Most Dramatic Gut-Wrenchingly Tragic Rape Fic Ever to Grace The Pit Of Voles

Sakura-chan, a lovely girl of pink hair and rosy cheeks, lay asleep on her bed.

Sakura was 13 and very pretty for her age. She was also a friend (sort of) and teammate (when he felt like participating) of the dashing and brilliant Sasuke. She planned to marry him when they grew up. She had many beautiful dreams of family and a home and laughing children who would be as lovely and brilliant as angels from heaven. Sakura was the luckiest girl in the world.

As she lay on her bed to sleep that night, all she could think about was Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke's hair. Sasuke's perfectly performed mid-air kick flip.

Little did she know, all her dreams would be for naught. While she dozed her way into Never Never Land, another figure crept through her home. It was a dark presence, and Sakura stirred for a moment in her sleep at such evil intent being directed toward her room, but sadly it was not enough to wake her. And so she slept on.

The figure pushed open her door a crack, and spied her lying there in her pink pajamas. "She is so beautiful," the figure thought. "I will take my revenge on my brother by ruining this beautiful person who is precious to him."

That was when the figure stepped forward into the room, and a shaft of moonlight illuminated his face. At the sound of his footfalls Sakura awoke, and saw him standing by her bed.

"Itachi!" Sakura gasped, recognizing the same handsome features that graced the face of Sasuke were also on this man's visage. She cowered back onto her bed, heart in her throat. Why was he here? What... could he want from her? This was the man so evil that he murdered the entire Uchiha clan. Did he mean to kill her too?

"So lovely," he sneered, reaching forward and catching her by her wrists on the bed. "I will use you and then leave your broken body here for the others to find, and then my brother's hate will reach even farther, and it will destroy him!"

Sakura tried to scream but one hand covered her mouth while the other hand held her down. She felt tears well up in her eyes. The shame and fear was overwhelming. She wanted to disappear. She wanted to die. She—

Wait a minute, she thought. What the hell am I doing? Were all those stupid training exercises with Kakashi-Sensei a total waste?

In milliseconds her fingers performed the seal for Kwarimi no Juutsu, and she disappeared with a poof. Itachi noticed in his arms was no longer a pretty (yet disastrously underage) girl, but a feather pillow. This was the last thing he noticed before his brain stopped working entirely.

Sakura stood up beside the bed with a huff, and brushed off her pajamas. She looked at her kunai where it was imbedded to the hilt in Itachi's eye socket. She thought about taking it out and cleaning it (good maintenance was important with ninja weapons), but it looked pretty firmly stuck there. Tilting her head, she considered the dead body now strewn akimbo across her quilt. She brightened when an idea came to her.

"I have to tell Sasuke about this! When he hears of my terrible ordeal he will comfort me and offer to protect me forever and ever!"

Then Sakura remembered that Itachi was Sasuke's evil brother, and Sasuke really wanted to kill his evil brother. Sasuke might not be happy that she had killed his evil brother first.

"Oh," she said aloud at the thought. Then she shrugged. "I guess I'd better tell my parents about this then. And why the heck are they still asleep! Honestly, what if it had been something really dangerous?"