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Chapter 1: Training

"New contact! 3 O'clock and closing fast!"

"Shields buckling, aft quarter!"

"They're trying to stay above us! They're getting above the firing arcs of our main weapons!"

"Helm! Roll us 90 degrees to the vertical!"


"Roll us 90 degrees to the vertical, ensign!"

"Can't do it sir!"

Captain Dafydd slapped a button on his console, instantly all the readouts and displays froze.

"Why not? Ensign"

"Well, we… ah…."

"This is not an ocean-going cruiser like your last assignment, ensign, this is a spaceship! We can't take on water in the vastness of space, nor will we sink beneath the waves if we try going down! There is nothing to stop us moving in any direction we want!"

"Except the Planet beneath us sir!"

Dafydd held his head in his hands and tried hard not to laugh or cry. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to assign him his son as an assistant obviously had it in for him.

"Correct of course, Cadet Dafydd, but not exactly the point I was trying to make"

He looked around at the faces of his crew, all of whom were trying hard not to laugh once again and decided that a tactical withdrawal might be in order.

"That's enough for today, back here 0900 tomorrow, thank you"

Captain Dafydd left as quickly as decorum allowed, and went swiftly to Thundersdawn's command centre. As he entered command he noticed the main screen blank out, momentarily displaying the simulator he had just left, he glanced around the command centre at all the crew, each and everyone was trying extremely hard not to laugh. Captain Dafydd had a momentary thought that just maybe, if he was very lucky there faces would freeze that way. No such luck, unfortunately.

"Brilliant grasp of tactics there captain!"

"You mean rolling the ship like that? Well, I…"

"No, I mean your use of a very famous military manoeuvre"

"I didn't notice that, which one?"

"The Hare, Captain"

Muffled chuckles filled the bridge as the crew tried hard not to burst into outright laughter.

"Thank you, Captain Dodge" Dafydd replied, plying the irony on thick "You know you should have been a comedian, with a tattoo like that it would have been easy to get everyone laughing at you"

The crews ears pricked up, tattoo? This sounded interesting.

"Of course you did have to brush a Russian sub, and get blind drunk before you got it, but…"

"Alright, point taken"

"Where's Peters?"

"Hoped over to RSS Coalmine for a board of inquiry, left me in charge, so how do you think its going?"

"Well, they're getting there slowly; they know all the procedures off by heart it's just trying to get them to think in three dimensions that's the problem, Helmsman Wallace in particular"

"You'll get there, you do have another month before Dauntless is completed, doing a good job by the way"