said drunkenly as the crowd sent him to the back. John also jumped off of the table, but he missed the crowd and fell on the ground.

"Ow…" he said and rubbed his head, with his grin still on his face. Wanda came up to him.

"Oh how I feel like smacking you right now!" she said as she helped him up and went towards the back where Rogue was giving Remy an earful and Jamie was smiling with a cheesy grin and he turned around in circles.

"Come on Rogue, let's get out of here," Wanda said as she grabbed Jamie's hand and walked back through the house with Remy being supported by Rogue as Wanda was also supporting John. Before they left however, John and Jamie emptied the candy bowl into their bags. When they got away from the house Wanda and Rogue dragged the boys to a diner that was nearby. They ordered two cups of coffee and a glass of water.

"Jamie should hopefully beh fahne after a couple of minutes, he didn't drink that much of the punch," Rogue said as she handed Jamie the glass of water and an aspirin which he happily accepted. Wanda set the cups of coffee in front of John and Remy.

"I still can't believe that they didn't bother to mention that the punch had been spiked, because you know good and well that Remy knows what spiked punch tastes like, considering he's probably spiked thousands of bowls," Wanda said.

"Y' b' real purty petite," Remy slurred a little bit at Rogue and plopped his head onto the table. Rogue shook her head.

"Weh maght as well stay here until Jamie is a l'il bit more sober," Rogue said, not wanting to end Jamie's trick or treating yet.

"Rogue, are we gonna get more candy?" Jamie said as he rubbed his head a little bit and drank some more water.

"Of course sugah, we're just takin' a small break," she said with a smile. Jamie smiled.

"Ok," he said happily, still a little drunk as he looked through his big bag of candy.

Wanda then looked to Rogue. "Hopefully this sit eh worst thing that will happen," she said. Rogue shook her head.

"Ya just jinxed us Wanda, ya just jinxed us," she said shaking her head.

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