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Buffy's mobile phone rang as she faced the group of robed demons, it's cheery electronic ditty incongruous in the eerie quiet of the graveyard.

She held up a hand, stopping the demon that was advancing slowly on her, "Hang on" she muttered retrieving the phone and glancing at the screen which proudly informed her that 'Dawn Mob' was calling.

She threw the phone behind her without looking, "get that would you babe?" she asked, "tell Dawn I'll just be a minute"

"No problem pet" he answered flicking open the phone, eyes trained on the small slayer as she rushed the nearest demon.

"Hey Nibblet" he greeted, his tone friendly and unconcerned, "How's my best girl?"

"Hey" Buffy's offended shout sounded over the clanging of swords.

"Sorry bit, second best girl" Spike amended with a smile. "So how did your exam go?"

He nodded listening to the girls excited answer, "Knew you could do it pet" he told her proudly.

"She's just slaying a few Reych demons" he watched Buffy lean back, swinging her sword in an arc behind her head that sliced the throats of the two idiots who thought they could sneak up behind her.

"Nah, you may as well hold on she'll only be a minute"

He frowned at something the younger Summers girl said. "Do I know this Martin?" he asked, saying the name as if it tasted bad.

"I don't remember, oh your birthday party, great long streak o' piss with no sense of style?"

He shook his head, "yeah well, you just make sure he knows what'll happen to him if he hurts my girl"

He smirked at her exasperated huff, "Slayer's free now, I'll pass you over"

"Hey Dawnie. Exam okay?" she smiled at Spike while Dawn gave her a blow-by-blow account of her victory over the evil exam.

She moseyed over to her lover who was leaning back on a tomb stone lighting a Marlboro, "Uh huh?" she prompted as Dawn launch into an excited exposition of the extreme yummyness of Martin.

Spike lifted his arm and she slotted herself in alongside him, "We're good" she told Dawn looking at his profile as he exhaled smoke through his nose. "Giles has us in San Antonio helping Erica and Beth kill off the Followers of Rohana"

She paused, "yeah the field works great. Lots of action, no ties, lots of alone time in motels" she smirked at Spike who clearly caught Dawn's disgusted 'ewww'

"Ooh" Buffy continued excitedly, "we get to see lots of Xander" she eyed Spike mischievously, "it's great he and Spike are like best friends, always going out drinking and shooting pool"

"Hey" Spike cut in, clearly taking offence.

She ignored him and continued, "We're nearly done here so we'll be home in a couple of days."

She waited, nodding occasionally, "okay, see you then, love you. Oh and say hi to Wills, bye"

Spike raised an eyebrow at her after she'd popped the phone back in her pocket. "Couple of days?" he asked a knowing smirk playing on his lips as he discarded his cigarette, "I thought that was the last of 'em"

She smiled coyly, running her hand up his chest, "It is," she purred.

"So we're staying for?" he questioned his suggestive tone telling her he knew exactly what she had in mind.

"Alone time in motels of course" she answered innocently, "race ya back"

With that she was gone sprinting through the graveyard with a giddy laugh. He watched her go for a moment and smiled, still couldn't quite believe she was his, before taking off after her, guided by the sound of her breathless laughter.


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