Author's Note:

I know that I usually don't put my notes before the chapter, but I think it is important that you know that I have not read The Lord of the Rings series yet. It's on my list, but with all the other things I am working my way through right now, I haven't had the time to read them. Thus, most of my knowledge of things LotR comes either from my friend, or from a LotR encyclopedia on the internet. I have, however, read all the books in the Harry Potter series, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you notice things that aren't true to the novels, please feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know.

Also, I just discovered that the dictionary I've been using is only 'loosely' based off of Tolkien's work. As a result, the names I chose may not mean the same things according to Tolkien. However, this site does have pre-written phrases. Keeping that in mind, I will try to use that site as little as possible from now on, but some of the phases I put in may not be technically correct. Please overlook that, and forgive me for not wanting to learn an entire language for one fan-fiction story. With that warning, I invite you to enjoy this story. I have a few notes on my writing that are as follows:

*words* = spoken in Elven language, but written in English (To be used
when the conversation cannot be translated, or is so extremely long as
to make translation ridiculous.)

words (words) = The italics are phrases/words that will actually be
written in the Elven language. The parenthesis will be the English
translation of said phrases/words.


I found an Elven dictionary online, and I searched a long time to find names/words that I liked. As a result, all the names have a meaning. Most notable are the two that follow... (**note-the words are translated in the same order as written)

Kalina Maranwe Dolen = Light Hidden Destiny (Yes, it was brought to my
attention that elves do not typically have middle names. But I like
it, so mine do. Ha!)

Taren Arato Val'istar = Prince Champion Archmage (Don't ask. Just
accept the fact that I was high on caffeine and move on. Thanks.)

Disclaimer: I own Taren and Kalina. Everything else was made up in someone else's twisted little brain, so you can't blame me for it.

Prologue: In which Gandalf explains all...well, some

Treaty of Hogwarts...

Kalina looked up from the scroll sitting in front of her. *You must be joking.*

Gandalf, a longtime friend of Kalina's, shook his head. *I need your help Kalina. I know this news shocks you, but there is no time for disbelief. In the beginning of time, several worlds were created, not just ours. Among them is a world called Earth. On Earth there are men with strange powers. A long time ago, when we discovered the existence of this world, I took several elves and we ventured to the center of their civilization, to a place called Hogwarts, where the men with strange powers resided. We made a treaty, that if either of our worlds be in grave peril we would come to the other's aid. They kept that promise during the War of the Rings. I cannot tell you how, but know that they kept their part of the bargain. Now it is our turn to keep our promise. A certain Lord Voldomort is trying to take over their world. He is evil, and must be stopped. Unfortunately, the portal we use to travel to their world has been blocked by this Voldomort. I can create a portal, but I will only be able to transport two people. That's where you come in. I need you to go to Earth and destroy whatever is blocking the portal. Once that is done, we will be able to send the help Earth needs to defeat this evil man.*

Kalina seemed somewhat unsettle by Gandalf's news. She had a shaken look on her face, and in a worried tone she said, *I have known you for many years Gandalf, and for that reason I will accept what you have told me. However, I have a few questions. Why me? What 'strange powers' do these men have, and who's going with me?*

Gandalf raised his hand in a bid for silence, and stated *I don't have much time, but I will try to answer some of your questions. You were chosen for this task because of your special skills. Namely, we felt that with your skill with a blade you could protect yourself and your companion from any physical attack. I was hesitant to send you on this mission, Kalina. You know that you are like a niece to me, and I don't want anything to happen to you, but it is your destiny to go. Be very careful, for the men on Earth have a strange sort of magic. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. That is why your companion is well versed in elven lore and magic. Hopefully he will be able to protect you both from the unexpected effects of these men's magic. Trust him, and please try to get along. His name is Taren. I must go and collect him, and that is why I do not have time to stay longer. I wish I did. Pack quickly, and make arrangements for you must meet us at the Great Gulf in two weeks.*

Kalina opened her mouth as if to object, then snapped it shut and gave a firm nod. *I will meet you there Gandalf. Is there anything I should bring besides the usual traveling supplies?* Gandalf paused in thought, then shook his head. *Very well,* Kalina continued, *If that is all, then I must begin packing. I will see you in two weeks. Safe travel, friend Gandalf.* Kalina stepped forward, a slight hesitation barely noticeable in her movements. Gandalf gave a slight smile and gave Kalina a brief but loving hug.

*Safe travel, Kalina 'til we meet again.* Gandalf gave a small wave, and turning, made his way quickly out of the room. Kalina gazed silently after him for a minute, then shaking her head as if to emerge from a day dream, she walked to her room.


(A few days later in a different Elven city...)

*I am ready to go Gandalf. The horses are saddled, and the only thing left to pack on them is your bag.* Taren made a gesture towards the bag whose contents Gandalf was checking. *If there's nothing else, then, I will wait outside for you.*

Gandalf looked up from the bag and gazed at Taren. *Wait. There is still one more thing we have yet to discuss.* Taren gave Gandalf and inquiring look. *Man's magic is not the only kind that behaves strangely on Earth,* Gandalf stated. *Elven magic is also different. Your spells will have a different effect on Earth. You must be careful, and practice them so that you will be able to know and predict the results of your castings. You need to know what your spells will do in case there is any need for magic there. Now, Kalina will be able to take care of any physical threat. She is more than capable to do so. However, it will be up to you to defend against a less physical attack.*

Taren nodded solemnly and spoke. *You have spoken much of this Kalina, and from what I understand, she is not a patient elf. I think it would be best if we continued this conversation on the road.* Gandalf gave a reluctant nod. *I will wait for you outside.* With that, Taren strode towards the door.

Gandalf slowly stood and called, *Taren!* Taren glanced over his shoulder at Gandalf, and stopped walking. *Though it pains me to do so, there is still one last matter I would discuss with you before we go.* Gandalf walked over to Taren and spoke softly. *You and Kalina...are very different,* Gandalf tried to explain. *Whereas you may enjoy jokes and spending time with Men, Kalina does not. She is very...serious, and her temper is...well, bad.* Taren raised an inquiring eyebrow. *When given the chance to think things through, Kalina will do the logical thing,* Gandalf continued. *The problems occur when her temper is riled. At such times she will often react without thought. I am asking you to watch out for her, and make sure that if she loses her temper no violence ensues. I am asking you...*Gandalf's voice trailed off, and he glanced away.

*Fear not, friend Gandalf,* Taren reassured. *I will look after Kalina, and for the sake of peace,* Taren grinned mischievously, *I won't even tell her you asked me to!*

Gandalf smiled back *Thank you friend.* He glanced around and cleared his throat as though embarrassed, and grabbed his pack from the table. *Now, it is time for us to go.* The two stepped towards the door and Gandalf added, *I will tell you more about this world as we go. It is really an amazing place. They make the most delicious food called a cream puff there...* Gandalf's voice faded into silence as the door to the room closed behind the two.


Ending Author's Note: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!