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Kagome Higurashi

Chapter 15


Old Ends, New Beginnings

"Higurashi, Kagome," the principal called her name as she walked along the outdoor platform. She shook hands with the principal and she was handed her diploma. Everyone cheered for her, as they did every student.


Her mother snapped a quick picture just before she sat down. 'My baby is all grown up.'

Kagome took a spot next to Sango, who gave her a high-five. She sat back on the bench and looked into the guests. Next to Sota was Mrs. Higurashi. And next to her, sat a very familiar man. Why, it was Mr. Higurashi of course! It turns out that even though his plane crashed in the ocean, there were some survivors. He had come back near the beginning of May, looking rather beat up, might I add. But nevertheless, everyone was happy to see him, even Kagome. She told him countless times how sorry she was. I guess Inuyasha's stories are real and true after all.

The students were called one-by-one up to receive their diplomas. Eventually, when everyone was called, the whole grade stood up and threw their hats in the air. Kagome and Sango found their friends, talking in a corner, trying to avoid parents for the most part. But one can't run forever. "So I guess we'll see you at the dinner tonight, right?" Inuyasha spoke, him and Sesshomaru being dragged away by their father.

- That Night -

"I have to say, except for the food, this Grad party really sucks," Sango pouted, stirring her martini with a chopstick. They sat at a round table in the corner. Some dull music was playing in the background. Most of the party was over, Rin and Sesshomaru left about five minutes ago, and everyone else, one-by-one began leaving.

"I totally agree. Let's get going," Kagome yawned getting up. And it wasn't even that late…Inuyasha took her waist and led her towards the door. Sango was about to follow when Miroku grabbed her hand and motioned for her to wait.

"Hey you guys coming or what?" Inuyasha called across the restaurant.

"We'll be there in a minute," Miroku waved with his hand. Inuyasha and Kagome looked at one another and shrugged. They waited outside for them.

"Now what do you want?" Sango asked impatiently.

"First, will you stop being pissy. I hate it when you're like that." She rolled her eyes. "Next, all I wanted to give you was a present, just if we don't see each other next year."

Sango's mood instantly changed. "Wow. I love presents! How sweet of you." She took the box that was slightly bigger then her palm. Undoing the wrapping, under the lid was…another box. And under that was another, each smaller than the last. Sango getting impatient just sighed. "Is this a joke, because it's not funny."

"Just a little more," he pushed the box back towards her. And the last one was decorated the nicest. Red velvet with gold lining. And inside…Sango could almost faint. He smiled at her.

"Is this for real?" she asked him, still stunned.

"Yup, it is."

She ran outside where Kagome and Inuyasha were waiting. Sango was twiddling the diamond ring in her hand. Kagome just smiled. That was sweet…proposing on the last day they would have seen each other. "Sango…" Miroku said, stepping from the restaurant.

She said nothing, suddenly finding her shoes the most interesting little things. That's when she received an elbow from Kagome. Looking into her friend's eyes, she was saying go for it…it's all you. Sango turned to Miroku and flung her arms around his neck, bawling her eyes out. "You perverted lecher."

He gave a small laugh. "So you'll bare my child now, right?" Inuyasha and Kagome expected a slap to come right about…about…now!


but none came.

Instead, it was Sango's turn to laugh. "You stupid hoshi. I'm already carrying your child." She put the ring on her finger.

"When was this? We're best friends, you're supposed to tell me everything!" Kagome huffed.

"Is it possible to forget about incidents on a cruise ship?" Sango asked. Kagome rolled her eyes. "Guess not. But you can hear it all now if you'd like…"

Not wanting to hear the details of Miroku and Sango's … err… experience, Inuyasha and Kagome decided it was a good time to leave. He picked her up bridal style and carried her like that until they reached the car.

"I'm glad they tied the knot," Inuyasha smiled.

Me too," she said looking into her fiancée's face. She was fiddling with the ruby on her left ring finger.


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- Five Years Later -

It was a Sunday morning, and the sun shone through the bedroom window.

Something warm was wrapped around Kagome's body. It had a long sliver mane, sharp claws and the cutest little dog-ears this world has ever seen! (Otherwise know as Inuyasha.)

His amber eyes were open, waiting to meet hers. "Hello, my Goddess," he smiled, putting his face into her hair. 'Stupid, wonderful smell,' he thought, as he begun to purr.

"Come on, Inuyasha, stop that," she giggled as she could feel his breath tickling her neck. "What if the children see? I don't want them to take after you, ya know."

"Who cares about them? Right now, it's you and me…" he went in to kiss her when a creak was made from the door.

"Oi, Miki. Don't go in Mom and Dad's room just yet. They're at it again," said the older twin, Kazen. His parents looked at him from their position. He smiled shyly and left.

Kagome blushed, "You see what I mean?" She didn't wait for an answer as she walked into the bathroom to have a shower.


"Oh don't forget, Inuyasha. We're meeting Miroku and Sango and Gabby today for lunch, remember?" asked Kagome at the breakfast table. Miki's face lit up.

"Really? I haven't seen Miki in forever," the four-year-old girl smiled brightly. Her twin brother rolled his eyes. They were exact opposites in more than just personality. Miki had short silver hair and amber eyes. The only noticeable difference between her and her father was she had human ears.

Kazen, on the other hand, had slightly longer raven colored hair, puppy-ears, brown eyes, fangs and claws. There's a mix and match for ya.

"I haven't forgotten," he said dully. It had been only a week since they'd seen each other. It must have been a girl thing, was his thought, as he too rolled his eyes.

"A little enthusiasm would be nice," Kagome said punching her husband's arm playfully.

"Yeah, en-thulu-sia-smmm," copied Miki, doing the same to her brother.

"You're going to get it now, wench," Inuyasha said running after her.

"Language!" Kagome scolded running for her life.

The kids looked at one another. "You thing Gabby's Mom and Dad are weird too?" asked Miki.

"I don't know. But then again, everyone that Mom and Dad know are weird, and so are you," Kazen replied. He dodged a tiny hand, as he too, ran away.

"AH! You will get it Kazen!" shouted his offended sister.

Ain't that just the perfect little family?


So what ever happened to everyone else, you ask? Skip this part if you'd like, but for those of you who would like to know…

Sango: Married to Miroku. Is a kindergarten teacher and is expecting in three more months.

Miroku: Married to Sango. Is a private investigator, and not as perverted as he was five years earlier, but Miroku just wouldn't be Miroku without being a pervert.

Gabby: Daughter of Miroku and Sango. She's five and resembles more like her mother, removing the eye- shadow. (anyone seen ep. 78?)

Sesshomaru: Yes, is married to Rin (can you believe it?). Is a part time author and full time lawyer. His success rate? All cases won…but you can't expect less from him, can you?

Rin: Broke through the cold barrier of unsociability in Sesshomaru. She works at a film studio as a set designer. She's expecting in five months. Boy or girl? You decide.

Kikyo: Did face charges five years ago, but is doing relatively better now. She works at the children's hospital and seems to enjoy it.

Naraku: Just disappeared…

Well that's it.

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