Two weeks? Way too long

ShikaKiba…again…I'm sure I never wrote about the same couple more than twice…but now it's three!! Wow. Hum, anyway, this is slash; not your cup of tea? Goodbye. It is? Well then I hope that you'll enjoy this (short) moment in their lives.
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Kiba and Akamaru groaned for the umpteenth time that night. They were just back from the Rain village, and were totally exhausted. Not really by the mission itself, but by the travelling. Thankfully, Neji and he were both assigned to this mission. So that took off some of the bother –Shikamaru had really rubbed off on him, he noted at the back of his mind- but the white eyed boy couldn't exactly be described as 'talkative'. The mission had lasted two weeks; an escort mission to some important conference about this and that.

Two weeks were an unholy long amount of time. The boys often found themselves wondering why they had agreed to do such a mission.

Finally reaching his apartment, he thanked whoever was up there that it wasn't far from the Hokage's office. Pushing the door opened and closing it with his shoulder –way too tiresome to raise the arms- he walked to the couch and let himself fall into it. He let out a blissful sigh before unzipping his vest and trying to shove it aside.

Akamaru was on the ground next to his master. Suddenly he got up and trotted to the other side of the room, where he greeted Shikamaru. The boy kneeled down and scratched him behind the ear as the dog tried to lick him. "Yeah yeah, I missed you too Akamaru! Now lemme get up." He said as the dog was pushing him down with his front paws.

Shikamaru got up and walked over to the couch. Kiba smiled as he saw him and raised a hand. The Nara boy took it his own and sat down next to him –even if he was sprawled over the couch. "Missed me too?" Kiba asked as he grinned showing his twin fangs.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow and leaned down on him, kissing him. The kiss was quite chaste, considering it was their first in two weeks. "Not that much." He teased when he pulled back.

Kiba mock-pouted and pulled him back. "Shut up and kiss me." He commanded.

Shikamaru gladly complied, but soon realized that their couch wasn't exactly the most comfortable place to be making out on. "Bedroom." He managed to say between the kisses.

Kiba nodded eagerly and allowed himself to be helped to their shared bedroom, this time closing the door with a well aimed kick.


"I'm definitely never leaving for that long again." Kiba declared officially as he snuggled closer to Shikamaru, his head pillowed on the boy's chest.

The latter hhm-d in agreement. Separate missions were such a bother.


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