Warning: This will contain possible death (and in graphics details maybe) sexual References, Violence and Mild Language, so in others words i am rating this R on the safe side. A Author Note: Kate and Seb aren't the two teenagers I was talking about.

Summary: People have watched Pokemon on TV some made fun of it soon the entire world was against it then Pokemon became Reality Making everyone lives turn to Hell, can two simple lovelorn teenagers save the day? Or will earth crumble under Pokemon. And will they able to save their siblings before they die?

Chapter 1 A Girl around her mid-twenties walked alone down her neighbourhood unaware of a creature following her The thing growled at her. "Who there?" she called out no answer she kept on walking, then the creature attacked "AHHH! Somebody please help me" she screamed but no one heard she tried to push the creature aside but it was too big her world then went black.

Two teenagers one with brown and icy blue eyes and the other one black-jet hair and brown eyes sat on the couch with the TV on but they weren't paying attention to the show. "You awake Kate?" 15 year old Seb Hanson asked his 17 year old girlfriend Kate Smith. "Hmm Yeah I am" Kate replied opening her eyes. "What you say you and I got out on a vacation just you and me" Seb said. "Maybe Where to?" she asked,

"To a Island called Sunny Breeze Island" Seb replied. "Okay When?" she asked' "Oh maybe this weekend and we could celebrate" Seb said. "Celebrate? For what?" she asked in confusion. "This" Seb said turning a channel on the TV the ads were on.

"We now have a special announcement for Kate Smith" The TV announcer said jerking Kate's attention. Then a preview for a show appeared but it wasn't a real one.

"Kate Smith I love you with all my heart and I want to be with you forever and even thought we are young, I need to ask you a favour Will you Marry me" He said then a screen shot of the living room appeared in the TV Kate spotted a hidden Camera. She turned to Seb "Please" he asked "Oh Seb Yes!" Kate said the two embraced in a kiss. People then cheered on TV including Seb's and Kate's family. Then a Creature the size of Bigfoot came crashing into the home. "AHH!" Kate screamed Seb protectively put his arms around her. The creature was grey and some of it was covered with metal, it had two horns growing out of it. "AGGRON!" the creature roared then it grabbed the two frightened teens they tried to escape but they might as well of been a Spider trying to escape from a eagle. It then stormed out of then another cry was heard but it was different from the metal creature the family who saw the entire thing watched in fright as their family member was taken away.

16 year old Kristen Seb's older sister and 16 year old Channa Kate's younger brother stared at the screen of the house that actually belonged to Kate family. Now it was completely destroyed they had left the house so the two teens could have privacy and they went to Seb house. Their mothers held on their husbands for dear life. "What just happened?" Kristen asked.

2 hours later and the Smiths and Hansons were at the house. Somebody at witnessed the entire thing and also witnessed a Red-orange Dragon like creature flying off with them while the steel creature vanished down the streets. "This can't be happening" Cate Seb's Mother cried John her husband tried to calm her down "They will be okay we just need faith" John said. He looked over at Kate mum Jade who was handling this really badly. Nathan her husband tried to get her to sit down but failed. "Come on sweetie please sit down or you will have a Asthma attack" he said.

Kristen and Channa snuck off during this crisis. "Come on lets find this creature" Kristen said moving her delicate brown hair from her eyes. "But we have no idea where to look" Channa replied Kristen and himself had one thing in common and that was that they couldn't find Love, Kristen heart keeps getting broken, and Channa hasn't found anybody. "Hello it shouldn't be hard come on lets go" she pursued him. "Okay" Channa replied unsure. They head off to the direction where the man said it went to. Channa had a feeling that he knew what it was and the word kept replaying in his head


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