Torn Between Two

By: Kietah-chan

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Ch.9: Unforgiving Love

I tried to open my eyes, but they were sealed shut with my warm and unrelenting tears that were falling steadily from my eyes. My breath was stuttered and I refused to move. The soft pounding of my heart echoed throughout my hollow chest. I felt empty . . .alone . . .dead. Through my right ear, I heard the very faint thump of his heart. It sounded so faraway . . .then there was nothing . . .

Slowly, I tried again to open my eyes and they finally did. I opened them to see his beautiful face glistening with sweat, blood and my tears. I reached a shaking hand to his face and caressed it gently. He did not move. He looked too peaceful. I looked over at his arm and saw that the fabric I had tied around his wound was leaking through with blood.

Another tear fell from my eye and landed on his neck. I held back the rest of the tears that were swarming to the surface of my eyes. I lifted my head up and tore my eyes away from his face. I sadly gazed over at Riku who was still standing a few feet away, not a single expression on his unreadable face.

All of my sadness melted away and fury and hate bubbled up from somewhere inside of myself. I glared with full force at him and my tears dried away instantly.

I stood to my feet so fast that I accidentally kicked Sora in the process. I ran over to Riku and threw with all my might, punches into his stomach. He did not phase it at all. I continued to hit him as hard as my tired body could, but he did not react the way I had wished he would have.

"Why did you shoot him?!? You killed him! YOU KILLED SORA!! I HATE YOU!! I hate you! I hate . . .you . . ." I whispered in defeat and exhaustion. I fell against his shoulder crying tears of fury. I hated him with all of my broken heart. This is not the man I used to know.

I pulled my face out of his shoulder and glared furiously up at him. He gazed unblinkingly down at me, still no expression featured on his face. This only made me angrier.

"What's your deal?! Snap out of this! Why are you being so different?!" I shouted angrily at him, shoving him backwards. He didn't move too far away. I then added quietly before I could think about what I was saying, "I miss the old Riku . . ."

At that moment, some life dawned in his face and his eyes opened wide in surprise. It was as if he had just woken up from some sort of nightmare. He looked at me with that odd surprised look for about a minute or so.

"Kairi?" He said very slowly. He looked at me as if he was shocked that he was looking at me. I screamed angrily and shook his shoulders forcefully.

"ARE YOU JUST NOTICING THAT YOU KILLED SORA?!??!" I screamed fitfully at him. He slowly looked over to where Sora was lying in a heap on the concrete floor. His expression turned from shock to horror.

"What theā€”did I--? WHAT?!" he shouted stupidly in confusion. I shook his shoulders even harder.

"You mean to tell me that haven't even realized until this moment that you killed your previous best friend?! Where have you been for the past hour?!" I shouted to him, more tears welling up in my eyes. This whole experience is driving me crazy.

"Sora? You mean I shot him?! I don't remember any of that! What the hell is going on here?!" Riku asked me frantically, now shaking my shoulders.

"Don't ask me! You're the one who should know! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM!!!!!" I shouted back at him.

Riku walked slowly over to Sora's side. But before he could reach him, I blocked his path. Riku looked at me with mild surprise.

"I won't let you get near him!" I said to him protectively, still not moving. Riku looked past my shoulder at Sora.

"Kairi, he's not dead . . .he's breathing!" he said in what I guess was a happy voice. I turned around frantically and looked at him. Sure enough his chest was rising and falling. It looked as though he was in some sort of unconscious sleep.

I ran over to his side again and held his face in my cold and trembling hands. I wanted to shake him awake. He's alive . . .I can't believe he's alive!

"Sora! Please, wake up! Answer me!" I shouted frantically to him, slapping his face very lightly. His expression tightened and his eyes started to open. My face brightened with every movement. He opened his eyes in a tired and pained sort of way and gazed unknowingly at me.

"Oh my God, you're alive!" I said gratefully and embracing him tightly, minding his injured arm. Sora smiled very weakly at me.

"I'm . . .all right . . .I told you . . .I would be . . ." he whispered quietly. I pulled away out of my embrace and looked him firmly in the eye.

"We need to take you to the hospital. You're gonna end up dying from blood loss if we don't," I told him sternly. Sora closed his eyes in an exasperated sort of way . . .or was it pain? I started to panic when he opened them again to my relief.

"I'll be fine . . .I don't need to go . . .to the hospital . . .honestly . . ." he said firmly. I wasn't going to give up like that. Sora looked over at Riku who was kneeling beside me. All the pain in his eyes disappeared in a second and he was suddenly furious.

"You bastard! You coulda . . .killed me!" he said in a louder voice but still much of a pained whisper. I squeezed Sora's hand tightly and he looked back over at me.

"It's not entirely his fault . . ."

"Yes it is!"

"No, it's not. He wasn't himself again . . ." I said calmly to try to reassure him. Sora still looked ready to kill Riku, but threw off the subject completely.

Sora had fallen into a troubled sleep and I was still sitting beside him, watching him for any kind of pain or something like that. Riku had wandered off to the wall and was now leaning up against it coolly. It seemed to me that he didn't care about the situation anymore.

I glanced over at Riku then quickly looked back at Sora.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. I did not look at him, but continued to have my back to him.

"It's not your fault . . ." I said softly after a moment or two. Silence fell between us again. Sora looked so peaceful . . .I found myself wondering how his sleep felt. Was it pained or tiresome? Could he actually feel himself trying to hold onto his own life? What if he suddenly let go?

"Why did you choose me?" I asked quietly to no one in particular. I couldn't tell if it was directed to Sora or Riku. Riku answered anyway.

"What do you mean?" he asked me curiously. I still did not look at him.

"There are a million other girls in this galaxy . . .and you chose me . . .why?" I asked softly to him, now turning my gaze to the window in the wall and saw that darkness had fallen and the stars were beginning to sparkle. Riku didn't answer at first. He seemed to be looking out the window also.

"I guess because you were the one for me . . ."

I still gazed out of the window and stared at the brightest star. I imagined that star being the world I was trying to reach . . .

"Am I still for you?" I asked him without thinking. There was another moment of awkward silence and it seemed as if he was thinking hard about what I had just said. I had no idea why I had said that thing I did. I felt like Sora and I were made to be, but then again . . .what is going on here? Why am I thinking this?!

"You always will be . . ." he said quietly. I now looked over at him. Something came over me as I stared at him. He seemed enchanting in the moonlight from the window. My hollow heart began to thud. But . . .I thought Sora . . .What is going on?! Why am I feeling this?!

Dear my love, how did you want to be with me?

And dear my love, how did you know to be free?

Riku turned his gaze over to me, and our eyes met for the first time in a while. His aquamarine eyes shined and sparkled in the meager light from the moon and stars. I stared at him in silence, almost unaware of it.

I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you,

And that sweet night you were my own . . .

I slowly rose to my feet without thinking and walked slowly over to where Riku was standing. I stopped in front of him and gazed into those mystifying eyes of his. All the thoughts of Sora and his condition were wiped out of my mind.

Take my hand, we're leaving here tonight.

There's no need to tell anyone,

They only hold us down.

So by that morning's light,

We'll be away to anywhere.

Where love is more than just your need . . .

He reached a pale hand out to me and rested it on my cheek. I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was in a trance, but it felt real . . .like I was really feeling this emotion coming over me . . .

I have dreamt of a place for you and I,

No one knows who we are there.

All I want is to get by before I get to you.

I dreamt so long, I cannot dream anymore

Let's run away, I'll take you there . . .

"Do you still love me?" Riku asked me quietly and wrapped an arm around my waist. He held me close and I couldn't think anymore. I think . . .I did . . .I did say anything, but I leaned up to him and slowly reached his lips.

Forget this life, come with me

Don't look back, you're safe now.

Unlock your heart; drop your guard,

No one's left to stop you now . . .

They met mine and I felt an odd spark fly through my body as if it was reawakened. I had no idea what I was doing or why, just something came over me . . .Something I couldn't control. It wasn't possession . . .it was . . .old love . . .my old love for him . . .It felt odd . . .but I was happy . . .I still loved him . . .

We're leaving here tonight.

There's no need to tell anyone,

They only hold us down.

So by the morning's light,

We'll be away to anywhere,

Where no one needs a reason . . .

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