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b The Best Present, I Brought Upon Myself /b

i...She had just interpreted the prophecy. Well, not entirely. It had already been deciphered, she just picked up a bit of information no one seemed to have noticed. She had to tell Dumbledore!...Now!.../i

"DUMBLEDORE!" She woke with a start. The bright white light that existed in only one place (the Hogwarts Infirmary) greeted her. Along with something else.

"Yes, I am Miss.Granger. Is there something troubling you?" he asked, concern apparent in his voice.

"No, nothing. Just a flashba-nightmare," she replied. She'd been having the dreams since Harry and so many others, both good, and bad, died that fateful night. Was it already four years ago? It seemed like yesterday. She could hear the screams, smell the burnt flesh, feel the...

"Miss. Granger, perhaps it would be wise not to think about that," he said sternly. Then added:"Today, of all days."

"Toda-" she was cut off by her ancient friend handing her a package.

"September the ninteenth, 2005." he said proudly. "Your twenty-fifth birthday. Ron and Luna have given you a new set of encyclopedias: 'The A-Z Encyclopedia of Magical Foods, Drinks, and Gnomes'. Odd combination. Definately Luna does the shopping...Ah, Draco and Ginny send you a whole new wardrobe of dress robes...A bit small though...I think they're in house-elf size...I think you brought the best present upon yourself. The results are back from the Department of Mysteries. Your data was, unsurprisingly, correct. Unfortunately, a few they brought out are now mere infants, and will be going to foster homes. But someone has come to see you."

A person walked in the room. He seemed like a ghost of someone she'd once known. i Or, /i she thought, slightly amused. i A younger version of a certain black-haired, blue-eyed, someone who'd been 'lost' in the Department of Mysteries. A twenty-five year old version, if her memory served her correct./i

"Sirius!" Hermione exclaimed as she jumped up to hug the man she'd missed for over nine years.

"Hey, Hermione, how screwed up is this?" He asked jokingly. "I'm the same age as you! Hermione? Let-Go-I-Need-To-Breathe." She released her bear-hug, but not before going into a mocking sulky mood.

"Fine then! Be like that!"

"Ever the drama queen, that one, eh? So, where's Harry?" He regretted that moments after it came out. He felt Hermione and the great wizard on his left stiffen.

"He died. Battling Voldemort. The prophecy, one had to kill the other, Harry killed Voldemort. He...was injured...died...St.Mungo's...week later..." She had begun to sob. "They had...to kill...each other..." The tears were flowing unchecked. Sirius draped one arm around her shoulders and patted her on the back with the other.


"Four years ago." Although Hermione had stopped crying, none noticed Dumbledore had left before the tears started.


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