Torn Between Two

By: Kietah-chan

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Ch.1: Simple and Clean


The warm, southern breeze blowing off the sapphire ocean glistening in the soft moonlight calmed the scene from what it appeared to be. It cooled my face and blew my shoulder-length hair around it, tickling it ever so slightly. The wind blew the sand around me, causing some grains to land upon my ivory skin. The sand stung at the exposed parts of my legs and arms, making me draw my knees closer to my chest. The moon was full, and the night was gorgeous. The cloudless, black, immense sky stretched on forever, way beyond the horizon out over the ocean. My short little skirt was billowing slightly in the breeze as I sat on the sand that night.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around my body tightly from behind and pulled me close. I tilted my head upward to see Riku's handsome face so close to mine. His soft and beautiful silver tresses, which I admire so, were blowing in the wind and tickling my face. His expression was unreadable, as it usually is, but there was also a mysterious look in his aquamarine eyes that were now shining in the moonlight. I smiled up at him, happy for my true love to be in my presence.

He held me close to his muscular chest and drew little circles on my back with his finger lovingly. I love it when he does this. I rested my head onto his chest and closed my eyes, listening intently to the soft thumping of his heart and his slow and calm breathing. I feel so right in Riku's arms, like ever since I was born, I was made for him. And he was made for me.

Riku stopped drawing circles on my back and rested his chin upon my head. I sighed quietly at this action, just so happy that we were in the same place at the same time.

He is my angel. My angel that has fallen from heaven above. He came here to give me his love. And I gave him mine. There was something about him that captivated my heart . . .was it his mysterious and angelic looks? There was something definitely angelic about his appearance. His hair was almost unnaturally soft and a mysterious silver/blue. His eyes . . .two pools of swirling aqua liquid resting ever so beautifully on his face. His face was flawless, like he was made to be perfect. And he was perfect. He is my perfect angel that guards me when I need him.

Riku lifted my face up to his and lightly brushed his rosy lips against mine tenderly. His little actions may drive me crazy someday; it's just too beautiful to describe. Riku pulled away and gazed into my eyes. He brushed a strand of crimson hair out of my eyes and smiled the tiniest smile I had ever seen before.

He isn't the kind of guy to smile often. He's quite serious when he is around Sora and the others, but around me, he can let his feelings and emotions show a little more. If he ever showed these certain things in public, Sora would definitely start to freak out.

Sora . . .yes . . .I always feel so guilty around him now. I know he still has feelings for me, but he is quite ok about Riku and me. Well, at least I think he is. Sometimes, he seems maybe too happy and cheerful than normal around us. I think that is his way of covering up his true feelings about me dating Riku. I know that one of these days his inner feelings will explode out of him and totally ruin everything, and I'm prepared for that day, but I still don't know when it will be. Right now, he seems fine.

I found myself drifting off to sleep in Riku's comforting embrace and I could hear Riku's breath slowing too as he soon feel asleep. Before I closed my eyes, I gazed into the face of my beloved angel, who looked even more beautiful than normal. I lightly kissed his cheek and closed my eyes. That night, I had one of my favourite dreams.


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