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Chapter 11 – The Law of Silence

Will sat in his bed, calmly stroking Munin knowing that having the bird near would prevent unwanted visitors. The stage has been set and the characters are in play, soon the Dark would make its move and the Old One had to make sure his own pieces were ready.

The Old One frowned as he considered his next move. So many restrictions bound his movements, and the time for delicacy was fast approaching its end. By the Law of Silence, the professors of Hogwarts could be made aware of the threat of the Dark, but the most crucial piece in the battle could not know.


Scowling, Will recounted the prophecy over in his head. As with all prophecies, its true meaning would not be known until moments before it came to pass. But one thing was certain; Harry Potter was the key to Voldemort – and the Dark's – defeat. Even so, by law he could not be told about the Dark or the Light or many of the factors that would influence his battle. If that remained the case, the chances of Harry surviving his destiny decreased.

At the moment, all Will could do was hope that Sirius and Lupin could prepare Harry for the battle ahead. Now, his duty was to the newly claimed Pendragon, who still had to be trained to use the High Magic that was his birthright. Will rubbed his temples tiredly; he was not looking forward to explaining the 'facts of life' to several disbelieving wizards and a worried father.

You know, you wouldn't be having this problem if you had listened to me in the first place and hadn't done that spell.

Will glared at the phoenix in his lap, which only made the bird chuckle. The bird quieted and regarded his master intently.

Still, do you think calling forth the Pendragon will be enough to stop the Dark?

No, in truth, I am not sure why I called the Pendragon – except that an instinct urged me too. No, Harry Potter is the key.

The boy has power…buried deep but there…but I do not think he can stop the Dark.

Nor do I, but I suspect that defeating Voldemort and defeating the Dark shall be two separate things. The Dark will not be satisfied with channelling all their power through one being – it's a dangerous gamble as it is. As soon as they are strong enough, they will branch out further and I'm afraid there are many willing to be recipients for the Dark.

Distantly, the two could hear the sounds of footsteps echoing through the castle halls.

It would appear that the wizards have finished their deliberations and are coming for answers, Munin said with amusement.

Fawkes appeared and settled on Will's shoulder. The boy reached up and stroked the bird's throat gently.

Any last minute advice? The Old One asked the phoenix curiously. The bird cocked his head to the side, considering.

Not really. You have them pretty confused, Old One. The Pendragon's father has been telling them tales of the Old Ones, but the wizards are sceptical – I don't think they are willing to accept that you are Will Stanton, let alone a mythical creature. As for Dumbledore, as usual he probably knows more than he's letting on.

At that Will smiled, and Munin gave him a questioning look.

Speaking of Bran Davies, what about the possibility of his memory returning?

Will shook his head firmly.

He might receive flashes, but the spell Merriman placed on everyone is too strong to be broken like this. Only I or another Old One could remove it.

What about the new Pendragon? Fawkes asked curiously.

Startled, Will rolled the question over in his head but before he could answer the doors to the infirmary swung open revealing the entire teaching staff of Hogwarts, along with Bran Davies. The Old One fought to keep the smile off his face as he noticed the determined looks of his teacher's faces.

You would think they were off to face Voldemort himself, he thought with amusement.

"Well, Will Stanton, you have certainly created quite an uproar," Dumbledore said mildly, the Old One noting that the headmaster had used his full name. "Perhaps it is time you told us who you really are."

Will cocked his head and wondered out loud, "Where should I start?"

"The beginning would be a good place," came Snape's snide remark.

"Okay," Will grinned, "In the beginning there was light…"

"I think, perhaps, you're beginning would be better," Dumbledore interrupted, a twinkle in his eye betraying his amusement. Will nodded and started again.

"I was born Will Stanton, as I'm sure Bran as told you. My life was fairly ordinary until my eleventh birthday. That's the day I was truly born, and I came into my powers as an Old One. I was the youngest, and the last to be born, and my coming to power completed a great circle of Old Ones that spans time and space. It was my duty to help stop the last Rising of the Dark and cast if forever from this world. When that task was completed, I returned home to my family until I could no longer stay. As an Old One, I am immortal – I shall look as I do now until the Sun dies out and the Earth with it. So, I left."

"But why didn't you tell us? Why did you make us think you were dead?" Bran asked angrily, feeling betrayed that his best friend hadn't trusted him enough to tell him.

"Mortals aren't supposed to know of our existence, outside of fairytales, it would do them no good to know so their memories are erased. As for wizards…there is the Law of Silence."

"Law of Silence?" Minerva asked.

"The law states that no wizard may be allowed to know of or suspect the existence of the Light or of the Dark, for their interference might bring forth the end of the world."

"So what if one did? Did you erase their memories?" a teacher asked.

"No…" Will said slowly, "They would be killed."

Several teachers gasped in shock, and others reached for their wands. Dumbledore raised a hand to still their movements, and regarded Will seriously.

"But you are breaking that law now."

"No, there is one exception. The teachers and advisors to a Lord of High Magic are exempt from this rule; and since Will Davies is now the Pendragon, you all are exempt. However, should you reveal this information to anyone else outside this room…you and they would be killed immediately."

"Why are you revealing your presence now?"

"Voldemort has managed to gain access to the powers of the Dark," Will replied seriously, his boyish amusement coming to an end – replacing it with urgency of an Old One. The adults involuntarily took steps back as Will's voice deepened and the air around him seemed to thicken with power.

"The Dark exist for the sole purpose of ruling the world and plunging it into the abyss. They have no other purpose; they cannot be reasoned with or killed, and the only ones who can fight them are those of the Light. Like the Dark, the Light exists only to stop the Dark from taking hold of this world. After several millennia, we have managed to drive the Dark from this world, but Voldemort has become a conduit for their return."

"Why can't the other Old One's help?" Bran asked.

"All the other Old One's have left for Avalon. I am the only one to remain, acting as a Watchman until it is my turn to rest. However, even I must treat warily. I cannot influence human history directly, and this situation with Voldemort treads on the very edges of the laws sent down by the High Magic. I can, however, train the Pendragon to aid Harry Potter in his destiny."

At the end of his statement, he turned towards the doorway where Will Davies now stood. The professors looked at the boy in shock.

"How did you get passed the barriers?" one teacher asked in shock.

Will just looked at them in confusion and asked, "What's barriers?"

Only Will and Dumbledore chuckled at the exchange, as elders do at the antics of those younger than themselves. At that moment, Dumbledore truly realized that though he looked at the face of a boy – he was, in fact, in the presence of someone far older than himself. Will returned the headmaster's gaze with a small grin, as if he knew about the wizard's realization.

Perhaps he did, Albus acknowledged realizing for the first time he did not have most of the answers. The old ones returned their attention back to the others.

"As a lord of High Magic, Will Davies has the ability – even subconsciously – to deflect most wizard magic. Once he learns to control it, all spells except the most powerful like the Unspeakable curses will have no effect on him whatsoever."

Bran watched his son in amazement. His boy had always been friendly, but never comfortable being the centre of attention. But now Will stood unflinching under the scrutiny of his teachers, looking at them regally with an air of confidence and purpose. Feelings of envy and nostalgia welled within him, and he turned away from his son in shame…only to see Will Stanton looking at his intently.

A look on speculation and worry on his face, that vanished within moments leaving behind the detached friendly look that Bran remembered his friend wearing so often. Only now he realized that this was just a mask that Will hid behind. Recalling the number of times he had seen his friend with that expression, Bran wondered just how much the other boy had kept from him.

Was still keeping from him.

After hinting, then suggestion, and then finally threatening the two boys found themselves alone. The two sat in silence; Will waiting for Davies to speak, and Davies struggling to understand everything that was happening.

It wasn't everyday you became the legendary Pendragon and now have an Old One as your teacher.

"So you're my teacher…does this mean I'm going to have twice as much homework?"

The Old One laughed, and it reminded Davies of when Dumbledore chuckled when he asked a particularly naïve question.

"No, High Magic cannot be taught with texts and practice. You already know instinctively how to use your magic, I just need to let your mind know that you know."

"Ah, okay…" Davies said, not understanding. Will chuckled again and shifted on the bed to look at the young Pendragon.

"How about we have our first lesson? Close your eyes."

Obediently Davies closed his eyes and was startled to hear Will begin to sing.

Call me not an animal, for I am not a beast.

Call me not a holy one, for I am not a priest.

Call me one of words, inspired by the least.

Call me one of sight, finding beauty in the beast.

I care for not the feathers, the beauty of the dove,

Instead who people really are and what they truly love.

For nasty on the outside, is not what it may seem,

For those in love, the dreary face becomes a cherished dream.

As Will completed each line, Davies felt as if a doorway was opening in his mind. It wasn't as if he was learning something new…more like, he was remembering. He was the Pendragon, a Lord of High Magic and he knew what that meant completely for the first time.

So hear my words of wisdom, if that is what you seek,

Look beyond a person's face; care not if they are weak.

And if the search is deep and true, the soul is really found,

You'll find that life, though full of quirks, is on less shaky ground.

And once you've found the core, the spirit of your friend,

The pathway has been opened up, no starting or an end.

This road, it may be travelled, and prudence I advise,

But if the road is travelled right, it'll open up thine eyes.

He understood the nature of the Light and of the Dark: their purpose and existence. He saw humanity as it was and what it could be; he saw the flow of magic as it influenced the universe. He finally simply saw.

So now you've heard me out, my words are almost through,

But there, dear friend, is one more thing that must be said to you.

Though it's hard to see, the beauty that we seek inside,

Is only hidden by our doubts, waiting to be swept aside.

Will's voice trailed off and Davies slowly opened his eyes. It seemed to him as if the word had changed. Looking around the infirmary, he could see the leftover spells glittering in the air like sparkles. He felt the presence of High Magic all around him – at his command. Inside, he felt his soul burn with the knowledge of who he was and what he was.

He turned to the Old One in amazement, who just grinned and said smugly.

"Lesson one complete."