Disclaimer: if I owned Saiyuki I could afford to buy FAKE. If I presumed to own any of the people named I would spend my life looking over my shoulder.

Notes: You should know something about what the title names, or this will make very little sense. Written late at night, while waiting for something to come back from beta. A theory which has long preyed on my mind. I don't take it seriously. Anyone who would like to should feel free.

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(a drabble)

by Nightfall

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Death shatters, ripping seams away. Some people are born of a piece and die of a piece, and of a piece are born again.

Some aren't.

A ruthless man and a gentle one, soldier and scholar. The most dangerous man in heaven, uke to the bone. His books and fingers are stained with ink and yellowed with nicotine. He's immaculate in uniform, shaggy hair pulled back and squeaking with unaccustomed cleanliness. Each vague evasion answers forthrightly, but no one reads the right books.

An honorable rebel is executed.

Centuries of rebirth later--

Nii Jieni touches Hakkai's shoulder.

The universe explodes.