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Ch. 6: The ANAZING first town.

Ash and May took their first steps inside the great Petalburg City. Ash was very happy, as he

could finally get his first Hoenn league badge, while May was feeling very bad, since whenever she

came here, she was reminded of her father's death.

Ash turned around, and if he noticed the sad look on May's face, he didn't seem to care. "Lets

go, May!" he said, a bright smile on his face.

May looked up, and forced a smile upon her face as well. "Sure, Ash" she said slowly. Ash then

started running, forcing May to run after him. "Ash, wait", she called after him. "Do you even know

where you're going?"

He abruptly stopped, causing May to run into him and causing both of them to topple over. Ash

stood up quickly. "Um...no" he said sheepishly, helping May up. "But you know, don't you?"

She sighed. "Yes, I do", she said. "The Pokemon Center should be somewhere over here. Follow

me." She started walking, but Ash held her back.

"I don't care about the Pokemon Center right now," he said. "I want to fight! Where's the


"Ash, you can't battle right now!" May whined. "We just got here, and it's late. Why don't we

give our Pokemon some rest, get some sleep, and come back later when we're wide awake? Besides, I'm

sleepy, and I don't wanna fight!"

Ash just shrugged. "You can fight the Leader later, but I haven't had a real battle for a long time.

I really, really wanna fight! Why don't you just watch me? You can see how to take on a Gym Leader,

and you'll be watching me, live!"

"Fine!" May said angrily. "Follow me. But remember, you owe me for this!"

"Yeah, yeah" Ash said, not really caring. "Just hurry it up. This won't take long.

At the gym, Ash studied it carefully. It didn't seem very different from any other gym. This was

going to be a piece of cake, he thought.

May, on the other hand, just grabbed Ash's arm and dragged him inside. "Hurry up, Ash. I'm

really, really tired, so just hurry up and lose so that I can sleep."

He just smiled. He'd show her.

Once Ash and May entered the battling room, Ash looked around. There was nothing special

about it. He wondered why May thought he would lose.

There was a small man standing in the middle of the empty room. His face was masked by well-

placed shadows, but they disappeared as he walked closer to them. The shadows vanished to reveal a

very old man, also very short, with white hair and a white mustache. He looked at May and greeted her


"Good evening Miss Maple. It is a pleasure to welcome you home."

She nodded, not really caring. "Hello, Cumberton"

Ash looked at the old man. "Cumberton? I thought the Gym Leader was named Norman."

"Yes, he was. His name was Norman Maple." May said sadly.

"Then where is he?" Ash asked. For his answer, he got May and Cumberton to simply stare at

him. "Seriously. I want to-----AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" He was cut off as Pikachu gave him a taste of

electricity. Ash looked at the mouse Pokemon. "What did I...?" Then he put the pieces together. May

grew up here. Her father died. The Gym Leader was missing. It all made sense now. "You mean...your

father was...Norman Maple?" He looked at May. She nodded, tears coming to her eyes. All Ash could

say was "...Oh..."

Cumberton cut in. "Yes, Mr. Maple was young May's father. He passed away some few months

ago. Since then, we haven't had a Gym Leader."

Ash was surprised. He looked over at May, who had dried her tears. "May, why didn't you just

tell me?" he asked.

"I didn't want you know" she said softly.

Ash looked back at Cumberton. "So, I can't battle here now?"

Cumberton shook his head. "Not until we find another Gym Leader, I'm afraid."

Ash nodded. "All right. Come on, May" he said, and turned towards the exit, but was interrupted

by the door bursting open and a young boy running through it.

"Cumberton! A Ralts almost bit me outside! I'm scared!" the boy cried. He had strange green

hair, and was about as old as Ash and May.

The boy then turned towards Ash and May. "May!" He ran to her, grabbing her in a hug. May

looked kind of disgusted. "I missed you!" the boy wailed.

"That's nice, Wally." May said, shoving him away from her. Wally looked at her. "Wow May",

he said. "I didn't think it was possible, but you've gotten even more beautiful than the last time I saw

you." May couldn't help but blush, which also made Ash frown. Wally then started talking to

Cumberton, not even noticing Ash.

"Who's the freak?" Ash whispered to May.

"His name's Wally", May whispered back. "My family has known his for a long time. He's nice,

but he's so goddamn annoying!"

Cumberton and Wally then turned toward the other two. "Er, Miss May", Cumberton started.

"Master Wallace has requested to borrow a Zigzagoon to capture his first Pokemon. He also requests

that you and your friend accompany him and possibly offer advice or help."

May sighed. "Fine" she said. Wally smiled brightly and rushed out of the room, dragging May

along with him. Ash just stared, then slowly walked out after them.


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