Disclaimer: I do not own the characters....I just play with them for my own sick and twisted amusement...and hopefully yours as well

I cannot see the man. He is covered in shadows. I am naked, curled up in a ball on a bed of soft silk. He kisses me forcefully, his tongue demanding entrance to my mouth before he pulls it out and lips my jaw line up to my ear, biting hard on my earlobe. Every time I make a sound he presses a finger to my lips and hisses at me before continuing with his work. I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his fingers trailing over my skin, his nails raking against the inside of my arms. I shiver and feel him straddle me. He is completely clothed. From somewhere next to me he pulls out a rope of soft, woven, red material. He kisses me lightly and tells me to stand. I do so on unsteady legs as he walks around me. He drags his nails down my back and I feel blood drip down my back in small drops.

The red rope is draped over my shoulders and hangs around my neck. The man is silent as he continues to tie the ropes in the way he wants. His lips leave slight fluttering kisses everywhere. The ends of the rope are drawn beneath my arms and crossed at my back before being wrapped around my waist and used to tie my wrists together behind me. I can feel the man drop to his knees as he lightly begins to suck on each of my fingertips. He takes another length of cord and loops it from my neck to my waist and through my thighs before binding it to my wrists. Every time I move I can feel the friction build between my legs, a knot in the cord rubs against my clit HARD.

I am pushed roughly to my knees and the cord securing my wrists is bound to my ankles. NO matter what way I move the knot works its way between my nether lips, making me gasp. My back arches and my breasts thrust out as I whimper. He stands back and laughs saying "Now you begin to understand what you do to me with just a look. You have made my life hell for 7 years...now it's time for me to return the favor." His voice is husky and it turns me on even more. I struggle to get close to him as the rope again tightens. I bite my lip.

"Do you lie this?" He asks me.


"You lie"

Suddenly he is there, next to me, his long, silken fingers and soft lips everywhere but where I want them, need them to be. His lips trail across my shoulders and then down, taking my tight, hard nipples into his mouth, first one then the other. I almost come at the feeling of his teeth, biting hard; his hot tongue lapping against my skin is almost too much.

He bends down in front of me, and begins to trail kisses over my thighs. His hair fans out against my burning skin. I shudder and begin to scream in pleasured agony. "Please, please."

It pleases him to hear me beg. His tongue slips briefly past the rope and yet again I scream.

"Please what?"

"Touch me, let me touch you."

He snickers before crushing my lips in a bruising, world spinning kiss. He pulls away and hisses in my ear "now why my dear, would I want to do something like that?" before leaving the room, me still in my restraints.