Fire and Ice

Notes: ^^; Just another one of my strange poems that I got an idea for and decided to jot down.

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* * * * * * * * * * *

It's funny, I think to myself

As I look down at a small figure in the snow,

From the high branch of a bare winter tree.

The figure down below, smiling so contently in happiness,

Perhaps the exact opposite of me,

Like fire and ice...

Her smile is warm, unlike the snow all around,

And in her heart is a light that glows brightly...

Warm and toasty...

Despite the ice all around her...

All through her.

Fire and ice...

How can someone so apparently icy,

Have such a warm and gentle nature?


It doesn't make sense, really,

But that's the way things are...

Fire and ice...

I suppose I'm the opposite,

Come to think of it.

There is no smile,

There is no warmth in my voice,

Or in my nature.

Only coldness...

Fire and ice...

Funny, for someone so apparently hot,

And surrounded by fire,

To have such a cold nature,

And cold heart.

Fire and ice...

So am I fire or am I ice?

And what is she?

Can one be physically of one element,

Yet have a heart of another?

Fire and ice...

I suppose it is that way for me,

And most likely for her, I think,

As I watch her smile that ice-melting smile,

And pet the gentle animals of the ice-covered woods.

* * * * * * * * *

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