"Hey Carter," Abby replied. Carter walked over to where Susan sat.

"You're having a baby?" Carter asked in surprise.

"Yeah, funny thing to know? I didn't know I was pregnant," Abby replied, leaning up as another contraction hit her.


"Yeah, fucking hilarious huh?" Abby screamed and took a deep breath. "Another fucked up thing, it's your baby."

"WHAT?" Carter screamed loud enough to be heard over the whole hospital.

Abby screamed as Susan got up and checked her cervix again. "Abby you're 10 centimeters now and fully afaced. You need to start pushing."

"Oh god," Abby replied as Chuny sat next to Abby and grabbed her hands and propped her up. Lydia got the baby bed ready and Kerry checked the machines as Susan got ready with a blanket and utensils. "Carter, get out."

"Why?" Carter asked. "I want to be here."

"Carter, you don't need to see her. I know it's your child, but your not dating," Kerry replied. "Please wait outside."

They turned the gurney away from the door as Carter left reluctantly.

"Okay Abby, push," Susan said as Abby scrunched her face in pain.

"This fucking hurts," Abby screamed, pushing as hard as she could.

"Okay, you're crowning," Susan said. "One more big push." Abby pushed as Susan felt the body of the baby beginning to come out. "Okay, relax."

Abby fell to the bed as Susan clipped the umbilical cord. Then Abby heard the most amazing sound ever...her baby's first cry.

"It's a girl," Susan said happily, wrapping her up and handing her to Abby. Abby smiled so wide as Chuny, Lydia, Susan and Kerry gathered around her.

"Oh my god," Abby cried. "How can you love someone this much you just met?"

"I know," Kerry replied. "That's how I felt when Henry was born."

"What are you going to name her?" Chuny asked.

"Um...oh my god, I don't know. Um...well I want her middle name to be Suzanne," Abby replied, as tears sprang to both her and Susan's eyes. "And, I guess her first name will Nessa, after my grandmother, so Nessa Suzanne Carter." Everyone smiled down at little Ness as Sam entered.

"Carter sent me in," she replied, walking over to the other side of the room. "Abby?"

"Hey," she smiled weakly. "I had a baby."

"I see," Sam said, gawking.

"Her name's Nessa Suzanne Carter," replied Susan, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

"She's adorable," Sam said, touching the baby. "Hi Nessie Sue."

Everyone laughed as Sam stood back up from leaning to see the baby. "Should I bring Carter in?" she asked.

"Yes," Abby replied, not taking her eyes off of her daughter. She heard the doors swing open and few seconds later heard it again.

"Meet your daughter, Carter," Kerry replied.

"Oh my god," Carter replied. "She's adorable."

"Wanna know her name?" Abby asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"Nessa Suzanne...Carter," Abby replied. At that moment, Carter felt the urge to kiss Abby but knew he couldn't, so he gave his new found daughter and peck on her forehead. Then a thought hit him—How was he going to tell Kem?


There's part two. Hope you're enjoying it.