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The Best Gift I Brought Upon Myself

Chapter Three: Explanations.

"Wait a minute," Sirius interrupted. "If you're an Unspeakable, why are you talking."

"Hermione," Ginny cautioned. "You know how Dumbledore feels about spells cast on people who don't approve of it."

"What sort of spell?" asked Sirius, unsure if he really wanted to know.

"Nothing really, unless you try to betray me," said Hermione. "It just stops you from telling people things they're not suppossed to know. If you tell someone something about my job that they don't already know, you'll go into a deep coma-like sleep for a few days. That's all. Only Luna and I can tell people new things."

"I see," said Sirius, dropping onto a chair. "Now please go on with your lect-explination on how you got me out. Oh, and why I am nine years younger than I was when I got in."

"Well," began Hermione. "I had a theory that the veil worked something like 'The Monster book of Monsters'-you know, how you have to stroke the spine to open it? Well, I found some odd stain-like patterns on the fabric. Everyone thought they were stains, so they were overlooked. I noticed they were too perfectly shaped, and too symmetrical to be normal stains, so I tried something. I ran my fingers on them, one at a time, then voila, a sixteen year old girl came out. We had her questioned and she turned out to be Luna's mom."

"When I was nine she vanished after casting a new spell," Luna commented. "It's very odd when your mother is younger than you."

"Yes, well," Hermione searched for the right words. "Since I was in charge of the veil case, I was told to study Mrs. Lovegood and I found something out. She was thirty when she went in, and sixteen when she came out. She was in fourteen years, and came out fourteen years younger. I had a new theory. The victims of the veil lost a year of age for every year they were trapped. If they were stuck in longer than they had lived, they died. Some people who lost someone in the veil stayed to watch the 'Freeing of the Victims' as it was called. I stayed, saw you, blacked out, and woke up in the hospital wing. Now we're here."

"So that's what Dumbledore meant by that 'infant' line back in the Hospital Wing," Sirius mused. "Why do you live at Hogwarts. I've been meaning to ask."

"I live at Hogwarts because Luna and I teach the whole school about new spells for an hour every two weeks," Hermione answered. "Luna lives down the hall. We both have partners who help us teach. There are eight pairs of two. Two pairs per house, one pair for the First through Fourth years, and one pair for Fifth through Seventh years. My partner is Seamus Finnigan and we teach Griffindor Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh years. He lives on the other side of the study which is there." Hermione pointed at a door on the far side of the room.

"I work with Terry Boot," piped up Luna. "He doesn't live with us because I'm married. He visits often."

"Too often," growled Ron. He recieved glares from the females while Draco was shaking in suppressed laughter.

"I have a question about that spell," said Sirius. Hermione wondered if he participated this much in school. "If I don't know someone's eavesdropping, do I still sleep?"

"No," said Draco boredly. "The eavesdropper falls asleep and forgets everything that happend in that day."

"I see. Where's Moony?" asked Sirius, curius about his friend. "And why was Ginny so mean to Ron this morning?"

"You remember everything don't you?" grumbled Ginny.

Draco nodded knowingly and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. "They're both on their time of month, if you get my drift." Ginny kicked him lightly in reply.


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