When Pokemon becomes Reality

A/N These * Means between thoughts, This ^ means Flash back

Chapter 5 Lost and Bound

A flying Pokemon flew towards a set of hills, a red haired girl sat on the Pokemon following a Aggron which was running fast towards one of the hills. "Bingo, Charizard finish Aggron off" Flannery said when she noticed a cave hidden high in one of them. "Char!" Charizard cried it flew straight for the steel and ground pokemon. "Flamethrower!" she yelled Charizard let out a another burst of fire hitting the pokemon by surprise "Aggron!" It yelled getting caught unexpectedly. Aggron tried an attack but it was too weak "Finish it off" Flannery replied with no emotion in her voice, Charizard this time let out a huge Fire shaped like a star hitting Aggron "Ag" it said stumbling before falling to the ground beaten. 'Lets go" she said to Charizard taking a final look at the burned Pokemon.

"Good job Charizard you deserve a rest" she said returning Charizard as she walked into the cave. She put the pokeball containing the tired fire pokemon onto her belt and then realising another Pokemon, This one was like a dog and was all red expect it mane and tail which was white.

"Flare" she crooned as the pokemon was let out. She walked through a another door like and saw two teenagers tied up by a young Treecko vine whip. "Hey Treecko pick somebody your size" she said dragging the grass pokemon attention "Treecko" it yelled attacking Flannery unaware of the pokemon behind her. Just as Treecko was about to launch a attack Flareon jumped in front of Flannery and like Charizard let out a stream of fire hitting Treecko where it hurts 'Treecko!" It cried as it fainted "You pokemon gotta realised I raised my pokemon with the Ultimate care" Flannery said 'Who their?" a blonde girl asked which Flannery assumed was Kate, "Flareon burn these vines very carefully" she said. Flareon very carefully used ember and the vines came loose, Flannery took off their blindfold "Hello I am your saviour you two must be Kristen and Channa siblings" she replied. "What is that" Kate asked their was no mistaking the fear in her voice. "That is just a Flareon" Flannery replied. "A what?" The brown hair boy named Seb said

"It is called a Pokemon which that betrayed all Pokemon" said a voice Flannery swirled around facing a purple cat-like creature I already told you Mewtwo, No one is a betrayer, these humans from this REAILTY did not betray us" Flannery said "Flare" Flareon replied jumping in front of its owner baring it teeth "Pathetic creature I don't even know how you are worthy to be with a trainer" Mewtwo said staring down at the Flareon. "You back off my Pokemon" Flannery said. "Here a better idea" Mewtwo said he then formed a Psychic ball in his hands and shot it towards Flannery, He knew if he did that Flareon would no doubt jump in the way. 'Flare!" Flareon cried out jumping in the way "Flareon!" Flannery cried then Mewtwo tail whipped across her face knocking her out cold.

Kate stared as a creature came out of a swirling hole, a Green small floating creature was making the portal "Ivysaur" The creature coming from the portal said. It had a pink closed bulb on the top with long leaves surrounding it.

"Tie this worthless human up" Mewtwo said to the pokemon "Ivy" it said then two long vines came out of its bulb and tied Flannery up and tied the pokemon, which the girl said was called Flareon. "Good job you are a worthy pokemon" The cat creature said, the plant animal glared at the teens before walking out of the cave. The two creatures also flew out. "Seb I am scared, what going to happen to us" Kate said in a quivering voice to her someday maybe fiance. "I don't know babe, maybe somebody will find us in time so we can get married" Seb replied looking into Kate eyes, He couldn't do anything comforting, not even kiss or hug her since they were tied up. "God help us" Seb whispered to himself.

Kristen, Channa and Ninetails had stopped at a abandoned Chips and fish shop after they started getting tired. 'You sure it 0kay to eat without paying?" Kristen asked as they ate some chips. "I think today can be an exception" Channa replied "Nine" Ninetails agree. "Where do you think they are?" Kristen asked "I have no clue babe but we will somehow find them" Channa said holding one of her hands. Ninetails become interest in these two lovelorn lovers.

*These humans love each other, and here we Pokemon are tearing their lives and this isn't even our world to begin with, My fellow Pokemon friends have soled the name Pokemon alike. What is the point of destroying this world, we are just making these humans more angrier and hateful towards us even more. Mewtwo had really done it this time* Ninetails thought.

Articuno and it company, Flannery and her five other pokemates were probably the only allied pokemon around. "Well you two are totally real lovers aren't you" said a voice perking the three attention. Ninetails stood and growled.

A Girl with scratches all over her and a hideous scar on her right eye with blue eyes and blonde hair stood their with a dog Pokemon. It was orange and had black stripes with white hair, it was a little like a Flareon, the pokemon was a Aracanine. "Aura!" Kristen cried "But how?" Channa asked Ninetails relaxed only a bit seeing that they weren't a threat but she wasn't sure about the dog. "Well my heart only stopped for a few minutes then something healed me and I then met this creature" Aura replied pointing to the dog fire pokemon. "How come you didn't come sooner, we thought you were dead" Kristen replied Aura cheeks went red "Yeah sorry about that" she replied. Arcanine moved closer to the group "Nine!" Ninetails growled furiously warning the dog "Arc" The pokemon replied "Nin, Ninetails!" she barked "Arcanine!" Arcanine barked back "Hey settle down" Channa said to the pokemon but Ninetails wasn't going to let her guard down. "Can it" Aura said to Arcanine, he was the first to back down. "Lie down" Channa replied to Ninetails. The fox Pokemon sat but still didn't let her guard down, she knew that Arcanine must be using Aura and won't let him out of sight. "What was that about?" Kristen asked.

"It could be that she doesn't trust Aura pokemon" Channa said. Kristen had a confused look on her face. "See All expect Articuno, Ivysaur, Combensken and Marshtomp and Flannery Pokemon were the only allies Ninetails think we humans have so she doesn't want Arcanine near us" Channa explained Kristen nodded her head. "I suppose it fair, it like a animal, if another animal comes into its territory it feels threatens" Aura said. Ninetails was listening to the three humans *Couldn't they be more wrong?, Don't they see that Arcanine is nothing more then a threat, A spy? Mewtwo must of brought back Aura and controlling her and the Arcanine is to slow us down to save their siblings, and possible my master if she gotten herself into trouble* Ninetails thought still staring at the orange dog. "We better keep on going we need to find Kate and Seb soon, and end this Pokemon war before all of Earth is doomed" Kristen said getting up "Lets go then, Arcanine knows the way, it was suppose to be Mewtwo servant like the others but ran off to help us" Aura replied

*Betrayed Mewtwo? And know where they are, not a likely story, and how did Aura know anyway, Pokemon can't talk English* Ninetails said to herself, she was going to watch this pokemon because as far a she concerned Arcanine is a imposter. "Arcanine lead the way" Aura said to him "ine" he said. "It over in these hills" Aura said to the teens pointing to large lumps in the distant.

John Hanson and Nathan Smith walked down a very long dirt road through the forest. They had wondered off from their wives after they heard a strange creature after some time they had lost the creature, but they also were lost in the woods. They were getting closer to some mountains, but yet further away from their lovers. "Where are we?" John asked Nathan didn't have an answer "I have no idea, I just hope Jade is alright" Nathan replied. "What that?" John asked pointing to one of the hills, a large cat-like creature and a small green creature had just flown out of what it looks like a cave. "That might be the thing that has Kate" Nathan said then he started running, since he had done workouts for the last month Nathan was fit enough along with John who ran after him, both man had build up bodies, and long legs that allowed them to run long distances. Afterwhile the two desperate men had reached the hill that the two strange creatures came from. "Wait!" John said pulling Nathan back "What the" Nathan was about to say but John pointed to some steps that went up to the top, a plant was moving down the slope, "What is that?" Nathan asked but John was shocked, as he knew very well what it was.

^A flashback came to him, it was five years ago, when Seb was eleven and Kristen was twelve, they were watching TV on it Pokemon aired a episode called Bulbasaur Garden, and a few dozens creatures caught his eyes, The green pokemon called Bulbasaur were evolving into another form, the very same that walked down the slope, Ivysaur, but a year later Kristen become less interest in it until she turned her back to the show, Then Cate was the next, three months afterwards John turned his back, Seb turned his back in the middle of two-thousand and three (2003) since then pokemon had become the most hated thing on earth ^ *That where it all went wrong* John realised. "Come on the creature gone" Nathan said Knocking John out of his thoughts. "Okay lets go, I don't know but I have a feeling their up their" John said then the two started going up.

Cate watched the female figure "Janet?" she asked, her old high school enemy, "Yes that what Hon" Janet replied and this is my husband Scott" Janet said "Scott!, but he harmless as a bug, and he was my boyfriend first" Cate said. "Oh lets say I convinced him to help me get my enemy back" Janet said as Scott came into view, he had brownish hair, a build up body and brown eyes, he wore a plain shirt and pants. "You corrupted him?" Cate said furious she stood up, even thought John was now the love of her life nobody was to corrupt her old flame. "Yeah that sums it up" Janet said, she had blonde hair and a very nice figure, not to mentioned a drop dead beautiful girl, no wonder why Scott was corrupted. "I don't know what your plans are for me but I don't have time for this my son needs me" Cate said. "Boo Hoo, I let you go you tell the cops they came after me and what will it do to my son?" Janet snapped catching the distressed mother off guard. A little boy around seven walked into the room "You brought a child into this world, and to make it end up like you!" Cate shouted. "Yeah Cate that right I couldn't keep her off me" Scott said putting his arms around Janet. "What are you going to do to me?" Cate asked "Guess" Janet said pulling a gun from her pants that she didn't see and pointed to her "Shit" Cate said scared.

Jade pushed some scrubs away from her as she kept continuing in the forest. "Nathan!" Jade cried out wincing in pain as her head was still sore after whatever it was hit her. "Somebody Help!" Jade cried out still no answer, unknowing to her a big balloon like creature was following her, it was a round pink creature with Big round green eyes and has a headcurl. She had wondered too far into the woods and now she was lost. "Great I am lost with no way home, My daughter and would of be son-in-law, not to mentioned my best friend and husband and my best friend husband, and my son and daughter in law someday are all FREAKIN MISSING!" Jade screamed Birds flew in all directions. "Yeah you better fly, and if any of you are Pokemon I will personally crush ever one of your little skulls" Jade shouted in rage. "Jigg?" The pokemon said it wasn't sure if it should trust this human or not. Jade was walking near a edge and if one fell she would be knocked out cold and Jade didn't see it. "You are taking everything away from me!" Jade cried a lizard scurried away. "Please I just want my life back" Jade begged to no one. "Jigglypuff" The pink pokemon said, it fully understood Jade anger, The pokemon had come to their world out of rage and destroyed it, guilt bubbled up inside the pokemon, he and others were the cause of this humans and perhaps more pain and anger. "JIGGLY!" Jigglypuff cried trying to warn the human "What the" Then Jade fell tumbling down finally stopping. "Puff!" The pokemon cried as it looked over the edge to see Jade body, she wasn't moving Jigglypuff couldn't tell if she was alive or not then tears fell from Jigglypuff now knowing the destruction they cause and made a very large cry that could be heard from the hills to where five things were walking.

"JIGGLYPUFF!!" a distant cry could be heard by the three teens and the two rival Pokemon. "What was that" Kristen asked. "Don't know but keep walking" Channa said "Look on that hill, two mans are climbing to a cave" Aura said pointing to the mountain. "Rescue crews?, Ally or Foe?" Channa asked himself. "Their only one way to find out" Aura said ignoring the Jigglypuff cry the group ran off to their next destination.

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