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CH.1: The AMAZING meeting

Ages: Ash-14, May-14, Brock-16, I'll think of the rest later

Ash Ketchum strolled down the road to Littleroot Town, feeling happier than

ever. It seemed like yesterday when the greatest moment of his life had come true.


"And Lance's Dragonite is defeated! Ash Ketchum becomes the youngest

Pokemon Master ever!"


Ash smiled at the memory. Now, at only 14 years of age, he was a Pokemon

Master, admired by young and old alike. He also dressed like one too. He was around

5'9, very tall for his age, muscular, with spiky jet black hair and a handsome face. He

wore a black undershirt with a red jacket an top signaling that he was a Pokemon Master.

He got a lot of attention from girls, something that frightened him a little, but he got used

to it. His personality had changed completely as well. After losing once to his rival, Gary,

he realized that it was important to think before you act, a strategy he had ignored until

after that battle. With that in mind, he continued his journey, defeating anybody who

challenged him.

Ash was now heading to Littleroot Town, to compete in the Hoenn League. If he

won this, he would become the greatest Pokemon Master ever. His faithful Pikachu was

at his side, as always, along with the rest of his all-star Pokemon. Unfortunately, Misty

and Brock, his two best friends, were nowhere to be seen. Just after the Elite Four

victory, Misty and Brock announced that they were needed at their homes for something.

Brock had to take care of his little siblings, and Misty needed to run the gym for her

sisters. So, Ash continued on to Hoenn alone. But something changed. Of course, he was

alone, but he noticed how much he missed his friends, especially Misty. During their

travels together, many people had thought they were girlfriend and boyfriend, and

although Ash had furiously denied it every time the subject came up, he soon began to

wonder if he did like Misty. They had kissed once, but both of them felt nothing. Soon,

Ash admitted to himself that he had liked Misty, at one time, but now he thought of her as

a good friend again.

After a few days of walking, Ash and his Pokemon finally reached Littleroot

Town. "Hoenn," Ash said to Pikachu, but mostly to himself. "I'm ready for you. Are you

ready for me?"

The moment he entered Littleroot, he was swarmed by people who noticed his

jacket or had seen his face on T.V. Ash gave out more autographs at one time than he

normally did over a period of days. He had never seen so many fans in one place. It was

overwhelming. He couldn't understand why these people were so obsessed with him,

especially since he had never even battled in their league.

After a few hours, all the people moved away from him to go back inside their

houses to simply watch him from a distance. Ash, a little scared from all the attention,

and from all the eyes staring at him from their homes (some from trees), decided to

quickly register for the Hoenn league and get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, this

meant asking someone where the registry center was (Is that how you say it? I have no

idea). He gulped.

"Um, do any of you guys know where the registry center is"? he asked, then

immediately regretted it as all the voices of the people drowned out every other sound of

the night.

"SHUT UP!!!" Ash yelled, causing everybody to go silent. "Alright. You, with

the bad haircut. Where is it?"

The young boy, although older than Ash, pointed left with a shaking hand before

fainting of nervousness. Ash started at the boy strangely, than looked at the group of

people behind him, who immediately rushed over, picked the body up, and ran away. Ash

just stood still for about a minute before saying "Thanks" and heading left before

anything else strange happened.

After a little more walking, Ash finally reached what looked like the registry

center. Walking in, he immediately made his way over to the empty couch and sat down

heavily with a sigh. After a few minutes of rest, he got up and went to talk to the lady at

the desk in front of him.

"Can I register for the Hoenn league now"? he asked.

The lady shook her head. "You do that farther west, at Professor Birch's lab."

Ash nodded, thanked the lady, and continued to the lab. There, he looked at the

giant building. It looked exactly like Professor Oak's lab back in Pallet Town, he thought.

As he looked around, he saw a lot of strange Pokemon he had never seen before. Ash

smiled as he looked at them, wondering how Pokemon like them would stack up against

his hometown Pokemon.

As he entered the lab, he looked around again. It looked just like the inside of

Professor Oak's lab. They must share home decoration tips, Ash thought as he went to

speak to the large man standing near the door.

The man noticed Ash, and quickly headed toward him. "Welcome, young master

Ketchum! It is an honor to have you here." the man said, extending his hand.

Ash sighed, happy to see someone not completely obsessed with him. "Nice to

meet you. Do you know where Professor Birch is?"

The big guy laughed. "You're speaking to him, son!" he said, revealing his white

labcoat. "I am Professor Birch."

Ash recovered from his stupid question. "Oh. Well, Professor, can you register me

for the Hoenn league?" he asked.

Professor Birch laughed again. "Ho Ho Ho. Of course, Mr. Ketchum. Follow me."

he said, sounding remarkably like Santa Claus.

Ash followed him to the registration place, where he filled out some forms and

answered some questions.

"Congratulations, Mr. Ketchum," said the professor, once Ash had answered all

the questions. "You are now officially registered to compete in the Hoenn league."

He then led Ash to an empty room with nothing but a table in it. On that table

were two Pokeballs. "You may choose either of these Pokemon to start your journey

through the Hoenn region." stated the professor. He was about to say something else, but

Ash interrupted him.

"There are only two Pokeballs here. Aren't there supposed to be three?"

"Yes, but one has already been taken," answered the professor. "Now, please

make your choice."

Ash nodded, then stared at the Pokeballs very carefully. He could choose between

Mudkip and Treeko. After a while, he looked up.

"I choose Treeko" announced Ash, as he picked up the Pokeball containing the

grass Pokemon.

"An excellent choice," said Professor Birch. "You can now begin your journey."

Ash smiled, and was about to walk out the door when he got run over by a young

girl bursting into the room.

"Professor, what's with the townspeople?" the girl asked. "They're really excited

about something. They keep trying to talk but I can't make out what they're saying!"

Professor Birch smiled. "That would be because of our young friend here" he

said, gesturing toward Ash, who was still lying on the floor.

The girl looked down at him, and stared in surprise. "Ash Ketchum?"

Ash nodded.

"The Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum?"

Another nod.

Professor Birch chose this moment to interrupt. "Let me introduce you two. May,

as you already know, this is Ash Ketchum. Ash, this is May Norton. She is also starting

her Hoenn journey today."

"Nice to meet you" May said, extending a hand. She was 14 years old, about 5'5,

with long brown hair down to her waist. She wore a red tanktop with a blue sweater on

top, and she had light blue eyes. In Ash's eyes, she was gorgeous.

"Likewise" Ash said, getting up from the floor to take her hand. May looked at

him. He's even cuter in person, she thought.

"Just to let you know, everyone else in town may worship you, but you're just

another trainer to me" May told Ash sternly after they finished shaking hands.

"Good," Ash said. "I don't need more groupies."

"Are you calling me a groupie, you jerk?!" May asked angrily.

"Well, you sure as hell aren't a Pokemon trainer" replied Ash, smirking. "What

are you, 6 years old?"

"I'm at least as old as you, you no-talent hot air bag!"

"No talent? I've got more talent in one finger than you'll ever have, you pathetic

little rookie! Go fight some acorns or something!"

As the two were arguing, Professor Birch decided to step in. "Well, since you two

are getting along so well, why don't you travel together?"

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!" they both yelled. "Travel with her/him? No way!"

"Nonsense," the professor replied. "You'll have fun."


"No buts," said the big man, pushing them out the door of his lab. "You'll leave

tomorrow morning. Have fun!" he said, slamming the door in their faces.


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